Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

When we dream about certain things we can’t help but to think that these dreams have a much deeper meaning to them. Sometimes certain dreams come in a row and we can’t stop having these dreams that keep us up at night. No matter how much we tried to hide certain feelings and emotions, they are going to swim up to the surface in our dreams.

Dreams can warn us about things we are missing out on in real life or remind us to be more in touch with our inner self.

Biblical interpretation of dreams is basically same as the interpretation we use in popular culture, with the expectation of looking at dreams based on the symbolic meaning of certain things in the Bible. In ancient times, dreams were taken seriously and people died and sacrificed everything because they believed in the reality of their dreams. Even though things have drastically changed today, dreams are still an important part of our lives.

In today’s text we will talk more about the symbolic Biblical interpretation of shoes in dreams. So, if you had one of those dreams recently, here is the possible interpretation of their meaning.

Biblical meaning of shoes

Even though shoes are common things we wear very day and don’t pay a lot of attention to when it comes to symbolism, shoes are actually very rich symbols.

In ancient times when people didn’t have shoes or when shoes were only worn by the ones who had enough money and resources to make them, shoes were a symbol of status and success of someone in life in general. When we look at Bible, there are many instances when shoes are mentioned in both positive and negative ways.

In the Bible, our shoes were symbols of serving God or our will to be obedient to his power. To describe how much will you have to show someone you love or respect him, shoes were used to paint exactly that. They were seen as symbols of sacrifice and will that can’t be dimmed down by anyone or anything. In many places inside the Bible, a person described shoes on his or hers feet in order to tell how much he or she is ready to walk for the grace of God.

Another symbolical meaning of shoes is faith in the divine power and victory over the mortal enemies. Filthy shoes in the Bible are symbols of straying of the path of God and going the wrong way. Sometimes they are even symbols of possession and kings and emperors used shoes to express how much power they have over them.

Biblical meaning of shoes in Dreams

Shoes in general – When you had a dream about wearing shoes, this means you are going to lose someone you love from your life. This person might disappoint you in some way and leave your life because of that or he or she might die. This dream overall is a negative dream to have and almost everything that comes out of it won’t be nice. No matter what happens keep a cool head and don’t let anyone be a priority over you.

Filthy shoes – Wearing filthy shoes on your feet is a symbol of enemies that are out to get you. Someone from your life is not happy about your success and he or she might try to hurt you. This dream is warning you about those people, so don’t let them take advantage of you and cause you harm.

Buying shoes – Dreams where you were buying shoes are symbols of changes in your life that are going to bring a lot of positive things. These changes are going to come quickly and turn your life around. No matter how the things seem at the moment, you are going to find happiness pretty soon in one form or another.

New shoes – IF the shoes you dreamed about were just bought, then you are going to get some sort of financial income. This income is going to come unexpectedly and you won’t be able to believe your luck. This is also a good period to play any kind of lottery or games that could bring you profit, because luck will be on your side. You can also invest or make a deal that can bring you profit, because you will certainly be victorious in all your attempts to earn money.

Untied shoelaces – If the shoelaces in your dream were untied, then you are about to lose something. The loss you are going to experience is going to be great but you can avoid it if you pay a lot of attention to your surroundings. The danger is lurking from something or someone from your close distance and you can prevent it if you are careful enough.

Stealing someone’s shoes – When you dreamed about stealing someone’s shoes, you will have to face some problems in your personal life. Perhaps someone from your close group of friend sis going to get in a fight with you and this fight is not going to be mild. Make sure you are careful about the words you use because you can end up hurting someone’s feelings really bad.

Tight shoes – Dreaming about tight shoes on your feet is a symbol of vulnerability. This dream is telling you that you are currently exposed and possibly in danger by someone or something. You need to keep your eyes open and look out for danger, because you certainly can’t protect yourself otherwise. This dream can also represent some sort of discomfort that is bothering you right now. Perhaps you are feeling restricted by someone or something and you don’t know how to get rid of this feeling.

Dark shoes – Dark shoes on your feet are a symbol of improving your life. you are about to do something that is going to be a positive change for you, so make sure you are prepared and ready to do it. An opportunity is going to come up in your life that can possibly make a huge difference and turn your world around. If you miss it, opportunity like that might not come soon.

Someone adoring your shoes – When you had a dream about someone praising your shoes, this means you have a lot of people around you who are not genuine. They are only close to you because you are giving them something they need and once you stop, they will be gone. This dream is also warning you to be more aware of people who don’t like you, because they might decide to hurt you in some way.

A lot of shoes – Having a lot of shoes in your dream are a symbol of a good position in life. You are currently very happy with everything that is going on in your life, both personal and business. No matter how others see you, you are certainly happy with how things are going and wouldn’t change anything. This period is going to last for a while longer, so you can make a lot of significant changes in your world.

Torn shoes – This dream symbolizes troubles you are experiencing in reality. There is something that is really bothering you and you can’t seem to get it of your mind. Perhaps it is time to face it once and for all and prevent it from bothering you any further. This problem could be related to your personal life, and someone who is very dear to you.

Small shoes – Having small shoes on your feet is a symbol of expanding your family or welcoming a new member. This dream can indicate that you or someone close to you is going to have a baby soon and you will be extremely happy to welcome this new member to the family. This dream can also symbolize struggles you are facing right now that aren’t very significant or too bothering.

Big shoes – Having shoes on your feet that are too big for you is a symbol of a big problem in your life. This problem is something you have been avoiding for a long time and now it is coming back to haunt you. This dream can also symbolize feelings of emptiness and despair because of the things that are happening in your life. Maybe it is time to turn your mind towards something more positive and fulfilling and time to forget about the negativity. This is the only way you can move forward.