4 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Structure of will, order, manifestation, union, agreements, construction, culmination of creative undertaking, spiritual idealism, reliability, security, rewards, achievement, hard work, solution are the main words that describe this Tarot card.

Positive aspects of the tarot card

Exercise, completion of work, stability in all fields, discipline, responsibility, respect, order, determined role, good health (or successful completion of treatment).

Negative aspects of the tarot card

The impossibility of creative expression, limitation, standstill are all the negative sides of this Tarot Card.

Message and interpretation of tarot cards

The tarot card before this one was the beginning of an event, a project or a trip, while the Four Wands confront us with the end of the situation we went through before, and brings us the fruits and rewards we deserve.

From Ace to Three of wands, with the help of spirit, intuition and intelligence, the will has built a solid system of values ​​and everything that this card refers to within the tarot system shows a stable situation and established order, which in the real world is considered a safe existence and the realization of the main living tendencies (stable marriage, good material standards, formal education, good health, etc.). We have fulfilled the task, we have come to an end, and now is the time to enjoy the benefits of the success we have earned – often we can point to some kind of celebration or joy, like engagement. Likewise, by pulling out of the four wands, it can indicate that some difficult and ugly condition has finally passed and that better times are now following us.

In general, the tarot card of the Four Wands implies the order, harmony, and the stability of a firm foundation in a situation, relationships, business, and the like. If we feel confused or lost in a situation, this tarot card tells us to go back and look at the complete picture in order to understand that each cycle has to come to an end, so that something new can be born. If we are currently in a difficult situation, Four Wands encourage us that it will end soon and wait for nice rewards afterwards.

We consider it a positive tarot card when, according to the context of the matter, it concerns the completion of a work, i.e. achieving one specific goal. However, if in the active tarot system this card limits the creative development shown by another, positive card, then we consider it to be negative.

Likewise, within the tarot system, the Four Wands easily take up a negative aspect under the influence of negative cards.

If the tarot is drawn in the reverse position

Incomplete, demolition of structures, disharmony, chaos, lack of will for progress, unreliability, dishonesty, disrespect, murder, tension, loneliness, melancholy is what you get from it.

The four wands are usually a card of celebrations and certain types of rituals. It is almost always a period of stability and progress, which is the direct result of your energy, passion and dedication to achieving the goals you have set yourself.

Upright Position Meaning

In a vertical position, 4 wands represent happiness and satisfaction. Now is the time to enjoy what you have achieved. Things have finally come to your place and your effort has paid off. In this period you can expect success and rewards. Creative ventures will now pay off. Now you can sit down and enjoy what you have created. In some cases, this card refers to the purchase / issue of a new home. This period is very favorable for all questions related to real estate.

Four wands can also refer to roulette or marriage. This is a card of love and loyalty. In love questions, this card tells us that the relationship rests on solid foundations. Now it’s a great time to dedicate yourself to your loved ones. If you are married, you can expect a period of stability, security, and happy family life. If you are alone, now is the time to become more socialized. You may receive invitations for some fun, anniversary or celebration. This is also an ideal moment to go on vacation. It’s time to relax and enjoy life.

In a spiritual sense, this card signifies a significant ritual of passage through a certain phase of life, or the beginning of a new cycle. It usually coincides with the completion of an important life stage. You are now ready to start a new trip. The new facets that open to you will enable you to deepen your emotions and spirituality.

  • celebrations and ceremonies
  • stability and harmony
  • marriage and stable relationships
  • buying real estate
  • ending an essential life phase
  • hard work that will give birth to great opportunities
  • completion of a certain stage of spiritual development

Reversed Position Meaning

In reverse the meaning of this card usually refers to feelings of insecurity and disappointment.

However, in most cases, the reverse Four Wands has similar meanings as in an upright position. In this sense, there may be some delay or obstruction that prevents the completion of an important project. The good thing is that this delay is only temporary and success is still guaranteed. In the case of real estate, the reverse 4 wands can represent conflicts and subsections.

