Angel Number 83 – Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes Angels send their information into to the world of Humans pointing to the human’s subconscious because that information will then be imprinted in the most powerful possible way – it will find its place forever in the Human mind. This is one of the reasons why Angels send their information (via numbers) precisely into the world of Dreams.

When we sleep then our subconscious is alert, and we can accept, like a sponge a lot of information. They often, even, send valuable life lessons, in repetitions, so that number is well remembered and that Angel advice is accepted. Because, ultimately that is their goal, and they will repeat certain message for as long as it is accepted and embraced.

But even in dreams, numbers don’t have to appear directly and in the most obvious way.

Sometimes, numbers can be represented in the aggregate of characters, like in the number of objects, or repeated actions. After receiving these numbers into our mind, we will wake up with the strong feeling; we will feel some new vibration is in our bodies. That vibration is all those attributes that will become part of us in the next cycle of our lives.

That number is considered to be our Angel number, which can help us depict our personalities and strengths (it can give us the force to make things better), it can help us understand the negativity in our world, along with the solutions for our problems.

Some say that numbers can help us see clearly and that they gave us the wisdom to do what is best for our growth and development.

Angel number 83 – what does it mean?

People who are born under the influence of the numerical combination 83 are respected and loved by the society; people want to be close to them, a part of their lives in any possible way. Everyone wants to be that part of their company; they are the people who are always in the centre of attention; they are undeniably charming and lovable people.

They find a great passion in life, and their joy is perfectly natural and not at all overly intensive, they find a lesson in everything that happens to them, and know how to deal with crisis situations – this is amazing characteristic to have.

In their jobs, angel number 83 are very well disciplined. Their motto: Job first, and then fun! Number 83 feels complete if they are successful in their jobs, and fun comes later like the reward for their achievements. Sometimes they can sink into the complete negative aspect of working too hard, so they have to realise that it would be nice for them to have a little more relaxation because life is still fun.

At times these people who are born under the influence of the number 83 are proud, arrogant, cold, and steady! This is usually the first impression, certainly the true one. Thank God it’s all just a mask; cause deep inside there is something much more interesting! Inside they hide numerous sensitive qualities and virtues. But like in everything, there is some truth in this statement, and number 83 is certainly not perfect.

They are individuals who cannot accept criticism, and because of that, they come to conflict situations, which make them arrogant and even foolish. They firmly, persistently pursue their goal and at times, can do some unimaginable things to get to their goal, even if someone gets hurt. This unfortunate trait doesn’t often come in the spotlight, but there are few times in the life of number 83 when this occurs, and it isn’t something to be proud of.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Here we encounter many interesting, but yet, secretive aspects. First, we have to say that number 8 that is part of this numerical combination symbolizes power, success, and the possibility of the karma debt, regeneration, re-birth and wealth.

This last regarding wealth can be seen in the light of material wealth, but also regarding spiritual wealth. This number also resonates with the subjects of dreams, instincts, and intuition. Any person who has number 8 in any combination can have all these abilities.

Also, number 3 is a constitutive element in this sequence. It resonates life, vitality, inner strength, imagination, creativity, energy, self-exploration and experience.

It is said that number 3 represents the past, the present, and the future, mind, body and soul, etc.

Lastly, number 8 and 3 make a sum number 11, which is one of the most important numbers in any numerology, and also in Angel numerology, regarding Angelic information.

Number 11 symbolises transformation and changes, and it can be a strong carrier of the energy. It is the number when for example appears in the form of Angelic information; it carries the most valuable information and most important answers for the human race. It is the number that is very easy to remember.

Number 83 and Love

These people are not falling in love instantly, they wait for the right moment, and only when they are 100% sure of their selection, they move into action. Unfortunately, in their relationship with the partner, there is not much romance and sentimentality. Sometimes they are cheated because of this feature.

In love, angel number 83 is sometimes jealous, which is badly reflected on the love relationship. Otherwise, these people are sufficiently charming, honest and unique, and therefore they are quite enough to be a long-term partner.

Interesting Facts about number 83

This number is by many numerologists connected with the positive affirmations and confidence.

It is very important for people to remember that when they receive number 83 in their mind, they have to believe. Affirmations work only when you are on the same wavelength as numbers vibration and truly feel what you are saying and seeing.

Another thing that is connected with this number is that you have to identify the areas of your authentic power and abilities

It is a small step in the right direction, but it must be something.

What to do when you see number 83?

Angels are saying that you have time for transformation and that you have received message number 83 for that realization. Angels are saying that you can identify the area of your skills, find ways to show yourself in it.

Also that change, that real change can come, only when you learn to accept your virtues and when your self-esteem becomes bigger. You need to be convinced in your achievements because that is the only way that allows you to develop them, to master them.

Angels are concluding in this message, that in the process of self-discovery you can be guided by your intuition and instincts.