Angel Number 707 – Meaning and Symbolism

The word magic is often associated with the word number, and it is not surprising why is such case – there are many evidence that numbers play a significant role in our lives, on every aspect from internal to the global. Some say that numbers (Angel numbers in particular) have even fundamental significance in our lives that can be measured with something that is necessary for our progress and overall well -being, and it is accurate that by knowing the numbers(and their features, “good” and “bad”) we get to know ourselves as human beings. If we interpret numbers correctly, they can provide accurate road signs for a journey through life.

Much evidence shows that this is well-known fact from the ancient times, many written proofs can we connect to this. Numerology dates back to ancient times, from cultures that existed on the ground of today’s near and the Middle East, and its roots are directly related to the Hebrew mystical system known as the “Kabbalah.”

Besides this, so-called magical properties of the numbers, numerologists point out that there is one more and that is the occult meaning of names

The cornerstone of the history of numerology is Pythagoras, one of the most significant thinkers, mathematicians, philosophers, mystics, astrologers, and astronomers in history.

Pythagoras’ teaching is still one of the greatest secrets today, and it is certain that all occult teachings in the West came out of his mysticism. Pythagoras had to do with Indian teachings about karma, and reincarnation, because he said that he was striving for freedom from the point of doing, constant coming and going.

This mystic had a great influence on Plato, Aristotle, and newer European thought. The basic idea of Pythagoras’ teaching is that the Secret of the Universities can only be read through numbers and forms. Four elements: fire, water, air, and soil make the Holy Tetractis.

Angel number 707-what does it mean?

When we discuss the personality of a certain number, or better to say if we examine how do numerical vibrations affect the character of the person who is under its influence, we might say that in the case of number 707 things are very interesting and prosperous.

Here we encounter a person who is genuinely under the influence of the numeral 7(since there are two numbers 7 enhanced with the zero), and as such, these people are attracted to the occult and enjoy themselves in an unusually rich inner life, they are mystical and discernable. Their tendency to esoteric, philosophical and mystical teachings can become a life-long commitment – angel number 707 finds great success and many followers if he chooses to become mystic, religious teacher, etc. They want to penetrate into the depths of one’s being, in the “inner space” of sensuality, to explain unbearably.

From the outside these people are considered to be very fortunate in life, they have talent and skill to succeed in their work, full heart to love many people and deep inner commitment to a human well being. People admire them in many aspects than one, and we might add that these individuals are incredibly smart; they have deep and profound knowledge of the worlds. They learn all of their lives, and later in life, they can become teachers. Carriers are original ideas so that we can find them among scientists, artists, doctors, priests, and so on.

Because of this, they are often so preoccupied with these themes that their families and friends find them to be strange, but that doesn’t mean that they are not attractive to others.

This is also one of the negative aspects of the Angel number 707 – they have a healthy mind and the ability to express their creativity, which, unfortunately, are difficult to formulate so that others can understand it.

Secret meaning and symbolism

In the process of discovering the esoteric meanings and hidden symbolical meanings in the numerical sequence 707, we will mainly focus on the most important and dominant vibrational element – number 7.

This number is, as many evidence shows, the number of the mysterious powers and mysticism, and it is believed that it is the number that was given esoteric traits.

In almost every mythological or religious aspect we could find numeral 7 – for example, the seventh son of the seventh son in the history was considered a distinctive personality who mastered the mysterious powers of psychic and proud. The most famous numerologists today are convinced that he has the truth in those ancient beliefs.

Also, numeral 7 is considered to be the sacred number because it is seven days in the creation of the Council, seven days a week, seven months. Furthermore, seven are in the sign of magic; in folk tales and fairy tales, seven mountains and seven seas are often mentioned.

All of this reveals that in fact, in the number 7 there are elements of mystical and even magical powers, and it can be seen in the connection of the number 707 to the Spiritual Realm. All these “magical” traits are enhanced with the properties of number 0 that is besides acting as enhancer has the connection to the God, since it is the number of the origin and the first cause.

Number 707 and Love

In the part of this article, that dealt with the essential characteristics of number 707, you created the at least some picture of the personality of the number 707, but we ask what is the situation when it comes to love issues?

This person is undoubtedly someone who is connected with the intellect, who is analytical, who possess enlightened mind, and someone who like to plunge into the deepest layers of everything that is being investigated, and he needs a person who understands the complexity of his personality.

In choosing the right partner, both intuition and mind should be initiated in the case of the person who is number 707 in Angel numerology.

He wants a partner who can talk to him on every possible topic, who can talk about the scientific research, can lead the philosophical debates, but also that is the lover who has the reasonably developed sense of dealing with things and phenomena that are “on the other side of the visible.”

If they exaggerate in analyzes of everything existing, they become difficult personalities, starting with self-isolation, which can become the cause of melancholy conditions, and even more severe mental illnesses. This can reflect their love life, and particular attention must be in order.

This happens if they fail to express their individualism and do not undermine their perfectionism to normal.

Interesting Fact about number 707

To mention all exciting aspects that are contributed to the number 707, since its numerical core is number 7 – one of the most important numbers in any numerology, and it is true also in the Angel numerology.

In fact, when we connect all the vibrational dots, in this case, the conclusion that numeral 707 is solely and unbreakable compared to the Spiritual Enlightenment.

It is said that our spiritual center is our seventh vibration, and when we receive a message that has number 7 in its sequence, it means that there is a request to subordinate to the development of your Spiritual Centre.

Even the sum vibration, in this case, 14 is connected with development and search for the spiritual center.

What to do when you see number 707?

This is the Angel message that answers the question – Is your intensity and spiritual strength focused on an unworthy cause? Are the promises and rewards worth the exhaustion of one’s strength? Should you give up the old one and make room for the new one? Should you get out of a bad connection? Do you make your choices for those who have them and then discard them?

Angels are giving you the answers in the number 707 – you should listen always, and in this case, mainly, your inner voice and the words that come from the heart – focus your strength only on things that truly matter in life.