8 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Rhythm of matter, discretion, prudence, external and internal wealth, balance, harmony, hard work with long lasting benefits, enjoyment of work, satisfaction, productivity, pride in work and achievements, self-discipline, focused energy, diligence are the general characteristics.

Positive aspects of the tarot card

Rational and moral management of financial and material potentials, consistent interpersonal relations of advanced technology and inventions in all fields, growth, development, high level of expertise in their own business, fair distribution of money or material goods, excellent results and recognition for work are the positive characteristics.

Negative aspects of the tarot card

Illegal financial speculation, immoral political economic calculations are the negative characteristics.

Message and interpretation of tarot card

Tarot cards of 8 of Pentacles require us to become more careful and discreet about a situation. We need to focus on every step we make, and not to get into the future and the goal, it just needs to be reached.

Only worthwhile work and effort will lead us to extraordinary results, ahead of us is a time of serious work, which does not mean that it will be repulsive to us. This tarot card requires us to be thorough and prudent in everything we do and to use our intelligence and to act methodically. Learning, knowledge, work, and wisdom are often the things that the 8 of Pentacles apply.

This tarot card cannot be interpreted as an independent one, as a single card for a concrete answer. With it, it is always necessary to open at least one additional card that will clarify whether the Eminence of the Coin confirms that the potter behaves cleverly in relation to the subject of the question, or means that the behavior of the one who is inept is inadequate, and the card advises him to be clever and rethink about all facts before making a decision.

In tarot systems, when surrounded by other cards, this 8 is highlighted by its strength of positive potentials, but some extremely negative cards can nevertheless affect the virtue of the 8 of Pentacles devastating – then all its potential becomes a threatening weapon in the hands of indecent people. The 8 of pentacle usually represents the energy that a person invests in perfecting his skills. Usually it is about the need to continue education in order to acquire new knowledge and skills.

So, the focus is on education. In the opening, this card indicates that your work is fulfilling. Not only do you use your talents well, but they respect others very well. If you have just begun to do some new work, you will probably be very interesting and exciting.

Although this little arcana belongs to a group of coins, that is, a group of material things, there is a considerable part of the thought, intuition and feelings in it.

The Tarot Card of 8 of Pentacles calls for wisdom and justice, as well as re-examining their own goals and motives.

If the tarot is drawn in the reverse position

Indiscretion, lack of care, feeling that we are not good enough, unnecessarily consumed energy, lack of effort and motivation, fatigue, need for rest, lack of resources, seeing details, but not the whole picture are the consequences.

The 8 of the Pentacles symbolizes the change, a period of great turmoil, uncertainty and struggle. It marks the period of spotted nights, insecurity, much work and effort. This does not mean anything negative as your effort is needed and is directed at the right thing. What you are doing in this period will have some benefit. Soon there will be a time when you will say “paid off”. Be assured that a period in which you will feel free and happy will soon emerge, and that will be your strength and motivation for achieving your goal.

Meaning for Job

8 of the Pentacles announces the promotion that brings with you a more demanding job – do not hesitate to look for an assistant or some other form of help so that too many responsibilities do not fall on your back. If you are in the job search stage, you will be employed in a workplace that is consistent with your level of competence and education.

Meaning for Love

This card can mean that the connection is coming to an end. If your link break is unacceptable, take good care of all possible aspects and cope with all the issues. Do not take anything for granted. Respect your partner’s wishes.

Meaning for Finance

It’s not time for a good profit; do not count on gambling or risk investments. You will have to move well to maintain financial stability.

Meaning for Health

Do everything in your power to maintain mental stability, be sure to take the time for the activities that relax you because your current level of stress could seriously harm you. Make a systematic review. Avoid alcohol.

Spiritual Meaning

Think about whether your job is related to your spiritual life – let’s review this question well. Make sure you find out the answer to the question of which higher goal you are to serve. Be open to talk about new approaches, approaches that are not even close to you.

