6 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

In a series of texts I will pay attention to each card in the context of love. What each of them means, what they are suggesting, what secrets are hidden in their symbolism, are the questions that I will give answers to. Love as one of the most powerful forces in the universe deserves, in my humble opinion, considerable attention. In tarot it is interesting that each card can represent love or one of its parts.

Six of cups are far more positive than the previous card. In the Light of the Soul there are six cups that seem to hover, as if they were cast while behind them dominated by the red color, the color of the action. The key term is passion. This is a passion that is based on emotions. Here we are fighting for what we feel is right. Intuition is very important, it tells us about movement. As much as the previous card dominated melancholy, six of cups suggest that such a bad feeling no longer exists. Finally we know what we want and we are ready to fight for the person we love.

In another tarot, this map is somewhat more complex. The boy gives a girl’s bouquet of flowers in a grand home. Next to the stream, and across the bridge. A man with a stick in his hand slowly crosses that bridge. Children are happy and satisfied, have nice clothes. Six of cups means the heart is in place. Here we are romantic, it is not our problem to open the heart and give someone a fine gift. Since we have fought the fight we now enjoy the fruits of the effort. We are happy with the person we are in love with.

In this card, the man is trying to accept his own past, trying to come to an end with the traumas that have long happened. Likewise, a person can help someone else fix. For example, if you have come out of a difficult marriage that has left unpleasant consequences on your children, this card tells you that you are able to help. You can protect them, provide them with material security and the most important emotional stability. You can easily become childish, relaxed and playful.

In the Light of the Soul, this map identifies itself with the Sun as a Scorpio. The sun in this sign is one of the most exquisite in the zodiac, but in a specific way. Namely, it likes to go back to the past. Aquatic astrological signs, especially Scorpio, which is the deepest darkness, are fond of returning back and forth instead of going ahead. This is because they are invisible, but powerful emotional, they are tied to past events. They are so attached that they have serious problems to live now and there, and most often as corrupted panels repeat one of the same topics. Even if the dead guys are somehow involved, the better.

General Meaning of the card

When six cups appear in the opening it means a person will feel good. An old friend or ex-boyfriend will probably appear, which can lead to renewal of the relationship. The Charter suggests that relationships within the family will be quality. There will be a lot of mutual support and encouragement.

Nostalgia, dear memories of the past, pleasure, sensuality, passion, patience, carelessness, emotional and creative wealth, dreaming, the inner world of fantasy, pleasure, joy, joy in sexual relationships.

Positive aspects of tarot card

Strong emotional bond, mutual attraction, sensuality, passionate love, successful marriage, bondage or friendship, satisfaction achieved, enjoying the fruits of their efforts, good health.

Negative aspects of tarot card

Impartiality in odd pleasures, lack of self-control, life in old glory, emotional disinterest, saturation with long-lasting friendship, bond or marriage.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card Six of Cups

The Tarot card of six cups symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle in our life, as long as we are ready to accept the past and the way events have taken place before.

This is a tarot card of nostalgia and it is very likely that we are rethinking her with her past actions and events that marked us and overly romanticized things that happened before. We are waiting for the future and have the opportunity to go further, to enter something new and fresh, but we are still preoccupied with the past and do not move from place to place.

Tarot cards of six cups remind us how idealized the past is, once we have to move forward as soon as possible so as not to miss or in some way ruin the opportunities offered to us. This tarot card also speaks of intense feelings that are expressed by spontaneous physical reactions.

We consider it a positive tarot card, although it is clear that passions can often be a source of extremely undesirable phenomena in human behavior. Its negative aspect can be expressed within the active tarot system, if preceded or followed by cards that have a predominant negative impact.

We need to enjoy all the joy of life, to follow the way of the Squash Squad, which says that we live happy in harmony with those who are next to us. We need to live now, at this time remember the past and dream of how we will be happy in the future.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

Envy, sluggishness, transient feelings, perversions, discomforts, nightmares, distress, emotional instability, vanity, bad memories, overwhelming some memories.

Six cups represent nostalgia, memories of childhood, and sentimentality. Usually means reviving old links. In some cases, this card means that you will be given a chance again that you missed.

Upright position

The sixth cup connects the past with the future. You may meet an old acquaintance or attend a family gathering. You may suddenly begin to think about your childhood. It takes you nostalgia for childhood. In some cases, 6 of cups are unfortunately for old connections and experiences. This can be a period of emotional revival. Maybe you’ve finally gotten rid of some old problem. You get to know yourself and are pleased with that. You may find a solution to some of the current problems by taking advantage of some past experience. Old acquaintances can help you in something. Previous efforts will now be paid off.

In love matters, the six of cups is usually a renewal of an old relationship. You may meet again someone you’ve been dating for a long time. The current connection will become much more beautiful and carefree. Show your partner and your vulnerable side.

Six cups also apply to children, so they can represent pregnancy or childbirth. In some ways, children may play an important role in your current situation. Kids can be great advisers. Perhaps the solution to your problem lies in looking at things from a child’s perspective.

  • Nostalgia
  • Reunion
  • Remembering childhood
  • Using old experiences
  • Emotional revival
  • Old friends and former lovers

Reverse position

In the reverse position, the Six of Cups can tell you that you are too tied to the past. You probably have some problems that you have not completely overcome. It’s important that you think about them well, but not completely capture yourself. Your old ideas and beliefs may be making further progress. Use the past as a guide for the future. The Reversed Six of the Cups is a warning that you must live in the present, not in the past. The six of cups symbolize nostalgia, memories from childhood, former love and friendship. It is nice to look nostalgically in the past and recall old times and carefree smells of childhood, but not the way you are currently doing it.

In some cases the reverse 6 of cups tell you that you should not rely too heavily on the old glory. This may deter you from further progress towards achieving goals and dreams. This card tells you to save old obligations that are just a burden to you. It may also be necessary to terminate an old relationship. Be prepared to try something new.

  • Old problems that are not solved
  • Bondage for the past
  • Outdated ideas and perspectives
  • “Stumble” in the past
  • Exemption from unwanted obligations
  • Feeling guilty

The six of cups symbolize nostalgia, memories from childhood, former love and friendship. It is nice to look nostalgically in the past and recall old times and carefree smells of childhood, but not the way you are currently doing it. The card warns you that you have overcome the measure of nostalgic remembrance and that you enter into a state in which you only complain about the past and that the attitude that everything is good in your life has prevented you from having new opportunities and enjoying the nice things you have.

Meaning for Job

It’s a real time for creativity and innovation. If your workplace does not allow creativity to appear, try to draw or write a daily break in time – moments will give you a very positive impression on the job you are doing.

Meaning for Love

If you are concerned about keeping freshness in your relationship, turn to the future, try new things, and do not allow stupidity and habit. In your life you could come back with some former love, be careful because it is not by chance the former.

Meaning for Finances

The six of cups gives you a quick indication of the winnings. It is possible that you will inherit.

Meaning for Health

If you feel health problems worry about childhood, because there may lie the root and cause of the problem – most likely emotional. Talking Therapy is something that can help you in this period.

Spiritual meaning

This is the time in which you need rituals. If no one falls in your mind, remember some of the traditional rituals that you have been involved in childhood.

Map facing upside down

This six of cups symbolizes the escape from reality, unresolved problems of the past, feeling guilty and regressive behavior. You are too focused on the wounds of the past – it’s time to leave it behind and move on. This map pointing to you warns you to live in the old glory when it comes to business. Be aware of how you will set up when such “bullying” is no longer possible.