Angel Number 818 – Meaning and Symbolism

The origin of all living and non-living creatures and things in the Universe is created form the same energy field. We can observe ourselves as energy clutter in the enormous energy field of the Universe, where all elements, material and non-material are connected. In that energy field, there is a constant interaction with the environment, and that interaction goes both ways. We are never isolated anyway, and it is the presence that we feel, even if we sometimes neglect that feeling. We should, therefore, strive to understand what is that connection, from the different parts of the Universe.

Perhaps we could understand Angels and their way of communication, and maybe we could use that knowledge for the benefit of all humanity. This seems like a difficult and almost unachievable task, but its importance succeeds all of the other earthly issues.

The welfare of an individual is essential for the benefit of the community as also for the whole and general interests, and Angelic numbers are pointed on this issue.

What we need to strive is goodness in all human beings, there is still compassion, mercy, and nobility, even in the worst examples of humankind. We should look forward to this and hope and direct our behavior in the way that we challenge these characteristics in another person. How? Simply! By listening to Angelic information.

Angel number 818 – what does it mean?

Some of the characteristics that could describe Angelic formation 818 and that can correctly describe a person who is under its influence is energy and strength. Of course like all features, these can also be good and bad at the same time.

These people have intensity in everything they do; they are resolute and have courageous and robust energy. In everything, they are persistent, and will not stop until they reach their goals, no matter how impossible that goal might seem.

In interpersonal relationships Angel number 818 are the people who show interest in everything that is mysterious and that need research to be understood completely. They could be called explorers, they can find the solution for every possible problem them come to them, and they will solve it resourcefully.

Its nature is someone who is a defender of all values that he feels that are right and necessary in the world, and he will put all of his recourse to achieve those goals.

In a way, Angel number 818 is one of the most extreme of people in every sense of the word extreme – their emotions and actions go from warm and sensitive to cold and calculated. He either hates or loves, or is obsessively interested or wholly ignored – for their surrounding there is nothing worse.

Surprisingly, they love all kinds of crisis situations, and he will always be there to resolve that situation; Angel number 818 is someone who takes massive amounts of pressure and pain. In interpersonal relations for Angel number 818, there is no middle ground – they show what they feel immediately, no hesitation.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Here, everything revolves around number 8, and its dominant vibration – it is associated with adverse concepts such as death, fear, destruction, decay, and endings. But still, it represents also the principle of regeneration, the end of the old and the beginning of the new one. It gives life twice in its cycle, and it can be resurrected from the ashes in full glory – after a failure, there is a rise.

Number 8, especially in the double form like in this combination, it gives stubbornness that symbolically will not even die when the time comes, but only when they want (people who are under its influence).

Number 1 also appears, as a number that is in the center of the numerical combination, providing somewhat “lower” energy, but not in the sense of its potency, but more in its negative aspects.

It is not like the vibration of the 1 brings only positive vibrations, but it has a direction that is firmly pointed to the positivity.

Number 818 and Love

We already have said that in the life of the Angel number 818 there is no middle ground, he either hates or he adores. This is a lover who can fall in love, and love like no other, but still he is someone who can hate and have extremely negative feelings. Angel number 818 are incredibly sensual and erotic while blinking, and they will seduce you and ruin you, at the same time!

Also, numerologist says that Angel number 818 is someone who can be mischief. If you are scoffed at him, it will burn off all the bridges and break every form of communication, and it will take you a long way to recover, even if it’s the tiniest error in question. If you make a significant mistake, then it’s best to bury yourself, because they will want revenge. And this is their big flaw – they will wait for their partners to forget their mistake, and when they think that they are safe, it will serve their vengeance. If you cross the threshold of their tolerance, you better run for your life.

On the emotional plane, it is widely believed that people who are under the influence of the double 8 are impassive and cold as ice. This could not be far away from the truth. The truth is that most representatives of this number are cold-blooded like a sniper, but that does not mean that their emotions are underdeveloped.

Their feelings are intense, and they hide very well. They have a significant amount of passionate energy and are stable under pressure but to a certain extent.

Interesting Fact about number 818

This Angelic formation is connected to the timing, and taking the right moment for a change. This is a numerical sequence that can appear suddenly, and its influence will be present long time after.

This Divine formation presents new actions, new beginnings, new endeavors, fights, and enthusiasm since number 1 represents the beginning of a new cycle. From this, we conclude that an apparently new spiritual period begins.

Maybe this is not so clear to you yet, but it will be after a while; it is a phenomenon on its terms. Angels are saying that a new spiritual cycle will wake up your potentials like never before; you will feel more alive and energetic.

Why were you the one that saw this message, and not someone else? It is all about your approach.  If we approach the person aggressively, in return we will get either aggression (which is, incidentally, an expression of fear) or a type of antipathy (if a person is self-conscious enough not to react by aggression or withdrawal).

These undesirable emotions, the same will change the quality of the energy field of another person, which will affect us in our immediate vicinity in our area.

Angels come into your life so that they could teach you how to send the good vibrations into the world.

What to do when you see number 818?

Now, you know a lot more than you were ever known before, and additional information can be added to this Angelic lesson.

Numeral 818 also points to the underestimated power of the imagination. This is a perfect day for relaxing and regenerating energy, and you could probably feel that energy is flowing all around you and inside of you. Use it for creating better tomorrow, Angels are saying.

Today you will be in the clouds, dreaming of beautiful love and a happy future, and if your heart wants it, you will send an important message to the Universe. Angels teach us today that we cannot control every situation in our lives, and that is not the point for that matter. Sometimes it is necessary to give in to the words of life, and with actual desires, efforts and ambitions we will be able to direct its course in the desired direction.

Have patience! Feelings are intensified today, so be careful not to cross a thin line between love and hate, and we all know that that thin line is something that you have passed many times. Make decisions about investing in your future, and make plans for your health and the overall state of mind -what you give now, it will pay off in so many ways.

Although today is a day for dreams, you come down to the ground tomorrow and try to work on achieving everything you have dreamed while enchanted by the mystical energy of the Divine Realm.