Biblical Meaning of Rabbits in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Meaning of our dreams is sometimes more important than we think. Dreams can tell us so much about ourselves and the things we even forgot about. Our dreams tell us how we actually feel and what is in our mind when we aren’t even aware of it.

Dreams can hide details we completely forgot about and remind us that these details are not as unimportant as we might think. The more vivid our dreams are the more details we are going to learn about ourselves.

When interpreting a dream, you need to make sure you remember as much details as you can in order to get a clear interpretation of the dream you had. Sometimes even the smallest details are there to send us a strong message and make us feel something we have forgotten about completely.

Dreams are also there to help us fight against our demons and solve the mysteries of our mind even though we are not able to do this in reality. We can at least understand our actions and plan our next step in the future.

Bible dream interpretation is the same as the regular interpretation, but the only difference is that the symbolism is taken from the ancient interpretations of dreams and this symbolic meaning was passed on from one generation to another. In today’s text we are going to talk about the symbolic meaning of rabbits in dreams and what they actually represented in the Bible.

Biblical meaning of Rabbits

In the Bible, rabbits are not mentioned as often as some other symbols. There are three instances when rabbits are mentioned inside the Bible and they are usually mentioned as unclean animals that are not meant for eating. People who are prone to thinking too much about things are represented by rabbits.

Rabbits are also symbols of Easter and we celebrate today by decorating our homes with Easter bunnies. The symbolism behind the Easter bunny came from German Lutherans and this symbolic meaning continued to be worshipped for hundreds of years. Easter bunny was first seen as a judge that ruled who was good and who wasn’t especially when it comes to children. Those who behaved well were rewarded and those who weren’t were left without a gift. In our dreams rabbits can have different meanings. Sometimes they can be positive and other times they can be negative, but either way we should always approach the dream interpretation with care.

Biblical meaning of Rabbits in dreams

Seeing a rabbit – Seeing a rabbit in your dream is very good sign and you can expect a lot of positive things to start happening to you. This dream is telling you to be happy with the things you have in life and to ignore all the negative influences around you. This dream is also bringing you good news about your finances and investments. Almost everything you do is going to have a positive turnout and you can sleep peacefully.

White rabbit – White rabbit in your dream is a symbol of devotion and caring for someone. This dream indicates you are going to have a lot of success in the upcoming period when it comes to relationships and building meaningful relations with the people you care about. No matter how bad the things might seem to you right now, someone you care about and feel devoted to is feeling same towards you so there is nothing to worry about.

A lot of rabbits – If you saw a lot of rabbits in your dream, this means your children or someone from your family is well-positioned in life and has everything and even more than he or she needs. This means you have a healthy and well-functioning family, and things are currently working well for all of you.

Eating a rabbit – If you were eating a rabbit in your dream, this means you are going to stumble upon a great opportunity in your life that can potentially change everything. This opportunity is going to give you a lot of space to work out your thoughts and give you a chance to change things around.

Black rabbit – Seeing a black rabbit in your dream is a symbol of disappointment in someone. You are feeling like you have been stabbed in the back by someone you really love and this person caused you so much harm in life. This dream indicates you are feeling betrayed and alone and no one is there to help you go through this feeling. Perhaps you need to talk to this person and figure things out; because this might help you get over some things.

Rabbit (for a married woman) – If you saw a rabbit in your dream, and you are currently married, this means you are soon going to get an addition to your family. This is going to be happy news for you especially if you have been waiting for news like this for a while. Perhaps someone from your family is going to contact you and tell you the good news or you are going to become pregnant very soon.

Killing a rabbit – IF you killed a rabbit in your dream, this means you are going to experience material loss. This dream indicates that you are going to lose money in investments or by closing a bad financial deal with someone. Next time you decide to close the deal, perhaps it is better to think about it and then decide if that is a good idea or not.

Catching a rabbit – If you caught a rabbit in your dream, this means you feel redemption for something. Perhaps you have forgiven someone important in your life, or someone you did wrong to give you redemption. This dream is going to bring peace back into your life and make you feel peaceful either way.

Rabbit crossing your path – IF you saw a rabbit crossing your path in a dream, this means you will soon lose money or go through some other kind of misfortune. This dream is warning you to be more careful about the steps you take, because you could expose yourself to great loss. No matter how safe you think you are, this dream is going to warn you that things might not be so great after all.

Baby rabbit – Dreaming about a baby rabbit is a symbol of positivity and good luck. This dream is telling you to focus on yourself and change the things that you feel need to change. This dream is also a symbol of good luck when it comes to financial issues, because you will have money pouring in from all the sides.

Dead rabbit – Dead rabbit is a symbol of negative changes that are about to take place in your life. Be careful what you choose in the following period. Some steps you are going to take are not going to be beneficial for you, so make sure you think about them carefully. There will be a lot to think about and you will certainly need some time to make the right decision.

Huge rabbit – A big rabbit inside your dream is a symbol of big opportunities that are going to appear in your life. These opportunities are going to completely change your position in life, so make sure you shoe them wisely. This dream can also be seen as a symbol of big prizes and earnings that are going to come to you in the following period. These prizes will come suddenly and you won’t believe that you are so lucky.

Running rabbit – IF rabbit in your dream was running, then you are going to seek adventure in the period that is coming to you. You will feel the urge to go somewhere new and explore new things and meet new people. This dream is telling you to break out of your comfort zone and try new things you haven’t tried before.

Feeding a rabbit – IF you had a dream about feeding a rabbit, then you are going to meet someone very special. This person is going to be something you have been searching your entire life. This person is going to change your life completely. This person doesn’t have to be a lover, it can be a new friend that is going to open up your eyes to new things and give you new ideas you never even thought about. Your life is going to completely change and you will finally find the missing piece you have been searching for.