A reversed four wands can also tell you about the need to return to work. Now is the time to plan the next stage of development. In some cases, this card tells you that you have become too passionate about satisfaction and neglect your job. Do not let the enjoyment detract from your path to the goals you have set.

  • disposal or obstacles that must be overcome
  • insecurity or disappointment
  • neglect of obligations
  • prolongation of plans
  • real estate projections

Meaning for Love

Four of the wands in the tarot The Light of the Soul was painted with sticks that were stacked to close the construction. A square is formed from them, which means that something has come to an end. It should not be strange that the key word is a completion. This card is presented elsewhere as well as a more joyful scene. Four wands stands alone. The tops are wrapped around them. Behind the card meaning are the people who celebrate.

In the context of love, this card often represents exactly what it displays. This card represents great celebration. Someone’s engaging in celebration, maybe it’s a wedding or a birthday party. In any case, people have relaxed and deserved to rejoice. The four wands indicate that your relationship will become more serious, it’s possible to have a wedding or a joint life. If you are not connected, be sure to visit every event you are invited to, because it is a great opportunity to get to know just that “right” person.

Since the wands form a square as a symbol of perfection, it is obvious that there was plenty of torture here before tangible results were achieved. This card just highlights concrete results on the love plan. If it’s been a long time, it’s finally time for us to legalize the relationship and share it with the rest of the world. The environment does not bother at all here, indeed.

In addition to celebrations, the card symbolizes the time of rest. In the event that a traumatic relationship has elapsed, now is the best time for a man to relax, to have a good time and for a moment forget about the troubles he has gone through. To fill the batteries it is best to be surrounded by friends or family members.

The four wands binds to the astronomical Venus in the Aries sign. If Venus is a natural signifier of entertainment, and Aries openness then a picture of an unforgettable party is obtained. Since Venus feels bad in this sign, the party can become ruined. Here you can end up in bed with a total stranger, but sometimes that’s exactly what a person needs to charge the batteries.

When the four wands appear in the opening, the context of the issue should be taken into account. If the questioner is interested in whether to enter into a new relationship, the answer is no, but it will be good to have fun. It’s very easy to get new friendships that includes sex buddy.

The four wands symbolize celebration, prosperity, stability and dedication. Indicates an upcoming event (party, celebration, entertainment) that should not be missed. You will be very proud of the many things you have recently achieved, and your environment will also be proud of you. The four wands warn you not to release the brakes too much because you still have an unfinished job. It is possible that you will change the place of residence.

Meaning for Work

Do not let your recent success and recognition of the lure and take you. You have to make a lot of effort to stay where you are. If your brakes too much discount and bring you entertainment all the accomplished could collapse as a tower of cards.

Meaning for Love

The four wands indicate that your relationship will become more serious, it’s possible to have a wedding or a joint life. If you are not connected, be sure to visit every event you are invited to, because it is a great opportunity to get to know just that “right” person.

Meaning for Finance

The financial stand is really good, and that trend will continue. It’s not just a lucky thing, but it’s the result of your hard work. Reward something that will cheer you up.

Meaning for Health

If you wait for the results of a test, your score will be satisfactory for you and you will be able to breathe. If you have a health problem for a long time, it is likely that you will soon find a solution. Do not give up, be persistent in looking for a solution to your problem.

Spiritual meaning

If friends and relatives deny you for choosing a spiritual path, do not mourn or anger you. Respect their criticisms that result from misunderstanding in the way you inform and educate them. Follow your instinct.

Card turned upside down

This card is symbolized by backlash, delay, obstacles, insecurity and disappointment. It warns you to prepare for the upcoming obstacles and difficulties and to overcome your own insecurity and throw yourself into hard work so as not to lose what you have been doing for a long time. You will be able to participate in the court process regarding ownership of the property.