9 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The Tarot card the 9th of cups or chalice symbolizes achievement, satisfaction, and progress. In the business plan, you will note the success itself, of course you will invest a lot of effort, but in the end will be paid in the form of revenue increase, better workplace and new business co-operation. People looking for a job can expect a large number of conversations, and in the end will result in a highly paid job.

As far as finance is concerned, stand out excellently, and all this could improve the sudden cash gains. People who are in love relationship can expect a better relationship, marriage or marriage, while they are free to enjoy the attention of the opposite sex and have a new relationship. A knapsack or a chalice tells you that you are excellent health but you do not get to work on doing business because of your business obligations.

Reversed or map upside down signifies money laughter, frustration, and unfinished business. If you turn the tarot card of the nine cups or chalices too much you turn to the money, you have forgotten the true values and therefore you do not feel filled. Establish a relationship with your family and friends as you have before. At the business plan you are not effective, you have the tasks you have to complete long ago.

Tarot map of pleasure and abundance, new beginnings, success, happiness, pleasure, earthly pleasure, society, emotional and material fulfillment, optimism, compassion, fulfillment of desire, creativity.

Positive aspects of tarot card

The desire is fulfilled or will soon be, there is no reason for doubt, pure, sincere relationships and pure conscience, golden age of a relationship, perfect balance, peace, happiness, maturity, awareness of their own potentials and opportunities, gratitude for the love and happiness gained, deep emotional bond between parents and children, great health.

Negative aspects of tarot card

The melancholy, the reflection on the passage of all the beautiful things, the applause for the youth.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

The Tarot maps of the Ninth of cups represent perfect natural happiness and fulfillment and earthly blessings. It shows us inner satisfaction and emotional fulfillment, just as accepting and trusting in ourselves.

Our desires are currently of great importance for a suitable continuation of our lives, and by pulling this tarot card we can expect them to be realized. Our hopes of finding the true love will ultimately be realized, and we can only indulge and enjoy the happiness that has been given to us. Now we are where we want, and we’re happy with that position.

This may relate to the beginning of some wonderful relationships or to the consolidation of the old, the renewal of friendships, but in any case, it represents sincere love and ours or one’s true emotions.

Whether it is interpreted independently or within the active tarot system, the Little Arcana Nine Squad is a very encouraging tarot card. Talking about a happy event or about a favorable outcome of the situation that is the subject of the issue.

In answering the concrete question, he says that all possible immediate difficulties are solved and passable. Symbolizing emotional maturity, brilliant balance of feeling and reason, positively affects the surrounding maps.

If it has been attacked by the adverse effects of the surrounding maps, the little 9 of cups can only have a slight negative aspect, only a small surface wound. Powerful 9 of cups, despite all the attacks, keeps its essence-noble feelings.

This tarot card spells happy moments, and possibly a longer period of time when spirit, soul and reason are in a very harmonious relationship.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

Great sadness and pain, useless discussions, loss of material goods, discomfort, dissatisfaction, vanity, arrogance, greed, malice.

With this card, happiness is a key word. In the Light of the Soul is shown cups, nine magnificent, proudly standing. In another tarot there is a man who sits crossed his arms, smiling pleasantly. It is surrounded by cups as symbols of success.

It is a very enjoyable energy that speaks of great satisfaction in the field of love, especially marriage. We have reason to be happy because we have the desire we have long waited for. After all, we have noticed the person who has been in love for some time, the martial arts that we have been able to marry with our partner, surrounded by trusted friends who support us at every turn. Indeed, this card borders with perfection.

Still, something here is not right. It is obvious that the aforementioned man is seated on the throne, and that he has a cup of tea around him instead of humans. Isolation is enormous here. There is no need to share success with others. There is only a sense of solitude in mind. Marriage should look like that and so, friends should be set up this way and this way, you should feel that way. This map represents success in love, but there is something unrealistic in it, something lying because no one succeeds just so, especially not in love.