Card facing upside down

The card that looks like this symbolizes boredom, negative consequences of past behavior, crisis, internal conflict, turmoil, and dependence on others. Here is a period of great turmoil and change that requires a lot of effort and renunciation. It is likely that you will end the connection or change the job.

The 8 of Pentacles typically refers to areas of your life that require effort and work. This is a card of determination and improvement.

Meaning for Love

8 of the Pentacles are in the tarot of the Light of the Soul with disks arranged in two rows of four. Behind there is a kind of pyramid. It’s obviously a show of success. Elsewhere, the card is shown to a man working in his workshop. It’s a craftsman, an artist. The discs are exposed so that everyone can admire his art. The key word is reasonableness. The card connects with the Sun in the sign of the Virgin.

The 8 of Pentacles on the plan of love do not say positive things. Not because it brings a lot of negativity, but because life is subordinated to success here. On a love chart, the card indicates the situations in which a person inherited a job, preferably a craft, from a father or grandfather or another member of the family. He is very proud of this and seeks to know the whole world for his name and art of creation. Though it is about disks, not sticks, there are pride in disk drives. Humility and workiness are lifted to the pedestal.

All who are not like us (family) or with us cannot be important. This attitude never seems sudden and straightforward, but subtle, discriminatory. Yet it is the Virgo, a sign that is most subtly insulting. The negative side of this card is bitterness. The members of these same well-behaved and overwhelmingly successful families are able to give each other the most beautiful compliments while their stomach creates a feeling of vomiting.

When this card appears in the opening it suggests that the person will be proud of their marriage or love relationship. She would be aware that quality did not come overnight, that much work and effort had to be invested in the relationship itself.

Upright Position Meaning

The 8 of pentacle usually represents the energy that a person invests in perfecting his skills. Usually it is about the need to continue education in order to acquire new knowledge and skills. So, the focus is on education. In the opening, this card indicates that your work is fulfilling. Not only do you use your talents well, but they respect others very well. If you have just begun to do some new work, you will probably be very interesting and exciting.

You have directed your attention to your career and you will progress very quickly. Those who have little experience in the business they are dealing with will quickly be perceived as diligent and dedicated workers. Sometimes this card can also refer to the choice to start a new career. This is a great moment to take advantage of a new business opportunity. You will probably feel like an apprentice initially, but be patient, because you will soon acquire new knowledge and skills.

In a spiritual sense, this card may refer to some new spiritual learning. You may meet a “teacher” who will guide you to new spiritual paths. Share what you know with people who are close to you. That could help you a lot in spiritual terms.

When it comes to love issues, 8 of pentacles usually speak of a new relationship developing in the right direction. Those who at the beginning of the relationship probably “go” to the next phase. This card also indicates the possibility of marriage or marriage. Couples who have long been in marriage can also enter a new phase, especially if they face a major change. It is possible that one partner assumes more responsibility for the other, because the other wants to continue education.

  • learning something new
  • improving skills or continuing education
  • job satisfaction
  • financial security
  • job change or promotion
  • new phase in connection
  • spiritual development

Reversed Position Meaning

In the reverse position of the 8 of pentacle can be stagnation in the field of career or discontent with the job. Do not avoid your obligation and seek the easiest way to get rid of them. It’s possible that you have problems at work. Your impatience can only harm you and lead you into trouble.

In the opening, this card tells you to use your potential much better and more. This particularly applies to the use of knowledge and skills you possess. In some cases, 8 of pentacles can talk about thinking that you depend solely on the help of others and tells you to take responsibility for what you do yourself.

On the other hand, you may be dissatisfied with your current position in the environment in which you work. Continue to learn and acquire new skills. The more you know about what you are doing, the more you pay.

In love questions, this ticket marks stagnation or tells you that you are not too interested in investing in your relationship.

  • Reaching not too far at work
  • unused potential
  • too much dependence on others
  • the need to continue education and improve their abilities
  • avoiding obligations
  • dissatisfaction with working environment
  • stagnation related