Camel – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism doesn’t only teach us about ourselves and our character. Animals often have similar characteristics as us, but we miss out on these characteristics because we are too concentrated on the fact that we are much superior and different than them.

In history, people were much more in tune with nature and things that were going on around them.

Today, we strained away from this unity and concentrated more on our own desires and aspirations.

Spirit animals and totems teach us about ourselves and our character more than we think which is why we should be more in touch with it.

Determining your spirit animal and totem might help you to become more aware of your flaws and qualities, but it can also help you get to know the world around you much better.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems can teach us so much about ourselves. The traits and characteristics of a certain animal can be so in tune with our own characteristics, that we can’t even believe the amount of similarity between us and this animal. Every person has its own totem animal and this animal is determined by your birth date.

On the other hand, spirit animals are animals that guide us through life and they are usually always present near us and their energy is clearly something we can sense when they get close to us. This means we have a special bond with this animal and that this animal is our protector.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, camel is best described by these words:

  • Survival
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Conservation
  • Strength
  • Service

People who are guided though life by the camel spirit animal is very strong people who can endure a lot of things. Their bones are used to a lot of pain and struggle, that it is almost impossible for them to feel anything again. They are simply hardened by the environment in which they grew up and lived, that nothing can mess up their flow. You will find them smiling most of times when other people are panicking and they don’t know what to do in a certain situation. These people are simply calm and stable and any situation can be resolved in their opinion.

Camel spirit animal symbolizes self-sufficiency. Everyone who is guided by this spirit animal doesn’t need anyone else in its life. You are someone who knows how to get something and make things happen. Almost everyone comes to you to ask you how to do something or how to overcome certain issues. Camel spirit animal teaches you to be one with your problems and to endure them like a true champion.

Conservation is another characteristic of a person guided by the camel spirit animal. You are someone who is always prepared for the worse and you don’t live in dreams. Your head is always on the ground no matter what you do, and this is the reason why many look up to you.

Service is a characteristic that makes you favorite among people. Somehow you are always there when people need you and you don’t hesitate to give advice or help others. You are someone who knows how to find a solution to any problem, because you think from a completely other perspective than most people.


As a totem animal, camel is a symbol of overcoming difficulties, being strong, independent and willing to help others.

People born under this totem are strong people with a healthy view of the world, who won’t just rush into something. They are going to think about something carefully and then act; because that is the way they are programmed.

You are also someone who is very organized and precise at everything you do. There are no mistakes allowed when you are in charge, and this is something others appreciate.

Because of this trait, you are able to be brilliant at almost any job and offer the maximum out of your skills. Camel totem animal is also a symbol of serving others, which means you, might have a stronger tie to professions like medicine or some sort of social work. Either way, you are definitely people’s favorite, not only because you are always there to help them, but also because there is a lot they can learn from you.

Symbolism and Meaning

Camels are considered to be extremely valuable animals especially in the Middle East and Africa. People in those areas are surrounded by desert and tough living conditions and not a lot of help is available nearby.

This is why people consider camels to be of great help to them, since they helped people for hundreds of years to transport things from one place to another and also to transport people just as easily.

Camel art is very present in Africa and in the Middle East, and images of camels can be found on statues, cave drawings and many other places. This is one of the proof that camels represent an important part of the African culture and that their presence is highly appreciated.

Camels are seen as calm creatures that are there to help people and make their lives easier. Camels are pure symbols of relaxed mindset, extreme durability and ability to withstand hard life conditions.

Dreams about Camels

As symbols in dreams, camels can have different meanings. Sometimes camels are there to send us some good news and other times they are there to tell us that something is not right.

If you had a dream about a camel in general, then you are currently quite relaxed about the things that are happening in your life. This dream indicates you are quite content with everything that is happening to you and there is no reason for panicking.

If camel in your dream is dead, then you are going to face some problems in your life. These problems are not going to be major, but they might cause some disturbance in your life.

If in your dream you were riding a camel, this means you will receive some good news about something. This news will be related to your personal life, so expect something positive to develop in that area.

If camel in your dream was speaking to you, a good advice is going to be shared with you. This advice will be related to something that has been bothering you, and now the solution will come.


Camel might be relaxed and not aggressive animal at all, but this animal is a true example of struggle and strength that a living being can endure.

Camels are symbols of self-reliance, overcoming troubles and strength that is necessary for us to survive the hardships of life.