Angel Number 77 – Meaning and Symbolism

By using the knowledge that Angel numerology provide, a person becomes acquainted with his values, self-confidence, self-sufficiency – everything that is needed is around us, and nothing can endanger our survival in this world or other worlds, those that come later.

Also, Angel number or better say information that numbers provide raises awareness of the physical body and the possibility of illness and suffering.

For a while we are materialized on Earth, we identify ourselves with our physical body, our consciousness resides in the physical body – this is very important because Angels want to teach us to find and to take care of our insides, and we should think on our mind and soul.

They (divine beings) teach us that by reaching Ultimate spirituality that can be the Ultimate goal in our lives; we can overcome the boundaries of the physical body.

This all makes sense because, we, of course, are not just a physical bodies, because when we die, the physical body disappears, and our consciousness moves into other bodies called by some the “etheric” shape, the spiritual essence, or the body that can reach some, until this point unreachable positions in life.

However, we will tell you, that you can reach this state by using Angel numerology and its valuable information. These numbers have strong vibrations, and they symbolize the desire of the soul for the transformation and the return from the material world into the entire Gods creation.

Also, this trait can be reached by learning too, and articles like this one can help you in that process. Same as you learn speech and communication skills, exploring the world around you. The same child-like curiosity should be applied to the world of Angel numerology. You should be open-minded, eager for research, and learning.

The world is so big and diverse that it does not have much time to hold on to it. Through the rational mind, we can collect and process the collected Angel information. This knowledge we can use in our everyday life primarily, and during the time for some much deeper processes.

Angel number 77 – what does it mean?

This numerical combination is very appealing in a sense that we can see two numbers 7 that are very potent together, and generally, number 7 is a mysterious and significant number in any, but also in Angel numerology.

People who are under the influence of the double number 7 are mysterious and lonely; they can be unpredictable to themselves, let alone to others because they are born rebels.

These are the people who are ready to get into the fight for some cause; no matter is that cause for them or some strangers they see for the first time; they will fight with same passion.

Emotionally, they are the people who are the hardest to open up to others; they remain mysterious and “untouchable.” Angel number 77  expects from others to understand them without saying a word, and only the closets and oldest friends can do just that, and number 77 has only a couple of these friends during his life.

If by any chance, they are not understood, such strange and closed behavior is not very popular, and then there is anxiety and even more retreat on itself. It is interesting that they are neither self-centered nor selfish; they are just the original and unique personalities who do things on their terms, no matter what the consequences can be.

Sometimes people describe them as persons who are very active and energetic, and who don’t know what to do with themselves, and who have piercing eyes (they stare into people) – be sure that these characteristics belong to the number 77 in Angel numerology.

They like to think and to contemplate life, to invent new ideas and to do any intellectual work; but on the other hand, these people tend to act sudden, or to have erratic behaviors.

Strange thoughts, somewhat unusual, surprising reactions are also well-known to the people who are number 77 – you never know whether they have something to do with them, and in the end, they are characterized by sudden and exuberant behavior that can take everything in time to break from themselves, from intimate and business to friendship, from the only known reasons for them.

Distinguished individuals they are, endowed with the sense of art and particular they can be called esthetes. The desire for fundamental knowledge and perfectionism can cause melancholy in these individuals. Truthful, analytical, prone to scientific research, eager to prove and theoretical knowledge, thinkers, they are intuitive perfectionists.

Therefore, and it is somewhat general advice to these people, to constantly improve and expand their knowledge, to care for animals, because it is very difficult for people to find a common language.

If they do not take care of themselves, they can be hurt emotionally, and their health will be in jeopardy, especially the nervous system.

Secret meaning and symbolism

This numerical combination is very impressive, and it is made from the two vibrations 7, that is considered to be the perfect number that is very close to the Gods realm, it is the number that provides many positive opportunities in life, it brings intelligence, enlightenment, thoughts, and intuitions.

All of these are joined in intent to penetrate through the surface of manifest forms of life to its secretive and hidden depths and to identify and clarify the essential questions of human existence. Since in this case, there are two number sevens, these features are even more pronounced. This numerical union brings curious and enlightened mind and intuition, a combination of scientific ideas with hints and hopes for shifting the limits of knowledge to the hidden dimensions of life and the world.

These people have so much in store for them in life, in every aspect – they are destined for scientific research, philosophical discussions, they are adorned for metaphysical and analytical research – some numerologist says that they are people who are very close to God, and can hear Angel’s voice.

Their greatest inspiration is to conquer the secrets of the universe and all of their lives, the curiosity of the number 7 make them have the original ideas.

Some can develop gifts of intuition – a prominent vision of life and the world, and not every number can do that.

Number 77 and Love

These people are (like in all areas of life in love also) people who are individual and who like (and need) freedom. They are sensitive and unique, and it isn’t easy to be their friend, let alone lover, or a long-term partner.

Angel number 77 is by some other numerology readings people who can successfully live without any love. They are very selective in choosing friends and lovers and have a high degree of perfection that their partner has to fulfill. When he finds the appropriate partner and gives him love, then it is a deeper and stronger feeling and lasts much longer than nature itself (calm, reserved and cold) allows it.

Maybe this seems a lot, but they are such a specific individuals that even in love area they are the same, and never give up on their principles and attitudes. This feature sometimes can be hard, but they are worth fighting for.

Interesting fact about number 77

Many interesting aspects can be contributed to the Angel number 77. First, it is the number that has double energies of the secret number 7, that is so well incorporated in the human mind, and generally, number 7 (and also any combination of the 7, like 77, 777, 777, etc.) have a powerful meaning.

The same thing is with the message that it is hidden behind this number, it is affirmative and point to the human psyche e, and it influences to discovery and change.

On the other hand, number 77 can be observed through the vibration of the number 14 – a unique number associated with knowledge, the mighty energy that needs to be directed appropriately. The vibration of this number in always strives for a deeper examination of the situation.

What to do when you see number 77?

If you have seen number 77, and you certainly could not miss it, because its powers are so strong and distinct – be sure that change is coming your way, and Angels want to warn you about it.

Let the next period of your life be the one in which you will be better acquainted with yourself; it will be the moment in which you will meet new and better yourself.

Angels are saying in the message number 77 that next chapter in your life will be the opening spot for the origin of new things, discovering new passions, and visitation of the places you never thought you would see. You will continue to enjoy the things that excite you, and you will finally live.

Be Fearless in search of your happiness. Don’t be afraid of new opportunities; be brave enough to risk, resistant enough to resist big changes. You will look positively on things that might happen to you, Divine creatures are saying.