Angel Number 40 – Meaning and Symbolism

Numbers are often regarded as windows into the soul so that they can show us the way and enable us to find what our real purpose and meaning is in life, what is our motive and moving force. Although you cannot speak directly with your Guardian Angel, with your protector, it does not mean that they will not try to communicate with you and to influence you.

Numbers are the way that Guardian Angels visit us and confirm that they are watching us. By using numbers, Angels can deliver some gentle and encouraging messages.

Seeing numbers can be accompanied by seeing colorful dots of light, and you might think that something is wrong with your eyesight. Don’t be scared; it’s angels. Such phenomena are especially present in the photographs and be sure that Angels are very close to you.

One of the ways how they try to reach you is by speaking, so if you hear a long, dull whisper, they may be telling you something, and maybe they just letting you know they are with you.

But no matter in what way they communicate with people, the most prominent way are the numbers, so if you often see numerical sequences, and you feel the instant power, know that someone is watching you.

Angel number 40 – what does it mean?

These are the people that are under the strong influence of the number 4 and 0 –, so people who are born under the number 40 have incredible, almost superhuman magnetism and charisma that hypnotize other people.

Don’t be fooled; number 40 are also the people who are vengeful, striving to attack all people around themselves ruthlessly; but also themselves – they often fall into hateful feelings, waiting for fate to punish their enemies.

But maybe the best representatives of this number are people who can fearlessly use their power in the best and smartest way.

The most of them react harshly only when they are irritated and feel threatened. Given their sensitive nature, it is not uncommon for them to feel the need to defend themselves, even when they are not overly threatened. The Angel number 40 respond immediately, in time to show that there are no jokes with them. They never attack weaker, because they are incredibly honorable.

These are the people who have a restless spirit, are very talkative and curious looking, and can achieve success in anything they set their mind to.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 40 is a numerical combination that is created from the interesting and compelling vibration of the numbers 4 and 0, numbers that produce something very distinctive and meaningful.

Number 4 is the number that shares influences of unity, stability, balance, organization, and perfect rhythm. And many claim that it is the number of perfection.

Zero that is also part of this numerical combination and that equally influence this sequence – zero resonates with growth or loss, depending on many other aspects. In this particular case, it enhances all good and positive traits that person who is under its influence.

But more importantly, in total number 40 is very significant in many aspects and numerology readings. It is said that it is the number connected with mystery, spirituality, and magnetism – people who are under its influence have the opportunity to live in success and abundance in all life’s gifts.

Number 40 and Love

No matter if talk about women or man that belong to the number 40 – both are equally passionate when it comes to love relationships and general subjects of love.

In love and communication with other people, individuals who belong to the number 40 are confident and very attractive, they are very passionate and sensual, and their love life is both ruled by intellect and feelings. And to be with this person, you have to be both – he needs a partner who is intellectual and attractive, but also a person who shows emotion openly and sincerely. Only then number 40 will be interesting in a long-term relationship or even marriage with kids.

On the other, more negative side, people who are number 40 in Angel numerology can be possessive and sickly jealous, while at the same time they don’t see the problem in cheating if they feel like it.

To conclude, number 40, and that is true for both sexes, find great pleasure in sex, and no matter how intellectual connection is important for them – they are erotic types of love partners.

Interesting facts about number 40

What is very interesting in the number 40 is that this number is deeply imprinted in the human world.

First, it is believed that the baby should not leave outside a house in the first 40 days after birth, and the soul of the deceased goes to the world for 40 days after death.

Also, it is believed that medicine takes 40 days to achieve healing abilities in humans – it is the magical significance of number 40.

According to the Bible, the Great flood occurred after the rain that fell for 40 days and 40 nights. After baptism on the Jordan River, Jesus withdrew to solitude in the desert where he spent 40 days, and Moses fasted 40 days before he received the ten divine commandments.

Number 40 symbolically indicates the preparation period, which comes before an important event.

What to do when you see number 40?

Dear friend, how are you, Angels asked.

I am sending you this number so I can tell you how I love you and I care about you. Yesterday, I saw you sad and alone, and you seem like you need help. I sent you a beautiful sunset and a cool breeze to give you a little breath – now I am sending you number 40.  I am sending you this number so I can give you understanding and courage – this is the information that is imprinted in the message number 40.

From now on, Angles encourage you to listen more and to say more often: I love you! Wait for a person you will not be afraid to show your feelings because he will admire every part of you, this is what you need. The person you will not feel you need to slow down because he will not be afraid of your speeds that will keep up with you.

The person that makes you feel safe in your skin, for which you will not have to pay attention to every word. A person you do not feel like giving too much. The person you are not going to wonder why your love is not enough because it will appreciate every part of what you give it. A person who will not let you down, but will want you close to yourself – this is an Angel suggestion that is offered to you in this message.