8 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The Eighth of Cups is a map of change and transition. The card evokes an urgent reaction of sadness and feeling of solitude. The young man on this map turned his back on everything he had achieved before. He disappears at night in a desolate and difficult field with a cloak on his back and a stick in his hand. The person shown has experienced life joy and sadness. She travels through the feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction as a result of accomplishing everything she wanted. This person decided to leave familiar and comfortable and devoted himself to pursuing higher goals.

He is on the spiritual path because he has not yet found deep satisfaction in the things of this world, the things he is well acquainted with.

Means of the upright tarot cards of the eighth of cups

The Tarot Eighth of Cups card usually means leaving a situation that does not go to you – whether it’s a relationship, a job or a place of residence. There may be a sense of sadness and disappointment, but in general, this separation is in your best interests. If some inner voice tells you that you really need to get out of a relationship, work, or something else then trust yourself. Very often one door must close behind you before opening the next door.

Your current job no longer has to be suitable for you. You might feel bored or underrated. Think smart and rationally about what’s best for you, try fixing the things you started. Some of the options must eventually succeed. One thing is certain – things will not change much better than yourself, but you have to influence them. If you are dissatisfied, you need certain changes that need to happen to be happier. If it is unlikely or impossible to change then focus on finding a new position.

As far as love is concerned, if you are certain that your relationship has come to an end, do not wait for the right time, because in reality, it is never the right time to tell anyone that you do not want a relationship. Do not jump into new connections immediately, but give yourself some space to figure out what you want.

On a financial plan, if you are dissatisfied with your job, do not let your regular pay security keep you bound forever for that job. Of course, before you decide to make a dismissal, carefully review the situation and if you can do anything that you can do for yourself. Just be sure your plans are well-rounded and comprehensive. Stress due to all these problems can cause health problems. Be sure to direct proper attention to nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Keep a positive attitude.

This is a card of personification of animal and urge in man. It symbolizes man’s fears, addictions, and other devastating impulses whose roots come to the past. If this map appears, ask yourself whether you are stuck in your life, do you feel that your development is stagnant. Do not be fooled by the fact that something bad has happened to you, responsibility is on you, the joys you have set yourself, so you have to be free yourself. You always have the choice of what behavior to choose. You have the choice to defeat yourself and abandon the current patterns of behavior.

Meaning for Job

You have the feeling that you are stuck in a job that you do not like and despair about. It is up to you to make a decision: either leave the job and look for a new one or accept the situation in which you are and do not despair. If you feel that this job is no longer for you then that is really the case.

Meaning for Love

This card tells you often that it’s time to break the bad relationship in which you and your partner feel jerky. If you are determined to save your relationship now, speak to your partner openly about your own feelings and wishes.

The key to this map is the neglect of the tarot hollow of the Light of the Soul. This is a very complex map, which in the plan of love is a real gift-mar. The display is very unusual; cups are linked to barely visible threads. Still without some logic. In another cave, the man tries to reach the upright but at the last moment he gives up. Disappointed, she withdraws and moves to the other side.

This map is a major disappointment that happens in love. Unlike the previous card where dominated revenge, there is no such thing here. The person sadly retires, trying to find a quiet corner that can shed their wounds. Since some of the caves of the Sun or Moon eclipse bind to this map, it can be inferred from this astronomical and astrophysical phenomenon that the soul here is experiencing an eclipse. It’s all dark, there’s no way out. Nobody loves us, nobody cares about our well-being, it’s a matter of exploiting or being exploited.

Turning your back to cups or emotions means leaving some love affair. It makes no sense to the person. Here, situations that no longer bring emotional pleasure leave. Sometimes this literally means going home from where we are mistreated, getting married, leaving the relationship, and so on. Since Saturn binds to this map and goes through the sign Fish, the past is a big problem.

The above-mentioned ornaments that bind the cup are actually emotions that help us live our full potential. Something is constantly dragging us back to events and injuries that no longer play any vital role in life, but which are still very powerful. They do not give us the peace, so we whisper in ourselves as dry fish. It is also specific that changing here is slow. Saturn is a master of time in astrology. As the Sun moves slowly, the events take place slowly. It takes an entire eternity for a person to decide to leave. As negligence is a key word, a person can be irresponsible to himself by giving up more and more literally to wander from place to place in search of an ideal city even though the ideal of course does not exist.

However, leaving does not always lead to dissatisfaction. Yes, leaving something behind coupled with it is provoking the fear of the unknown but in the long run brings liberation and true enjoyment of ourselves and life.

When this card appears in the opening, the person will be emotionally very difficult. It will be sad and very tired. It is very important to listen to inner voice or intuition. It will be her compass to surely come to the destination in the stormy waters of life.

Meaning for Finances

Below you are a rather bad period in this field, do not neglect to solve financial problems. Accept any assistance that is offered to you. Take the thought that money is not all in life.

Meaning for Health

Stress will give you health problems: find time for sports activities or anything else that will distract you from problems.

Spiritual meaning

Make sure you keep a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances. Pay attention to the environment, avoid people who are energizing you. Provide the time you spend yourself with your thoughts.

Card facing upside down

The map that looks like this symbolizes the account with its own fears, moving borders and overwhelming ambition. The card marks the period in which you will be relieved of the bounds that have spurned you; it is likely that you will gather strength and break the connection that has had a very bad effect for you.

8 of cups is a map of progress and abandonment of the old one. In most cases this is a conscious and deliberate choice. In the opening of the eight cups, leaving the past behind and moving forward. Although this is often a painful process, it is necessary.

Upright position

8 of cups means the need to get out of an unsatisfactory or disappointing state. It can be a relationship, a job, or any other thing that does not “pull you” anymore. Over time, you have discovered that your feelings have changed. You may want to get rid of yourself and start something new. You can face relationships that no longer work for your benefit. Emotionally, seek independence. In some cases, 8 of cups may indicate resettlement or travel.

8 of cups can also mark the revision of the past to become mature as a person. At the spiritual level, 8 of cups represent the need for spiritual fulfillment. You need a new purpose in life. This may also mean a period of internal conflict. You feel the need for spiritual pursuit. This is a moment to believe in your intuition and let her guide you.

In the love affairs of the 8 of cups, it indicates a cooling down of the relationship. Maybe you and your partner have saturated each other. Leaving a relationship that obviously does not open the door to something better.

  • separation
  • spiritual quest
  • breakup
  • travel
  • departure

Reverse position

In reverse position, 8 of cups usually indicate a struggle to leave the old situation and move forward. Perhaps you are too tied to the past. In some cases, 8 of cups indicate a kind of addiction or fear of solitude. There may be resistance to maturation and growth. Although you are unhappy, fears keep you from moving.

The 8 cups, conversely, also refers to the fear of convergence. You may be distanced from the people you are dear. It may also be necessary to review your relationships before you decide to interrupt them. There is a possibility that you will regret what you have escaped from something that matters to you. It is also possible that you make the wrong decision. 8 of cups asks you to listen to your inner voice. It is very important to get to know your real feelings and not to let your fears affect them.

The revamped 8 of cups also have positive sides. In that sense, the reverse 8 of cups indicate that you have successfully left the past behind. You are ready for a new phase in your life. You may start a new relationship or your career goes in the other direction. You made peace with the past and now you feel free.

  • attachment to the past
  • inability to separate from something
  • dependence
  • fear of attachment
  • bad decision
  • avoidance
  • a new phase in life