Angel Number 848 – Meaning and Symbolism

Some numerologist, Angel therapists, religious teachers, and others say that we do not choose our numeric values, our Angel number for that matter, this is what has been given to us(by God, Fate, Birth, etc.) But the main thing that almost all numerologists around the world agree (more or less) is that our number is something that describes who we are, what we are, what our goals are for, what we are destined for. Reaching our full potential is the primary goal and achievement.

And Angel numerology refers to our character, talents, reactions, and actions that we take; it can help us to utilize some possibilities fully and face some negative influences from the outside.

Other numerology teachers say that some numbers are happier, some are unhappy, but each has both positive and negative vibrations, which means that we can extract both the best and the worst from them. Only depends on us how we will use what we have been given. Again, some other teachers say that when numbers are seen through the Angelic eyes (as a form of Angelic information they cannot be negative, they just can point to some potential negativity in life).

For example, a person who has a particular combination of numbers doesn’t have to have a miserable life and to be deprived of all good things in life. Perhaps he will have harder and more severe obstacles than in some more normal circumstances, but with intense effort and self-awareness, his actions and ideas, and work on improvement, achievements can be better and more striking than in some other, happier case (with “better” numbers). Of course, Angelic interference is essential here; it is the matter of attitude and personal spiritual growth -this is the aspect they try to point the most. Everything in the world has its good and bad side, and so the numbers, but even with the negativity you can extract something good.

The main (but not the only) goal in life of every individual should be to deal with oneself and independently correct negative influences, rather than escape from truth and reality. Angels are here to help, no doubt about it.

Angel number 848 – what does it mean?

Features that can correctly describe a person who is Angel number 848 in numerology are pronounced emotionality, universal compassion, sharp intuition, and in times rich imagination. These people are blessed with most sensitive feelings in the world; they receive an extremely beneficial aspect from benevolent number 4 in that sense. All traditional values are welcomed in their world.

Angel number 848 are also the people who can acquire great wealth in life, strictly relying on their wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge -the door to success opens. They are honest and above all fair players; but if they feel that in a particular situation that someone was dishonest, Angel number 848 will take the role of executor and judge. He can turn into a ruthless executor of justice and has no problem in dealing with the consequences of his actions.

In a way, these people are in touch with their faith, religiosity, and ideals – they live their lives on these principles, and they want that everyone else should do the same. So in a way, they have a reputation of gurus and teachers, who share good values and compassion.

They like to teach others to have faith and never to lose it.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Two numerals 8 that are an integral part of this numerical combination, undoubtedly with strong vibrations and one numeral 4 that is connected to more Human principles make a substantial impact on the person who is under their influence.

But we will discuss this numerical combination in total since the main thing is the effect that numerals 8 and 4 have one on another.

These vibrations 848 can be called the rulers of the light, so it is no wonder why imagination, sensitivity is so pronounced here.

In a way, a numeral 8 can be the carrier of the fortune, wealth, ascent, inspiration, and also a noble character and world of popularity. They can distinguish truth from lies, which is a natural gift of invaluable importance that they should nurture, and who they do not recognize with themselves.

When the energy of the 8 is in its pick, it can carry a person who is under its influence to a state of exaltation (state of exceptional happiness). In more negative context, it can bring a person to the depths of the human soul, where the only destruction and pain lives.

Also, the vibration of the 4 can be associated with happiness and well-being; it can give extremely favorable situations, which are responsible for wealth and success. But only in the case where a person listens to gut instincts and living by values, otherwise, the negativity of the 8 will prevail.

Number 848 and Love

In their love life and family life, since in the case of the Angel number 8418 there is no without the other, they show devotion and dedication. They have that touch of the Universal love – Angel number 848 believes that everyone deserves love and compassion.

The main thing in love, in their world, is to have faith and that together with their partner they can walk on the spiritual path with dignity. Lies and dishonesty are not allowed, and if they feel that their lover is not honest, they will cut all ties, even if the feelings are still strong.

These people do not wait; they act in love games – if they like someone, they will make the first move. Their nature can be dynamic and penetrating, reaching the reality and truth in any situation, personal or group. They are oriented, unilateral, subjective, do not submit to others’ opinions – it is important that they love, what others think is irrelevant.

Regardless of their honesty, they make decisions quickly and hence they can make catastrophic mistakes, because their heads “run through the wall.”

Interesting Fact about number 848

This numerical sequence is all connected to the one goal, to the one big challenge? It gives change by fighting, passion, if it can be exterminated. Then the restoration, ascending from the ashes comes – we talked about the principles of rebirth that number 8 brings, and the same is in this case.

Nature of the number 8 is that it represents transformation, sexuality, birth, and reconstruction of distorted values.

But, on the other side of the numerical scale, we encounter the principles that numeral 4 brings – it represents security, home, family, and hearth.

So number 8 needs to take care those principles of the 4 are never destroyed.

What to do when you see number 848?

So, if you have seen this numerical combination, you must be shaken to the core, and you might think that whole world in which you have believed, can disappear. Your beliefs have been shaken and distorted. Angels come to rescue, and they bring balance and optimism. This is a good numerical message and after all, you will be able to breathe – values can be restored, and you will find your balance once again.

When the Divine road opens, it indicates a significant success, a well deserved success that needs to be taken care of properly.

Angels are saying in the message 848 that you are a soul that belongs to God, and this is the day when you will receive sincere and gentle words from Him.

Finally, you feel that you are equal, that God loves us all, and that love is mutual. Angels are also saying that you should never feel lonely, and you should never neglected spiritual well-being due to any reason. Every change is a new experience, so there is no reason for fear. Accept all the challenges that life gives you because you will come out of everybody wiser, brave and ready to risk for personal happiness – Angels are concluding this message.