The astrological link to this card is really powerful. He was introduced to Jupiter at his headquarters in the Pengue. People who are born with such a Jupiter setting really have a lot of luck in life. Their happiness is primarily about inner satisfaction. Even if they are not materially overthrown, these people will be thrilled to fly away because they will recognize it in it. It would be good to have such a spouse next to you. On other occasions, they may be in the right place at the right time and get to know the person who best suits them.

When this card appears in the opening, it is certain that the person will be very satisfied with himself independently of the social status. With the bride she will be satisfied simply because there will be a lot of love in her. And with a love affair all will be fine if it’s a person who has just found someone for himself. The map also points to the fact that it will truly enjoy the other side and there will be romantic dinners and fine gifts. It will not go out much. Who should go out when the ideal atmosphere can be produced within their own four walls.

Nine cups are considered a wish-fulfillment card. Accordingly, when it appears in the opening, it promises to get what you want.

Upright position

The meanings of this card include happiness, well-being, financial security, satisfaction and fulfillment. At the opening of the 9 of Cups, you say that you will achieve everything you want. Promises material gain and security. It also predicts both satisfaction and satisfaction. It is usually associated with the completion of essential projects. Expect to see the fruits of your hard work. This card is also a message that it’s time to have fun. It is possible that a loved one will ask for you or you will get a great job offer. If you are not in a relationship, this card predicts the appearance of new love. The period of (sudden) progress is expected on the business plan.

At the spiritual level of Nine of cups, it indicates that now it is a moment that you share what you share with others. Know that you can accomplish much in everything that you give from your heart. Financial success allows you to offer help to those who need it.

  • fulfillment of wishes
  • marriage
  • getting to know new love
  • business success and progress
  • personal satisfaction and fulfillment

Reverse position

In reverse, 9 of cups can talk about having unrealistic expectations. Perhaps you pay too much attention to your needs. You’re too extravagant, or you gave up to the vows. This card may sometimes indicate an addiction disease.

When it comes to business matters, the inverted Nine of cups can mean greed or too much money focus. In some cases it may indicate a financial loss. The preoccupation with money can distance you from people who care about you.

Sometimes this card can also talk about problematic relationships. Your egoistic behavior can be the cause of clues and quarrels. On the other hand, this map may indicate superficiality. It is important not to forget who you are in essence and not to change because of the blind focus on achieving goals.

  • greed
  • financial loss
  • exaggeration in satisfaction
  • insensibility
  • addiction disease

This card symbolizes integrity, fullness, achievement and satisfaction. Before you are moments in which you end a whole lifetime. Here follows you picking the fruits of your own effort. You will achieve the highest life goal and feel the fullness of life. This Map hints at the conclusion of marriage and the birth of the child as well as the end of the educational epoch. If you have asked a question that is looking for a positive or negative answer then the 9 of cups means certainly – yes.

Meaning for Job

Pay attention to the jobs you offer, select the country you’ve always dreamed about and be surprised with the ease with which you will achieve what you always wanted.

Meaning for Love

Your relationship will go up to a higher level, you will feel much joy and pleasure in the company of partners. Relationships will become even cooler and more beautiful. If you are not about to go on a short trip, you will be the person with whom love will come.

Meaning for Finances

Finally, it came to your financial problems. But be careful with spending your money, let it be within reasonable limits.

Meaning for Health

Here is a period of improvement of your health condition. If you are struggling with some health problem, seek advice from alternative medicine and natural remedies.

Spiritual meaning

On a spiritual journey that is very colorful, write down everything that makes you interesting and significant. Share your observations with your friends, and your comments and comments will be of great benefit. Personal fulfillment and fulfillment of desire is a symbol of this lifetime.

Map facing upside down

It symbolizes the inability to change, frustration, stagnation, unfinished business, and messy. This map pointing to you warns you that because of the unfinished business you do not open any doors and you are not able to go a step forward. Pay more to everything you do, be consistent and responsible, and correct the mistake you have made through the missed. Be careful not to lose your own image of “me”.