Angel Number 87 – Meaning and Symbolism

There are many articles and verified (and unverified) stories written on the topic of Angel and Angel numbers, and we will try, in this intro section, to get you close to the subject of Angels – their existence, purpose and meaning.

You already know that Angels are messengers from God and that they are here with the purpose to help people, that is why sometimes people refer to them as Guardian Angels or Angel protectors.

They leave small signs that make us aware that they are here, that we are not alone, and that we can enjoy their company and help, even mercy. They love when they are not ignored, when we are aware of their presence and when we, through prayer and obligatory gratitude, give them “tasks” and “problems”.

Another aspect that is important here is that Angels remind us that there are no coincidences in life. If we have a problem and in the least expected place we meet a person who would be able to solve it, let’s know that the angels have made it our way. They communicate with us through many ways, but the most important way is through numerical sequences – the obvious and most efficient way.

Where can we see those Angelic numerical combinations? We could see them on every possible place, where they will be noticed – on the vehicle registration plate, which just passes by us while we are considering a problem, are indicative of their presence and readiness to help us.

They whisper to us when we raise our head and notice what is contained in the message for us. If our view falls on a digital timer that shows three or four identical numbers or different numbers, there are also messages from our Angels and guidelines for further moves. Our job is to accept them and follow given guideline.

Angel number 87 – what does it mean?

Angel number 87 represents the person who can be described as a carrier of new and exciting things in their environment; they are original and unapologetic about it. These people don’t have any problem if they are not accepted in every society and if not every person loves them, they are completely satisfied with who they are.

They love new people and situations, and number 87 feels like that new energy can open extra horizons. They easily overcome their problems and don’t worry about the future – tomorrow will be different, they are sure.

They are smart and well-crafted, and because of their openness, they get what they want from life. Do you want to know how? They just ask for it, directly and openly.

Number 87 has a positive attitude towards life and is great in a field of communication.  They prefer to see things in the way they want, and not the way things are.  On the other hand, they are very smart, curious, playful character, and when they allow themselves to show true feelings, they can be very sentimental and open-minded.

Their flaw? These people can quickly become bored if they do not have enough activity to stimulate their active minds. They can often be naughty and like to have fun with various intellectual games with their environment, and it isn’t always pleasant. People can be offended or hurt during these “games”.

General advice for these people is sometimes to slow down and not fill every moment with energetic activities. Sometimes it is good for these people to take a time to “draw the line”, and to contemplate their actions.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 87 is created from the vibrations of the numbers 8 and 7; they are powerful and have great importance in Angel numerology.

It is said that this number that combines numbers 8 and 7 symbolize entering the door of our actual potential, intuition and emotions.

Sometimes number 8 has a bad reputation because it can be connected with bad karma, negativity and obstacles, but those challenges can be seen as blessings in fact. It can point to some suppressed emotional energy that people who are under the influence of the number 8 are fighting.

But number 7, on the other hand, can lead to the positive wave of motivation and energy. It allows people to think positively about life and it can open the door for emotional and spiritual health; it can help us to move and achieve a positive state of mind.

Number 87 and Love

Angel number 87 is a lover or a partner that easily changes his mood but is rarely mature and unsettled. In younger age, these people are surrounded by many lovers. When choosing one to be their only partner and lover, they do pay attention to them but do not avoid occasional adventure from time to time. That unity can last only when number 87 and his partner have the same interests.

They are also the people who like to impose their will on their partners; they are the dominant partner.

They are intellectually strong, and even in love, for angel number 87, intellect is often much more important than sexual life. They are very sociable and are designed and sought by such partners.

Interesting Fact about number 87

What is the fascinating aspect of the number 87 is that its sum number is number 15, which is the amazing number connected with any numerology, and when is related with Angel messages then it gets its full significance.

This number is connected with the manifestation of a harmonious life, a synthesis of matter and spirit. This number completes the cycle of the demonstration of the spirit and the achievement of spiritual harmony.

The number 15 refers to the material and spiritual energy, to the mighty flow of energy, the source of power and activity. Spirituality here has a leading position, and it is the aspect important in Angel messages.

What to do when you see number 87?

If you have received number 87 in your life, you have to accept and to follow its content.

The Angels are saying that you have to become compassionate and flexible but at the same time to stay persistent. If you know your authentic life path, you must not give up on that road, even if you are rejected and discouraged along the way. You have no right to give up; it is your secret duty never to give up, Angels are saying in the message number 87.

One proverb says that people should be like cotton outside and steel inside. Patience is a gift of our inner peace. This reminds us that we should be compassionate, but never weak. We should never forget our human and emotional side while remaining strong in our intentions; it is concluded in this message.