Angel Number 72 – Meaning and Symbolism

You can often hear people say how Universe is sending them signals and signs, or how Universe is saying something directly to them, regarding the particular issue in their lives. How can this be? How is this possible? How can something so untouchable and unreachable, at least in some physical meaning, can talk directly to us? How is this possible and true?

Well it is, and you should know that life isn’t random as it seems at times and that you should believe in all those things that some people say – Oh it is imagination, it isn’t true, and magic doesn’t exist. Well, it is true, because one science (numerology, among other sciences) approach to this issue very profoundly and thoroughly. And the results are astonishing and very accurate.

You even don’t have to have any particular knowledge in this matter; you only have to have good will and open heart to seen and fell all of these fascinating things that reveal the importance of Angel and their numbers.

If you believe in Angel numerology, and you often see the combination of numbers that you cannot forget, even if you try, know that the most likely the Universe is trying to convey an important message directly to you.

Angel number 72 – what does it mean?

If your number is number 72 in Angel numerology, you can be described as a fun and dear person who is at the same time caring towards his closest people. These are also individuals who stand firmly on the ground; they could also be called individuals who are pretty realistic and somewhat direct in communication with others.

On the more emotional side, people who are number 72 like to laugh, spread joy and always find the best in people. This trait can sometimes lead them into some dark places because they don’t know when to stop idealizing people, and no matter if they are realistic people, they tend to look everyone in their surrounding as good people.

They are also individuals, who appreciate loyalty and dedication, and for that reason, they never ever come to the situation to disappoint others; when number 72 makes a promise, they try hard to keep it.

They always give 100%, regardless of whether the task is large or small, and no matter is that task is job-related or not.

Therefore, to conclude, others have confidence in this person, who is all in all kind, and full of respect.

Secret meaning and symbolism

In this section, we will start by saying that number 72 is made from two numbers and the two vibrations – one comes from number 7 and it is quite positive and other is number two that can bring that other, more negative aspect of this story.

And what is hidden here is the karmic aspect – is the notion of the karmic number – it is the symbolical accumulation of all the “bad” things you have done in past lives and that you are sent to earth in this life to cleanse that debt or regain the karmic balance. And this Angel number has this aspect to it – symbolically it dictates energy movements every time you have a certain thought or take some action.

But in this particular case, when this number is connected with the Angel realm or Angel numerology the negativity should be observed as a life lesson, what your soul needs to do to achieve a higher level of awareness. It is something that lives in some parts of the soul but is also something that can be overcome. And in some next section, we will provide some answers how to do that – how to cleanse form negativity and spiritual burden.

Number 72 and Love

These are partners who can easily and unwittingly engage in serious relationships as long as they feel the butterflies in the stomach and have illusions about a loved one. They are real romantics, and it’s necessary for their partners to pay a lot of attention to them. If they feel that their loved one has ignored their emotional needs or it has denied them the basic right to be free, they can easily turn the bond of paradise into a real hell.

Number 72 can, in this situation become a partner from hell and he can make a life of his partner and his closest the living hell. He isn’t proud about this, and he tries during life to stop being like this, but this desire is much stronger than he is.

On the brighter side, number 72 enjoy socializing with people, but also love to spend time alone.

They see love as a new experience, an experience that will bring a positive change in their life, but it has to be ideal love.

Interesting Facts about number 72

For people who feel like they are under the emotional, spiritual or physical burden there is one practice – number 72, and as you will be able to see it is in close relation with the information that is behind the number 72.

You should first take a deep breath and exhale to calm your mind. Think of the Angels and the number you have received. Visualize it. When you have a clear picture, imagine how the vibrations float a few centimeters above the top of your head.

Try to imagine how your body absorbs and receives the energy that was sent directly from Angels – the flow should go from the top of your head all the way to your feet. Visualize how the energy flows through the whole body. Then visualize what your burden is, where it came, and what will you like to with it.

Open your eyes, get up, shake your limbs, or gently run for energy to flow through your body. The answer will come to you.

What to do when you see number 72?

After this exercise, you will be able to see much clearer and with new found enthusiasm. The burden will start to fade.

Information that is in this Angelic message is based on the discovery of your hidden and completely unexpected strength in which you will enjoy your surprise very much. It’s never too late for growth and change. Accept it.

Start by repeating your intentions and the solution of your problems, having in mind number 72, alone or in repetition. You may notice the progress you have made or the new space that opens in your life.

Angels are saying in the message number 72 that you should accept their suggestion and that your road will become much more open than ever before, and karma debts will seem like a distant past.