Angel Number 855 – Meaning and Symbolism

Knowledge of Angel numerology and techniques has been upgraded for millenniums through the generations of the people who wanted to look deeply into the world of the numerology (and it is the world that is open for everybody, both for experts and non-experts). The Angel Numerology or some form of it exists since ever, and some say that the character of Numerical knowledge is described as “Godly,” which means that this knowledge does not come from man, but from God.

This knowledge is obtained by descending rather than ascending process. This means that this knowledge descends from higher (Divine) levels to our human scale, and Angels are the carriers. And in this sentence, you could see why Angel numerology is one of the most critical sciences in the world.

The process of acquiring the knowledge of modern (numerology) science is an active process in which we try to understand the absolute truth of experiments and theories that must have material scientific evidence. This is a way of understanding the reality with what is known and proven to us at that moment. Whether there is something that is unknown to us at the moment and can play a role in our knowledge of the world and life is another question that we will not talk about here now.

Angelic beings give that superhuman or Divine touch to the numerology, and it is, therefore, a science that we cannot prove by the means and methods of modern materialistic science. It is a science that can be tested and verified by experience. The more you try, the more you will be convinced of its effectiveness; articles like this one want to submerge you deeper into that world.

By some, this numerical knowledge is given to people for use as a tool in which it can make their lives more quality in every way. After all, God wants to benefit all people, and he has given this knowledge to help and improve our lives. How much will anyone know how to use this “God’s Tool” depends on his awareness of, or compliance with, the laws of nature and the Universe. But, in the end, we all have that chance.

Angel number 855 – what does it mean?

Angel number 855 are very imaginative people who like to spend their time in phantasy, and they often find themselves living in a world of illusions; they see only what they want to look at. Sometimes they ignore their problems pushing them “under the carpet” so that they don’t have to deal with them.

To love too much, they only see the best in people – this is why Angel number 855 is often hurt by people, even by those who are close to him. In those times, they become very reclusive and lonely, and in one small way, these are the people who like to suffer.

On the other hand, their lives are very spiritual, and they love everything in the world since they see God in everything. They look through their spiritual senses and can see in the very core of everything that exists – that is the Light. Angel number 855 doesn’t divide people for good and evil but considers that everything is worthy of love.

Since the peace and tranquility is an ideal condition of these individuals, the feeling of power is something unnatural for them, and they rarely take those positions in society.

They often get out of their “sleep” only when they have to help someone that is important to them; but eventually, they tend to find ways to be strong, without harming others. In fact, Angel number 855 prefer to remain passive, but their nonexistent reaction causes more suffering in the world.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Besides numeral 8, another significant vibration is present here, and it belongs to the specific numeral 55. This is the aspect that is hidden here, and his symbolic is essential.

It is the symbol of spiritual character that needs to be translated on many other generations that are about to come. Of course, the transit of this spirituality is essential, the way of expressing is crucial for observing the way of showing faith and trust in life and the people around us.

Number 55 symbolizes the trust in life and faith in the world in which we live. It shows what and how we believe, how we open up to the world. It does not necessarily mean religious affiliation, although it does not exclude it. It symbolizes holiness in man, faith in good. Without this principle there is no progress, no problem solving, no courage and confidence for taking a step forward in the Universal progression. So, it symbolizes a fundamental solution for the central question – the answer for improvement and success in life.

Having numeral 55 in numerical chart tells us about our innate predisposition to realize this vital principle of life.

So numeral 855 represents one of the essential principles in the Universe on which life is based.

Number 855 and Love

The path of the unconditional love and acceptance is the path of the people who are born under the 855, and on this journey, they meet with the role of the victim where they learn to distinguish what is love and what fear. These people spend their lives in finding this difference, and some never find it.

They are loving and empathetic people who love even those who hurt them badly and often return to their past lovers, which is almost always a major mistake.

They need to learn to identify what empathy is and what pity is; they need to learn to return people to power, and that compassion doesn’t make them weaker.

Their love is here (in this world, and in their lives) to heal, and their compassion draws power to others.

As they learn to love others, maybe they could learn to love and accept themselves first. The power of love strengthens, and this love becomes her shield.

So, to conclude, for Angel number 855 love is less about them, and more about everything else.

Interesting Fact about number 855

In a way, numerologists often warn people who have number 8 in their numerical sequence, to be careful, since the energy of the 8 is diverse.

It is precisely such an exaggerated sense of power that drives people into the temptation of excessive exploitation, not just of other people and their values, but also like stored energy potentials.

It should be said, that numerical combination 8- 55 gives renewable energy sources, and if we use renewable sources of energy, we can truly transform our lives, we can make that change become something significant. But if we are not careful enough, that energy can transform into something completely horrible and destructive. The energy crisis can be, as all things that are connected to the Divine plan can be used for something good, for the process of the reorientation, as soon as possible.

One of the new orientations can be the sphere of wishes and expression of the inner desires since numeral 55 is connected to such urges.

What to do when you see number 855?

This numerical sequence indicates fantasy and sincere wishes in the person who saw this numerical message.

Today, the Universe hears your hidden desires and sweetest dreams, and if you visualize them, you may soon come to your senses – Angels are saying in the message 855.

This is a number of positive mood and victory, so many will go with everything that is beginning today – feel free to say what you feel and what you think.

Angels advise you to relax and to step away from your daily routine, and more importantly, you should save energy for your spiritual life that has to be developed even more. Trust is essential, and every honest conversation with your soul will make life more stable and more beautiful.