Angel Number 70 – Meaning and Symbolism

As Earthlings -humans, human beings, mortal people who live on planet Earth, hoping that our lives are not random and that there is some Higher and Divine Force that put things in order, that transforms chaos into cosmos, we are not part of the original creation, some claim.

In some religious and other mystical teachings, it is said that actually, living beings on this planet are part of the secondary creation. And it is stated that the first Creation where Angels – light creatures close to the God and sent into the world of Humans for protection purposes.

Others claim that God first created Humans and then Angels so that people could have some protection in their lives. In the end, it doesn’t matter which came first, the significance lies in the connection between Angels and Humans.

What is important to remember here is the process – creation comes first, then maintenance in a physical and spiritual sense, and then comes destruction, and that cycle repeats itself. Only the spiritual kingdom is always there, unhindered by the passage of time – and it is the realm where Angels are, watching over people.

Angel number 70 – what does it mean?

If you were born under the influence of the numerical combination 70, you are a fun, warm, sweet and attractive person. You enjoy exploring the world that is around you and want to “taste” everything you can. You are naturally a curious soul, and you go through your life always asking questions and trying to figure things out yourself.

You are proud of your work and always do your best in every circumstance, and this is their way of success.

In relation to other people, angel number 70 is hospitable and generous, and people feel comfortable around them. They are famous for creating friendships easily, but truly believe only the ones you choose.

They are individuals who enjoy the challenges and never give up; in many areas of life they show their compassionate and creative nature. People who are number 70 are often seen as mysterious and incredibly smart, and they are like that.

One thing that can be attributed as a flaw to these people is their fear of change – it can be daunting, but when they find the strength to accept it, everything will flourish. It takes time, but they can make that transition.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 70 is created and influenced by the number 7, and its powers are enhanced with the number 0, that acts in this numerical combination as the enhancer. It puts virtues of the number 7 to the much higher level.

Number 7 is crucial for all realm of numerology because it signifies creation since it is the sum of the spiritual number three and the material number four, among other things.

What is more important and that is hidden is that number 7 is considered to be the symbolism of 7 Realms or Universes: the lowest is Earth, followed by the World of Reality, Heaven, Middle world, The birth world, in which souls are born Palace of the Blessed, and finally the Sphere of Truth and Wisdom.

The idea of multiple realms is famous around the world, many of which speak of a multiverse (a collection of the universe).

To conclude, number 70 that is enhanced number 7 symbolically represents the seven layers of each universe: earth, water, fire, air, sky, total energy and false self.

It has great significance.

Number 70 and Love

People who are number 70 in Angel number 70 are undoubtedly knowledgeable, but their intelligence is not immediately apparent, and in love area of life they are intrinsic and maybe a bit shy. They will never feel truly comfortable in the social context because they have a somewhat strange look at the world.

Sometimes to others, number 70 can seem distant and uninterested, but actually, he is afraid of rejection. They search for the spiritual connection with a partner not just physical, and their partner needs to look beautiful and to have delicate taste in life. This is true for both sexes.

Since these people are mysterious in love, don’t expect to form them to say I Love you – they will show love in some other (more mysterious and deep) way.

Interesting Facts about number 70

Since number 7 is dominant numerical element number 70, will discuss it more thoroughly.

The number 7 always appears as a sacred number and constantly reflects perfection, and sometimes only the deity.

Of the ancient Arians and Babylonians, though Hindus, Japanese and Persians, all the way to Jews, Christians and Muslims, there is virtually no single culture in which the number seven plays a cosmic role, nor is there a religion where the number seven is not positive number that brings only great things in life. Those things are fertility, wisdom, love, and acceptance, among other things.

The Egyptians believed that there were seven roads to the heavens, and the newborn Buddha made seven steps.

In Europe, Pythagoreans believed that the number seven symbolically indicates the unity of God with the universe.

And this thought is confirmed in Angel numerology where number 70 is connected with God himself, along with the Fountain of Virtues.

What to do when you see number 70?

If you see this number, know that you have a problem with acceptance and that you need to love yourself and accept yourself as you are – as Gods creation, made from the hand of God.

Love is attracted to those people who accept themselves, their advantages and disadvantages because they know that they will accept their positive and negative characteristics as well. The more comfortable you are in our skin, the more beautiful you project outward, towards others, Angels are saying in the message number 70.

This information is very important because it deals with issues that are incredibly important in the world of humans, and that are Love and Acceptance.

It is significant for your personal growth to see and accept this number as part of your life’s lessons, cause it can help you reach all those things that will lead you to some unimaginable spiritual heights.