Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Our dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves, because they sometimes reveal things we completely forgot about. Our dreams are reflections of our thoughts and experiences we live through every single day.

The more we learn about life the more vivid our dreams become and the more lively we see everything in our dreams. Sometimes they can almost seem like reality, especially if you are someone who remembers dreams very well.

Dream interpretation has to be done carefully and we need to include all the symbols and elements in the dream to get the right message across. It is important to remember as much as you can about a dream, or you might miss the message that you were supposed to get.

When it comes to Biblical interpretation of dreams, it is done pretty much the same, except you need to think about the symbolical meaning of certain symbols in the Bible and not today.

In today’s text we will be talking about the Biblical meaning of birds in dreams and what they actually represent in our dreams.

Sometimes they can bring us good news, and other times they are warning signs that are warning us about something bad that might happen.

Biblical interpretation of Birds – Interpretation

In the Bible, birds are mentioned quite often. Sometimes birds have a positive meaning and other times they are symbols of something ominous and negative. Probably the most common bird that is frequently mentioned in the Bible is the dove. Doves can be found in many places in the Bible and they usually represent the Holy Spirit and the angel force.

Almost every time an angelic force is being mentioned, there is a dove that represents the angel that has come down to earth and tells us the word of God.

Another important bird symbol in the Bible is the eagle. It is often used as a symbol of courage, bravery and strength. Besides the eagle and the dove, the robin is another bird that is often mentioned in the Bible. According to an old story, the robin actually got its red belly because it was protecting the Jesus. The peacock represents immortality of the soul and the eternity. This beautiful bird was usually painted and described alongside emperors and kings, as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. There is also an ancient belief that the meat from the peacock doesn’t rot.

Blackbird is another bird that is mentioned in the Bible and the symbolism of this bird is not as positive as the previous ones. The blackbird represents worldly temptations and sins. This bird represented the Devil’s temptations directed to humans. When there is a blackbird mentioned in the verse, you can already guess that something bad is about to happen.

Falcon was a symbol of evil thoughts but on the other hand the falcon was a symbol of gentiles converting to Catholicism. The bird called Goldfinch was a symbol of the Passion of God and we can often see it in images of baby Christ. Geese in the Bible are symbols of providence and vigilance. The tall lark is a symbol of modesty and the owl symbolizes darkness and ominous energy.

Another bird that has a strong symbolic meaning inside the Bible is the symbolism of death and the darkness. Ravens usually send a strong negative message and they are usually symbols of something bad that is about to happen. Ravens were also often painted as the birds that feed of the flesh of holy people and saints, which is why their reputation is not much better even today.

Sparrows were symbols of the ones who are least ones of the people and the stork was a symbol of chastity and vigilance. Woodpeckers are symbols of the Devil and every time someone hears a woodpecker in its dreams, this means nothing good is about to happen.

There are many other bird species that are mentioned in the Bible, but these were the ones that stood out the most. They are often mentioned in many verses and sometimes their appearance in our dreams can have a strong symbolic sense as well.

Biblical Meaning of Birds in dreams – Meaning

White dove – Seeing a white dove in your dream is a symbol of innocence, holiness and purity. These birds are also symbols of everything that is good and positive and that is going to happen in your life. When you see a dream about a white dove, you can expect something exciting and positive to happen to you.

Dead bird – Dreaming about a dead bird is a symbol of disappointment you are about to experience in your life. This dream is warning you about the problems that might occur in your life unexpectedly and you are going to have a lot of problems resolving these issues. Perhaps you should wait for a better time to start working on important things or changing things around.

Feeding a bird – Feeding birds in your dream represents hopes you have imagined for your future. These hopes are actually goals you have set up for yourself and you are looking forward to making them come to life. These goals are going to bring you a lot of good things in your life if you make them a reality.

Bird in flight – If you had a dream about a bird in flight, then this dream is a symbol of feeling free and comfortable in your own skin. This dream is going to help you confirm what you are already feeling and it will be a perfect reminder to enjoy your life even more.

Caged bird – Bird inside a cage is a symbol of having a desire to release your energy and try new things. This dream is a representation of the boundaries you feel you have in your life and how they are stopping you from achieving the greatness.

Blue bird – Blue birds inside your dream are symbols of the negative energy that is present in your life. This negative energy might be coming from the people inside your life or from the situations you have been going through. Either way, you don’t feel very well, energy-wise, or you would much rather have a calmer life with far less negativity surrounding you.

Red bird – Red birds inside our dreams are symbols of danger. This dream is telling you to always be careful about the things that are lurking from everywhere, because you are exposing yourself to them and potentially getting yourself in trouble.

Bird without wings – When birds were without wings in your dream, this means you are preventing a person from succeeding. You are jealous of someone’s success and you are trying everything you can to make this person fail. Instead of focusing on other people, you should be working on yourself and stop worrying about others.

Black birds – If you saw a black bird in your dream, this means you are feeling depressed in your life. Something is not right and you are continuously trying to find the source of your unhappiness. This is something you have a hard time achieving since you have no idea from where it is coming from.

Flock of birds – Flock of birds inside your dream is a symbol of happiness and fulfillment, you are about to achieve something worthy of feeling this immense joy and happiness. You are going to make a difference in your life and make something amazing that will shape your future. This is a crucial period in your life, so make sure you use it in the right way.

Big bird – A big bird in your dream is a symbol of large troubles you have in life. These troubles can be solved if you put your mind up to it and start working on them immediately. If you choose to do nothing then you can’t expect a lot of things to change. The only thing you can do is to be persistent and always stay on the course until you reach your goal.

Small bird – A small bird inside your dream is a symbol of small troubles you are about to face in your life. These troubles will be easily solved but you have to act fast. This dream can also be a symbol of small reward you are going to receive for your work and dedication. This reward might be small, but it will definitely be motivational.