Angel Number 838 – Meaning and Symbolism

One of the more practical uses of the numbers is their usage in explaining human behavior, and it is the way of knowing human personality. By looking at numbers and their different relationships with the numbers of other people, or with the different numbers in same numerical combination, numerologists needed to create their own language to explain what they know about the numbers.

To understand numbers deeply, you need to know that numbers are neither good nor evil, or as some say, numbers are both good and bad at the same time. And this should be understood in a sense that numbers have the potential to brings us good and bad; they are the energy that can be destructive and constructive – what will happen to that energy depends on many other factors.

Usually, people think that not a single number is superior to another number, but it is not true. All numbers work differently through different human bodies, each using their own genetic pattern of behavior. All the numbers are influenced by the unique characteristics of their environment and the collective unconscious- these are those outside factors that also affect humans development and life.

Even you could become “numerologist” since numerology is considered to be much simpler than other branches of related sciences; you don’t have to be a genius to find out the basics of numerology, or at least to find out more about your number.

The meaning of working with numbers is to understand energy – it is the energy that is the creational force behind every living and non-living thing in the Universe, we all share that same primordial energy. People who act without proper understanding and the right moment at the beginning of this activity lose a lot of energy on the wrong steps, so articles like this one can come in handy. Numerology allows you to know things such as determining the right moment, real personal connections, the right place and time for doing certain things.

By looking for a person number, we could find out what type of person she might be. Through numerology, every view of life is explored in different ways, and it is the opportunity that has to be used.

Angel number 838 – what does it mean?

Here we encounter two almost opposite numbers, in the sense of their vibrations – number 3 has more “optimistic” and positive attributes than numeral 8 that is here in its doubled form(we know that its energy is strong, its effects are long-range.

People who are marked with the numerals 8 and 3, like in this case, show a deep sense of creativity and energy; they are vital and well-skilled people. These are social, happy and entertaining people, but they can also be superficial and non-communicative. These are two opposite currents that point them to the world of different behavior. Angel number 838 can lock himself in his house, never wanting to go in the outside world, if he feels like it. No one can stop him or make him see the other aspect of the story; he is stubborn and persistent.

They rarely like people in the first moments of acquaintances; they find others boring – Angel number 838 is someone who represents energy, imagination, and entertainment – but these features can be open only if the other factors in his life are right. This is the number of creation, and this person is amazing in finding solutions for many problems that can come across their path.

What is the main issue in their lives? They have to focus their energy in the right direction if they want to progress. If not, they will fall into self-pity and anger, destroying everything on that path

In this life, their goal is to entertain others and make them happy. These people need a lot of love and attention, and they try to get it with their rich imagination and nonsense. These people seem to live a magical life, full of happy circumstances, attracting wealth and success with little effort, but in fact, they struggle hard for that success.

Secret meaning and symbolism

In some secretive, but fascinating aspects, it is said that double formation of the 8 means fertility in the sense of idea progression and personal development. It is connected with the energy of destruction and the need for self-realization. In this specific numerical combination two numbers, 8 are divided in a way with the positive energy of the 3.

But more interestingly, it is a vibrational power of numeral 3 that is even more connected to the fertility and expansion. It is made from 1 and 2, male and female number (this notion is present since the beginning of numerology), and they combined to give 3, a descendant.

So, symbolically number 3 represents the transfer of knowledge to that it could be even more developed and upgraded. Geometrically, 1 is a point, 2 is a line, but 3 is the first number plate, and it is the number of the triangle. A triangle centered upwards represents male sexuality and fire; a triangle centered down is female sexuality and water.

So all forces in the Universe are focused on the numeral 3, and it isn’t surprising why this number is called Gods number. In it, we could see the sublimation off things

Number 838 and Love

Angel number 838 is a lover and generally a person who is incredibly brave and energetic, but only succeeds in love realization when he learns to control his own “appetite.” This person loves like no one else, but also can hate their ex-lovers and partners, and can be vengeful.

In the mind of this person, it is reasonable to fight for what is worth and fair – but if he feels just for a second that he is hurt, he becomes someone else.

Although an optimist, he is sometimes mysterious and closed in a way, and only lovers who are patient can achieve a serious relationship with Angel number 838.

In a long-term relationship, they can behave really well and passionate, but only if that other person is willing to deal with their, somewhat problematic personality.

Interesting Fact about number 838

In an Angelic message that is represented by the vibration of the 838, it is said that poses miracles, openness, optimism, progress, expansion, grand visions and abundant social life. It brings possible to challenge the rapid development, the pumping of energy and the attitude “Everything is possible, there are no boundaries.”

It is the number and Angelic message that suggest staying up to the maximum level, focus on taking care of yourself and do not forget about others.

It is the number that points to integrity, abundance in all areas, strength, leadership, public recognition and inner peace.

It is the number that demands from its recipient to express gratitude, discover from learned lessons and think about others’ well-being.

What to do when you see number 838?

This is the number that points to the developed empathy, or in your case a lack of it – this is the time for one little miracle. Today, when Angels finally spoke to you, sincerity is appreciated, and all that you have long wrapped around you should talk out loud to get rid of the emotional burden. Angels look at every step you take today, so everything you do during the day will affect your future.

You should be honest and open, primarily to yourself and your future – discover to your Guardian Angels what you want from life, and they will tell you where to direct that immense energy that you have.

Your soul will today meet a dream partner, but do not lose the chance because of too much expectation – it is a peace and serenity, it is spiritual content that your soul needed so much.

Angels are saying that numerical vibration also brings into your life a much-needed empathy and joy, only then your soul is going to rest.