Biblical Meaning of Trees in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Our dreams can tell us so much about the things we are thinking deep inside of our brains, even though we are not always aware of them.

Meaning of a dream can be something completely different from what we dreamed about, but it can also be so surreal and incredible when things we dreamed about come to life.

Interpretation of a dream needs to be done in a way that it doesn’t ruin the main sense of the dream and its message. When interpreting a dream, you also need to take all the symbols of a dream into consideration and nothing can be left out as unimportant.

Biblical interpretation of a dream is similar to the regular interpretation, and the only difference is that the Biblical interpretation uses symbolic meanings of certain objects or things from the Bible.

Things that represented something in the past have changed in a symbolic sense and hey are no longer the same when it comes to symbolic meaning.

Biblical meaning of trees

Biblical meaning of trees is very important and we often find evidence of tree symbolism in ancient books and novels in general. Tress represented something special to the ancient cultures, because their existence made it possible for people to have food, they aware hideout places but also trees were considered to be wise since they existed for hundreds of years and survived so many things.

Trees in the Bible are symbols of being unable to move forwards and make some sort of progress in life. They are often linked to nature and being closely tied to nature itself.

Trees in the Bible represented symbols of intelligence, wisdom and persistence which are what all people strived towards. Some tree species had a bigger importance in the Bible than others which made them become important symbols for artists all around the world.

When we think about the connection of trees and the Bible, it is easy to remember the story about the Tree of Life and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Tree of life, from this story, was a symbol of everlasting knowledge, wisdom and everything that was out of reach of the human being. The Tree of Life’s fruits were what held the knowledge and humans didn’t manage to resist the temptation of not touching the frits which made them become banished from the Garden of Eden.

Some tree species like the Palm tree have an important symbolical value inside the Bible. The Palm tree in the Bible is often related to victory and overcoming hardship, but it also represented resurrecting old friendships and overcoming obstacles. Olive tree symbolized people’s relationship with the God and it is also mentioned several times inside the Bible.

Biblical meaning of trees in dreams

Tree in general – Seeing a tree in your dream is a symbol of your desire to strive towards greater knowledge and your desire to upgrade yourself an s a human being. You wish to expand your knowledge on certain things and make your life more memorable and worth living for, and they only way you can do that is by working on yourself.

Snow covered trees – Snow in dreams is often an indicator that something bad is about to happen. When trees in your dreams were covered in snow, this dream represents a possible problem you might get into in the upcoming period. This problem can be avoided but you need to be extra careful and open up your eyes to see the danger.

Blooming trees – Trees in bloom in your dream are a symbol of receiving good news from someone. You are going to hear something positive from someone close to you and the news can be related to almost anything. You might hear good news about your personal life or about your business, but either way good things are coming to you.

Climbing on a tree – If you were climbing on a tree in your dream, this means you have high hopes for yourself. You feel like you are on a good road to achieve something great and you need to continue down this road if you want to actually make it.

Cutting down a tree – Cutting down a tree in your dream symbolizes your worthless attempts to make something come to life. Somehow you keep on falling and all of your work goes to waste. Perhaps this dream is telling you to let go of these dreams for a while, until a better period comes along.

Dried down tree – If tree in your dream was dried down and it was fruitless, then you are going to stump be upon some troubles in life. These troubles are going to be major, unless you open up your eyes and start making positive changes right now.

Planting a tree – Dream about planting a tree is a symbol of reaching the impossible and making a huge change in your life. This dream is going to be a great motivation for you, especially if your goal is to go someplace in life. You are being told by the higher forces that your time has come and you can collect your prizes.

Sitting under a tree – If you were sitting under the tree in your dream, then you are going to be surprised by something positive. Something unexpected is going to happen that is going to make you feel extremely happy and overwhelmed. The good news might be linked to your personal if or to your business, but wither way you won’t be able to believe your luck.

Burning tree – IF tree in your dream was burning in flames, then you are going to come across some major problems. This dream should be taken as a warning sign for something that is about to pop up in your life and it definitely won’t be positive. If you make sure you are protected enough and shielded, these problems might be avoided.

Floating tree – Floating tree in a dream is a symbol of disappointment. When you have this dream, you can be sure that all of your business projects are not going to be as successful as you thought and they are not going to turn out well. This dream can also be a symbol of disappointment caused by someone you love, since this person is going to make you feel as though you have been stabbed in the back and betrayed.

Worms inside the tree – If you saw worms inside the tree, this means you are going to lose money on something. Perhaps your business plans are not going to be as successful as you thought and you will be forced to wait for a better period to come to cover your expenses.

Tree with green leaves – Tree with green leaves is a symbol of financial success. Whether you are going to make a good step by investing in something profitable or you are going to earn money somehow differently, you are going to be out of your debts very soon. This dream is also a symbol of opportunities that are going to appear in your life that you need to take if you want to make significant changes in your life. Everything you start at this period in your life is going to be successful and sprinkled with good luck.