Biblical Meaning of Wood in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams can sometimes tell us more about ourselves than we already know. Dreams represent a combination of our actions and our thoughts. Sometimes they can be so realistic that we can’t even tell them apart from reality. Dreams are full of important facts we missed and overlooked in real life.

Sometimes they remind us to take action and other times they prevent us from making a terrible mistake.

Whether you believe in dreams or not, it is not important because you must have sometimes felt like your dream is so real you can’t tell it apart from reality. Dreams that are terrifying and aggressive can tell us to be less stressed or worried in our real life, while those who are beautiful can express our current blissful state.

When interpreting a dream, you need to take all the elements into consideration because you never know what a certain symbol inside of a dream represents. Sometimes even the smallest symbols are equally important as the large symbols and elements of a dream.

Biblical dream interpretation is basically the same, except while interpreting a dream you need to take the Biblical symbolism of certain things into consideration.

Biblical meaning of wood – Interpretation

Wood as a symbol in a dream is something that doesn’t occur too often, if we don’t count objects made out of wood. But wood in general, as a material, is something that is used for manufacturing of various objects around us and it can have a strong symbolical meaning.

As we all know, Jesus was a carpenter and wood is often mentioned in the Bible as a material from which he created various objects. It is no wonder that wood was chosen as the material of choice by the lord himself.

Wood comes from the nature and it is still one of the most valuable materials in the world. Some tree sorts can have stronger symbolic meanings than others. Palm tree wood symbolized victory and overcoming troubles in life. The olive tree wood is a symbol of being in touch of God and everything you believes in. trees in general are symbols of intelligence and wisdom and they are considered to be symbols of longevity and knowledge.

Dreams about wood can both have positive and negative meaning. The symbolic meaning depends on the overall feeling inside of a dream and also other symbols that were there.

Biblical meaning of wood in a Dream

Wood in general – Dreams about wood in general or something made out of wood, symbolize realizing things in your life you haven’t noticed before. This dream is a sign that you finally understand certain things that haven’t been familiar to you before. This dream is also a symbol of your thirst for knowledge and finding out even more about yourself and others.

Wooden building – If you had a dream about a wooden building, then you are a very shy person and you don’t like sharing your emotions with the public. Even if you are not shy in general, when it comes to emotions you are shy and closed for everyone else. There is nothing that can motivate you to become a more open person and to embrace your emotions and show them openly. This dream can also symbolize your desire to achieve something that keeps slipping through your fingers. You keep on trying to get something done but you can’t figure out the right way to do things and to make them happen.

Wooden boat in the water – Dreams about wooden boats or being on a wooden boat is a symbol of your desire to move on up in life. If the boat is not moving, then this dream is a symbol of your inability to move forward or to even move anywhere at all. There is something blocking you from proceeding in life and moving past your problems. It is time to let go of that feeling and to make a difference in your life. If the wooden boat was moving fast on the water, this means you feel like your life is going by too fast and you don’t have an opportunity to make something out of it. Things keep happening and you don’ have a way to stop them and make them go by slower. If the wooden boat in your dream got turned around, this means you feel hopeless and nothing seems to be going according to plan. This dream is also warning you that it is time to get your life back on the right track before it gets too late.

Wooden chips in your eye – If you had a dream about wooden chips flying into your eye, this means you feel as though someone is not sincere and you might have an enemy you are not aware of. This person is pretending to be your friend but you feel like this friendship is not honest. You are afraid that this person might try to do something against you or cause you harm. Because of this, you constantly feel like this person is poking you in the eye and something keeps bothering you every time you see this person around you.

Wooden shoes – If you had a dream about walking in wooden shoes, this means you feel uncomfortable and something just doesn’t feel right. You constantly feel like you are making too much noise and telling things you shouldn’t be telling others. They might use this information against you and you are afraid that you can’t control your behavior. If you want to see your life move forward and if you want to avoid bad things happening to you, then you should change this habit of yours as soon as possible.

Wooden house – If you had a dream about being in a wooden home, then you feel like your life is pretty organized and everything seems to be in place. You feel like there is a lot of love in your home and you are feeling loved by other people. Wood represents warmth and seeing your home all made out of wood is a symbol that things are completely relaxed in your world and there is no need to be afraid of rejection or coldness in your life.

Wooden objects – Seeing wooden objects in general are symbols of failure and being unable to move forward in life. When you see these objects around you, this means you are feeling like a failure and that you can’t do anything right. This feeling is caused by recent events in your life and you can’t stop thinking about them, which is causing you to feel blocked in your life.

Wooden people – If you had a dream about people made out of wood, this means you are worried about your friends being dishonest. You feel like everyone in your life has disappointed you and you feel like you don’t have their support. Before you make a judgment like that maybe you should consider making a difference in your own behavior and considering how you affect others. Maybe you have contributed to this behavior of others but you can’t see your own actions.

Wooden hands – Dream about wooden hands represents your inability to change something in your life. You are trying to make a difference in your work environment or in your personal life, but somehow you always fail to do that. Perhaps you should consider applying a different approach on your problems and making your problems work for you.

This dream can also symbolize your inability to show emotions to others and express how you feel. Sometimes you are too stuck up and unable to hug or kiss someone and others see you as a person with a cold heart who is unable to love. Before you fall into this kind of circle, it is best to start making small steps towards becoming a more open person who is comfortable in their own skin.