Angel Number 955 – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel numerology is partially connected with the aspect of faith, as one of the most important aspects of life; because life without faith is not worthy of living. What does it mean to have “faith”, and to say “I believe”? It is a confession that is not just cognitive but of vital importance for a human being. It is a relationship between people; it is something that connects us: on the one hand, I am a person, and on the other, God – as a three spheres God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Angels come somewhere in between these three aspects, and it is essential for people to accept them as the fourth side of these Universal elements.

When we seek the meaning that is behind the belief, the hidden aspect of the word “faith”, that is, “I believe,” then it can be correlated with words “I think” or “I know” but first “I rely on”. Somewhere in the Bible, it is said that when God’s address to people, he says “If you do not rely on me, you will not survive.” Faith in this sense (seen through the Angel messages, and their impact on our life) is support in life, and this is the indispensable foundation on which all of life rests. It is the faith that is like air to us, something that our soul needs.

Angel number 955 – what does it mean?

People who are born and who live under the numerical combination 955 are not prone to taking risks, and always “play for sure”. Maybe this is the reason that disables them from achieving great success, from achieving something big.

They are individuals who hate the feeling of uncertainty and expectations – Angel number 955 wants to be sure in the income of their actions but it is something that is not possible always, and they should learn not to make a big deal out of it.

They have an essential combination of personal qualities to build their stable character – they are individuals who patiently create their life, and they want it to remain stable and balanced in every possible aspect.  Logic leads them to every decision, and because of it, they will ignore the tendencies of their hearts – we will discuss more in the section titled Number 955 and Love.

They can be incredibly emotional, imaginative, optimistic and compassionate people who can take on many challenging aspects, but also they can be insecure in their abilities. The negative side is that they are prone to acting paranoid and pessimistic after disappointment from wherever that disappointment comes.

But one thing is noticeable; they are more dedicated to their dreams and ambitions than maybe some other people. The role of the leader and founder of some associations is guaranteed to them, and Angel number 955 are in fact traditionalists who also respect high moral values that they try to keep up.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 5 in its doubled form represents growth, and understanding of wisdom in its Highest formation. It creates security because it has the experience of past lives, but the creation of the spirit triggers contact with inner life; since there are two numeral 5 that inner life is much more spiritual.

It creates a complete circle in life, and with the help of the numeral 9 it gives action that does not depend on work, but on the psyche; and in a way it provides uncertainty that can be won by controlling its energy. That’s the only way to find the internal security (and it is very pronounced feature in the people who are under the influence of the 955).

In the life cycle, and numeral 9 is the representation of that, it is the vibration of the cognition and intelligence, but dualism also: spiritual evolutionary awareness and human knowledge of stagnation. These two should be put in the balance, and it could be the Ultimate goal in this case.

It is dominated by number 10 (5+5), which connects matter and spirit (1+0) that gives developed spiritually and internal peace.

By looking into this numerical sequence in total, we could say that it has positive vibrations that share good impulses.

Number 955 and Love

in the second section of this article that was dedicated to the personality of the 955, we have said that this person sometimes neglects matters of the heart, and it is true; but is it not indeed the character that could not be overcome.

Although Angel number 955 act relatively relaxed, in love, they can be overly agitated, especially around some details that they find valuable. They are much more concerned with everything that happens, than their partners, who are often much more relaxed than they are.

Perhaps they would feel much more comfortable if they were open with their partners about what is bothering them than to hide away the tension – this is something that requires work for the Angel number 855.

They can be at times, stubborn and hysterical, so it’s better if there are partners who will protect them, sincerely love and withstand all their nervous crises, whims and caprices.

Most of them are intuitive, with a high-powered antenna for predicting the future – they choose their partners after long consideration. To be loved by someone, you should be well acquainted with them, respect their dreams and creativity, because they are people for significant achievements.

They need a lot of stimulation, and their lovers need to start dreaming with them in the morning, continue with funny jokes and exciting jokes, and wait for the night in peace.

Angel number 955 has love energy that is brilliant but charming, and they are extraordinary lovers.

Interesting Fact about number 955

There are many articles written about numeral 955, and many of them try to focus on the exciting side of this numerical sequence. In one section particular that is based on some Eastern numerology teachings; it is said that numeral 955 is very special and that it carries unique energy.

It represents the synthesis between consciousness and reality, in which there is a Man, who is represented by the heart that is a microcosm.

It participates in the material world, wants success, and continually proves that he is the leader. It will be successful when it wins its envy, the need to admire, gourmand and sensuality.

This number teaches us – the man is in the centre of the world. If it does not manage right energy, it can disrupt the development of its personality and exaggerate in egoism. And the safest lion can lose a conventional sense. When this happens, you need to stop, listen and learn from others. It is necessary to serve others: this will only establish cohesion of consciousness and reality.

Angel information comes here; they teach us to shape our energy in the right form, so that it never escapes the truth and becomes something destructive, like egoism or greed.

What to do when you see number 955?

Angels are the ones that are changing your life, and here they are directing you in the desired direction.

If you do not want the relative change, you can either stop it or change it, to change your mind – Angels teach us that every change starts with us, they cannot make it for us.

Your prayers and intentions were clear, strong, and unreserved, and this is why this information finds a place in your life. So you can expect that the change will come faster than you planned. Maybe it will come in some unusual way, so do not lose faith.

Angels are also saying in the Divine numeral 955 to continue to speak to the Divine realm as often as you can, you will seek confirmation; and know one thing also, that Angels want you to know that during this change you will keep your hand and that everything will turn out well. Accept this change and expect the Blessing, which brings with it.