Angel Number 355 – Meaning and Symbolism

All of us once or twice during our lives, and maybe even more times, perhaps regularly,  realized that some number is continually trying to draw our attention with persistent appearing in our life without calling him specifically, without ever recalling that number mean anything special in our life!?

There is a belief that our guides, our Guardian Angels, through the numbers, are trying to communicate with us, tell us something, sending us a message from the Higher spiritual worlds – and this thesis is very well incorporated in the Angel numerology. Nowadays there are many different online courses, articles, or even numerological workshops, where we can receive deeper explanations of these issues. In fact, Angel numbers are direct manifestations of the Angels that are here to protect and guide us in every possible situation.

Articles like this one, where you can read extent information about Angelic numbers, you can find out the meaning for each number, which at some moments appear in our life. Articles like this one are very significant to read.

It is also said in many other articles that each of us has his Angel number, so the number of Jesus Christ is 888 for example.

If we understand the message that numbers from Angel realm bring, if we believe that we will do what they suggest, if we make enough effort, our future is bright and in balance.

In some other research that was conducted by many renowned numerologists, it was noticed that in the last couple of years, some numbers are more prominent than others, for example, 345, or 222 – some of they are the brightest and most intriguing numbers in the Universe.

Of course, we have to mention numbers like 3, 7, or 13 that also have the secret symbolism and meaning and very strong and powerful vibrations.

We aspire to encourage you to find out as much as you can about Angelic numbers, because your life will be much better, and you will never stop being impressed with developments.

The attempts to understand the symbolism of the numbers should never stop because benefits of that knowledge are immense.

Angel number 355 – what does it mean?

Angel number 355 represent people who are not dull, on the contrary, and in most cases, these people are intellectually dominant, rational and skillful in many aspects of life. There are those who people see as somewhat superficial, but that is not the case.

Their openness to life, optimism, and love towards life, genuine care for people constantly makes them do changes – they are active and energetic people. They cannot boast that they have a certain goal, but somehow they eventually manage to feed their restless soul. Angel number 355 are the people who are impatient, they like to do things now, and right away, they hate waiting. This why it is recommended for them to express themselves and to travel, learn, meditate and write.

Sometimes people treat them as immature, but they are all subconsciously cherished. Also, their strengths are dynamic, energetic nature – they are always on the go and involved some action. In the relationship with family and friends, even with co-workers, they seek constant emotional stimulation and dedication. Their life energy is like a whirlwind that will throw people on their knees. They are constantly striving for new experiences and explorations.

Some of their flaws are for example the fact that they get bored quickly, and when opening passion and enthusiasm disappears, they quickly lose interest in people, or job, for example.

General advice for these people is that they have to have permanence, and awareness that every life relationship must be invested to survive and resist the teeth of time that can burn it.

Secret meaning and symbolism

The symbolism of number 5 that is the dominant symbol in the case of the numerical combination 355, because it appears two times, is quite powerful. It is the number that is created from the sum of the first pair and the first odd number (2 + 3), and that it is in the middle of the first nine numbers. It is symbolically the number of the spiritual center, the fund and the balance in life. It implements the idea of ​​a holy connection, that is, the union of the earthly (2) and Divine (3) principles. It also symbolizes the Human and his five mortal senses; it is the expression of the passing aspect in our lives.

Some say that number 5 resonate perfection and that hidden meaning is that number 5 have the symbolism of the fifth element, something that is Godly and Divine.

People who are connected with this number should learn to communicate and initiate changes. They are extremely important to the freedom they seek to achieve on all plans of being. They have strong unconscious magnetism and creativity.

Also, in this numerical combination, we can see number 3, that is the sacred number, the fundamental number that symbolizes perfection, universality, completeness. It’s the number of spiritual principles, and it signifies ambitions and intellectual activities, along with the mental superiority.

Number 355 and Love

People who are born under the influence of the numerical combination 355 are the people who belong to the most gorgeous and irresistible lovers and partners. On the other hand, they are the people who have pronounced libido, but they never neglect the connection on the intellectual level. So their partners need to have strong mind and passion additionally.

They are also the lovers who enjoy the game of seduction as well as foreplay; their imagination and fire in their blood never fail.

For number 355 the best possible partners are people who will flatter their desire and imagination, and who will adore their bold and confident attitude. They need someone who will be protective over them and who will always be ready to sacrifice in the name of love, and who will reveal their soul and mind to the Angel number 355.

Angel number 355 ultimately needs a partner who will keep long-term relationship passionate and always exciting.

Interesting Fact about number 355

Omg! Brace yourself, at the beginning of this article we have said that number 13 is one of the most important and prominent numbers in the realm of the Angel numerology. And more amazingly, the complete sum number, in this case, is precisely number 13! For some unfortunate, for others the happiest number in the Universe.

Here it points to the realistic views of your inner state, correcting the negativity and unfinished growth, in the spiritual sense, of course.

What to do when you see number 355?

So now you know, if you have seen this number, you should know that Angelic numeral 355 is touching your soul most tenderly but also directly.

This number came into your life because you are someone who is not in line with his truthfulness and whose growth has stopped.

Today, you need to be more objective about whether you will remain on your spiritual way; and you must decide are you committed to your goal – achieving the best in your life, and overall well-being.

Angel is saying in the message number 355 that you need to find out what is your real destiny, it is like you started to dance, but in the end, you are left with the unfinished spiritual dance. It is time for you to become the person you were meant to be, from the beginning, Angels are concluding in the message number 355.