Angel Number 808 – Meaning and Symbolism

Some claim that first appearance of the Angels was a long time ago and that people received their signal before almost 2 000 years ago (some claim even before of the presence of Christ). Then, upon reception of the agreed signal (for example, Angelic numbers) they needed to get together with human beings on Earth at a given time and to help them wake in their original state united consciousness.

Unlike God, Angels are limited in many ways, and we should not see them as some perfect beings. They have many limitations, they are not perfect or imperfect for that matter – they just are.

They have their purpose, and the fact is that they are only a part of a much bigger process, and they don’t understand the whole process in which they take their place. Just like us, they follow the instructions, and they should fulfill their purpose, but of course, that purpose is Divine one.

We know that all of this sounds very strict and it seems like a complicated process, without any soul in it. And you know that is not the case, Angels are all about soul, and above all, they point their messages directly to our souls, because it is the place where all changes start.

Angel number 808 – what does it mean?

If we could use just one sentence to describe the people who are affected by the numerical combination 808 we would say that it is this one: they are the people who are attracted to numerous, interchangeable things, and they have a variety of interests.

Angel number 808 are everywhere; they are very curious, like new things and are interested in multiple innovations (especially for those novelties or changes that they think might bring some practical benefit to them).

Because of this, in many situations, Angel number 808 takes too many commitments, and because of a lack of time, they cannot always succeed and fulfill what they have promised, which becomes very frustrating after a while. They like to expand their knowledge of the world and everything that surrounds them, but also to get to know themselves and their feelings better. This is a constant process, but these individuals are very eager to learn all that is possible.

Even though they can acquire many abilities and knowledge from various, very different, areas, but also this can be their downfall. When, however, they concentrate on learning experience from one area then they try to approach knowledge acquisition in many ways by looking at the chosen topic from several different angles.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel numerologists like to point out that in numerical combination like this one, where there is the dominant influence of one number, in this case, numeral 8, it can “pull” on both sides, negative and positive.

Number 8 represents justice and mercy. It is the number of powers and at the same time the symbol of a fight for one who comes under the influence of his vibration force. It also signifies good work. By nature, it can also symbolize health, fighting energy, and endurance in life. Discipline and the power of reasoning are lessons that can be overcome by those who are under the influence of this number, ending up by spreading the circle of its impact.

The energy given by this number can be used for the benefit of the humanity; if it is used for other purposes, it becomes destructive and self-destructive. And in this particular numerical symbol it can be found in the double formation, so you could imagine how potentially dangerous this number can be.

Things become even more interesting, knowing that numeral 0 is in the picture that just enhances the vibrational powers of the number 8. We need to be careful when directing the energy of numbers and the same case is here.

Number 808 and Love

In Love relationships, people who belong to the number 808 want to know their options; they are often more interested in looking at opportunities, and seducing and flirting, then involving into real “action.” It is essential for them to be well-accepted in society and they are often very sociable – so socializing and having a lot of potential partners is typical for these people.

Why do people love them, besides their exciting look that is enhanced with their mask of mystery? Because of their unique way of thinking. Angel number 808 can express their creativity in unusual, original or unexpected ways. When having a problem, for example in a love relationship, when a situation requires a clever combination of new more flexible approaches they can really step up the game and make a brilliant solution.

Interesting Fact about number 808

Numeral 8 that is the dominant element in this numerical sequence has many interesting aspects. Did you know for example that the planetary equivalent of number 8 is Mars? This planet expresses unlimited and unbridled power that has to be positively directed.

Otherwise, it can – and most must be guarded – destroy everything that lies within the scope of its influence.

Another vibrational element in this combination is number 0, for some, the most mysterious vibration for examination

Zero is the number that is at the same time both limited and unlimited power, and it represents the space in which it creates a spiritual principle. When this number is found behind some number, then it increases that number tenfold (one hundred, one thousand, etc., but rather how many times it repeats itself).

And the planet connected to the zero is Pluto – we don’t know a lot of his strength, but it is powerful for sure.

What to do when you see number 808?

You belong to the people who can efficiently receive soul messages; you don’t need a lot of words, you understand the real conversations with the soul.

This number came into your life so that you can become well prepared for everything that will come from your interior, from your soul.

Angels are saying that that God-given creative visualization or imagination is now going to be put to the proper use. What you need to do is to express somehow what you have experienced and felt, either by color, by image, by sound, by the movement of the body, all of those are the sources of the creativity. Meditation is a natural process also – you enter the inner space of peace, spaciousness and unconditional love. It all means to open the space of one’s soul.

Angels are confirming that you are most afraid of feelings of innocence and solitude, and when in meditation or creative visualization you feel connected with the Divine soul, you will gain the permanent support of inner strength, beauty, love, and innocence.

Another unique talent for communicating with the soul is intuition, and you have that gift, for sure, Angels are saying in the message 808 (number 8 is always connected to the realm of intuition).

This inexplicable inner feeling tells you what to do in a situation, and what not. If you listen to it, it can give you reliable information about the people you meet, who is benevolent and honest, and who should be avoided. A unique way of talking with the soul is prayer, whether it is a formal prayer or one that is expressed in its own words. One way is to spend time on a daily basis is to become isolate from the outside world, and talk in peace with souls in order.

And while the language of the soul is understood without difficulty, the challenge for you was to act in the outside world, to incorporate all the wisdom and direction that the soul wants to go into the world of logic and facts, the inexorable demands of everyday life. You need to find a constructive way that will not make you impractical dreamer, but a wise and creative person who is guided by compassion and love.