Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Babbies – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are often hiding secret messages and explanations to the things that are happening to us. Sometimes we overlook how important the dreams really are and how much sense they can make if we only interpret them in the right way.

Bible dream interpretation is the same as the regular interpretation expect the Biblical symbolism of certain things is something that is the most important thing. No matter how small the symbol might seem to you, it still needs to be interpreted in the right way, or you might get a completely different message in the end.

Bible dream interpretation is similar to regular interpretation, and the only difference is the fact that in Bible interpretation we use symbolism of certain things by looking at history.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the symbolic meaning of babies in dreams and about the Biblical interpretation of this dream.

Biblical meaning of Babies

It is needless to say that babies appear in many places across the Bible and that Jesus Christ himself was a newborn once. Babies in general symbolize passing of time, succeeding generations and start of a new life. When we have dreams about babies, then there are several ways we can interpret those dreams and messages that are hidden behind these dreams.

The first story, and probably the most memorable, is the story about Jesus as a newborn. In the Bible we a clear description from his conception to his birth and later on his life. Birth of Jesus Christ represented something joyful, rejuvenating and hopeful. Babies in general are symbols of something new and exciting that is going to completely change our lives.

Babies were also symbols of innocence, purity and everything that is good in the world since babies can’t tell a lie or make you feel sad. They are represented as true joys of life that are there to help us understand that there is still beauty in the world and that we need to grasp this beauty and hold on to it. In the Luke 16:8; 1 Thessalonians 5:5, those who believe are called the children of light and obedience. Jesus called the entire world and al people his children that needed to be obedient and listen to his words of wisdom and kindness.

In our dreams, babies can sometimes have a positive meaning and other times they can send us messages or warnings about the things that are going to happen.

Biblical meaning of Babies in dreams

Dream about baby in general – If you had a dream about a baby in general, this means you are starting a new chapter in your life and beginning to understand certain things. You are no longer trapped in the past and you prepared to move forward from everything that has happened to you. This dream can also symbolize issues in your life that require your constant care and attention but you can’t seem to make them work in your favor. Dreams about babies are also symbols of your inexperience and inability to adapt to a new situation because you are too inexperienced.

Baby boy – Dreaming about a baby boy is a symbol of your masculine energy. You currently feel invincible and ready to take on responsibilities that seemed too hard for you in the past. This dream is telling you to use this new found confidence and to make changes in your life that will be significant.

Crying baby – Dreaming about crying baby is a symbol of a sensitive situation in your life that is currently happening. This situation is something you need to take care of but you don’t know which approach to use to make this situation work in your favor. In another interpretation this dream is telling you that you are in constant need for attention and other people are starting to get sick of it.

Drowning baby – This turbulent dream is a symbol of new events that are taking place in your life. Something is deeply overwhelming you and making you feel as though you are not handling the situation properly. You are uncertain about your emotions and you want to see the end of this situation. In a negative aspect, this dream symbolizes problems that are slowly growing and are threatening to take over your life. The sooner you solve them, the calmer you are going to be.

Dropping a baby – Dreams about dropping a baby are symbols of anxiety you are currently experiencing. This anxiety can be caused by carious things, but they are most likely caused by recent emotional turbulences. Something happened in your emotional life that caused that much anxiety and problems and you are handling this situation in not a very good way. This dream also represents a common dream for all new mothers because they are in constant fear of losing their child or hurting it in some way.

Forgetting you baby – IF you had a dream about forgetting you baby then you are feeling abandoned by someone. You had a recent conflict or distancing with someone who is important to you and you are now feeling betrayed and sad at the same time that this has happened. This dream can also symbolize correcting something you have done in the past and making things good again.

Dead baby – Dead baby in a dream is a terrible dream on its own, but it actually symbolizes ending of something you deeply cared about. Something you kept high hopes for is now ending and you are feeling devastated because you can’t turn back the time. This dream is also a fear of losing someone you really love and care about, because you can already sense that this person is slowly slipping away from you.

Premature born baby – This dream is a symbol of unexpected things happening to you and you don’t know how to control them. You constantly feel like you have everything under control but as things are now starting to develop you are slowly realizing that not everything is the way you expected it to be.

Baby without legs – This dream symbolizes new developments in your life that are starting to happen in your life. Things are starting to move forward in a better direction and you feel less stressed about everything that is going on. You are feeling like this is the right moment in your life to embrace changes and see the life from a new perspective. This period is also positive for finances and investments, because of the new flow of energy in your life.

Frustrated baby – This dream symbolizes difficulties you have with responsibility and taking charge over your life. Even though you think you have everything figured out, some things definitely need some changing and adapting before you start making new moves. This is the period in your life to make big moves towards the future and to plan something exciting.

Kissing a baby – Dreams about kissing a baby symbolize someone’s beauty. You are in love with someone’s physical appearance and you are currently feeling the need to be with this person and let this person know how you are feeling. This dream is also a symbol of wanting to express attraction towards someone, but you keep missing the right words to tell that person how you are feeling right now.

Looking at a baby – When you were looking at a baby in your dream, this means you are going to make your dreams come true and have a fulfilled life. This dream is telling you to be persistent and to never let go of the things you dream about, since they are most likely going to come true. This dream is also a warning sign to take your aspirations seriously and to not let others ruin things for you.

Laughing baby – Hearing a laughing baby in your dream is a symbol of good news. Someone is going to tell you something great and you will be surprised by the news completely. This will be something you weren’t expecting so the joy will be even greater.

Your baby – Having a dream about your baby is a symbol of your desire to stop and think about the other people’s desires. Sometimes you are too consumed by your own problems that you tend to forget about others and their needs. Someone close to you might be in need for your help so make sure you open up your eyes and notice this person’s cry for help.