Angel Number 88 – Meaning and Symbolism

From the time of Pythagoras (most famous mathematician in the world, probably), and presumably much, much earlier, there was the recognition that many attributes can be assigned to the numbers or numerical sequence. Those characteristics can be different and can point to the different attributes of the world of Humans.

Depending on your vibration, each number participated in creating the reality that surrounds us and at the same time provided the possibility of its transformation. Pythagoras was the mathematician, and it is considered to be the father of numerology, and he said that each number has three manifestations of divine nature. What is important to say here is the Pythagoras knew that numbers are very connected with the Angel realm, or the Divine world. And this claim is present to this day.

By combining them (numbers and their vibrations), we can come to the concrete material forms and the entire physical world. The corresponding numbers that parallelise the form of the illusion we live and the path to eventual spirituality characterises everything that exists within itself.

Also, it is easy to guess why Angels choose exactly numbers to communicate with people.

Angel number 88 – what does it mean?

These people, who are born under the control of numerical combination 88 love order, discipline and know how to achieve success in as many aspects of life as possible.

These people are persistent, serious and thorough in their work, no matter what they do and how long they have to suffer for the best possible results.

They tend to achieve the material success that they most often have, and it is something that suits them good, it is their second nature. Their life’s mission is to discover love and, if they succeed, they have the opportunity to become supreme spiritual teachers and healers.

They are very disciplined individuals; they are good workers, cautious and responsible for every given task in their lives. They have a good sense of organisation; they are ambitious and persistent, and they will never give up their goals.

On the other hand, on the emotional side, these people like to stay indoors and are very reserved, but this is just a mask, below it is compassionate and gentle people who cannot open themselves easily, because they are afraid of rejection and pain. T

hey seriously understand their life and the tasks they need to do, and sometimes they lack people in their lives. They focus on achieving material success and because of that, they are ready to put on second places in life other values ​​like love, friendship, etc., and in the end, they end up unhappy about it.

They experience rather heavy karma, and they encounter many difficulties through life, they encounter challenges and pain. They confront many enemies, and until they defeat their enemies, they find no peace. These hurdles are present in their lives because of their numerical combination, and it is number 8, the double number 8, so all flaws are more enhanced than in some other cases.

Their flaws are that they are too much critical and conservative; that can lead them to solitude, and excessive craving for material can lead them to poverty. Likewise, these are stubborn and jealous people; this is not a constant state but can sometimes occur.

General advice for people who are number 88 in Angel numerology is that they have to realise that they are something more than material and that they have to work on their spirituality and wisdom. Also, they have to overcome their shyness.

Secret meaning and symbolism

We discuss number 8 many times along with its secretive aspects, and we will mention once again that this number, among other things, represents infinity and everything in the universe, which is infinite: infinite love, infinite energy, and infinite time. In other words, 8 represents complete and endless abundance without any disadvantage.

But also this number when is doubled it can point to the unlimited energy that can go both ways, destructive and constructive. Concentrations of number 8 help to show the abundance of every kind, and in this case, when we can see number 8 two times, that abundance is even more pronounced.

This is number that appears and exhibits strong energy and person who have this number in its life have to deal with immense energetic pressure, and it has to be very careful what will he do with it – will he use it for good or for bad things in life.

Their life is unpredictable, because of this energy, cause it can lead them to some unexpected places, not just physical, but mental. Sudden changes involve them by adapting to new circumstances. That’s why their friends and relatives find them difficult and why they are misunderstood.

Although they face obstacles, delays, mistakes and challenges on the road, their strong personality, perseverance, will and patience lead them to successful fulfillment of tasks and therefore leave a trail in history.

Number 88 and Love

These people can be sometimes mysterious in their lives and it true even in their love life.

Sometimes they feel like they are misunderstood in love, like in everything else. They can be, with some partners, intrusive and disloyal; some even say that these people are cynics by nature and underestimate others’ qualities, and for that reason, they can end up being lonely. They hold in themselves and their capabilities, they are portrayed by superior intelligence, patience and diligence, and for people who are number 88 in Angel numerology, it is important to find the lover who will accept their personality.

They are persistent and do not easily give up their ideas, when they want someone, be sure that they will have that persons, this way or another. They have an impressive performance that can sometimes be too strong, but they have a distinct personality. Their power of will and a serious nature give them the power to accomplish all types of plans, and love plans are part of the story.

They lead unconventional love life that can often be at the margin of common values.

Although they are hard to believe in others, they can create lasting and deep friendships. In love, they are dependent on love, even though it does not seem like that. They do not like to mix love with other aspects, and they are rejected by aggressiveness and intrusiveness from partners.

They take a very serious view of love and family, with whom they associate and dedicate themselves to their whole lives (if they find someone who will follow them).

Interesting Fact about number 88

Number 8 and subsequently number 88 is in many civilizations and cultures are the number of progress, happiness and wealth. It is considered to be the fortunate number and is used as much as possible in everyday life in many areas of life (addresses, dates of marriage, phone numbers).

The number of eighths is related to the element of the Earth, mixing in itself ideas of stability, dedication and moderation. All numbers containing eight – 18, 28, 38, and especially 88 are happy numbers.

What to do when you see number 88?

If you see number 88, it is the answer from the Universe that your prayers are answered finally. This numerical sequence brings positive change, and it is undeniably the result of your prayers.

This number that has entered into your life, as a message number 88 sent form Angel realm; it is the information that you have to take a deep breath, and to find the centre of your energy, and to transmit it to the right place. That place has to be positive, where you can be separated from your ego.

Nothing happens overnight, Angels are saying. Imagine it like when you plant a seed in the ground, nourishing it and watering it, a plant that needs a lot of love and attention to grow firm and strong will slowly sprout from it. It is same as you – plan a seed of joy and happiness and watch it grow.