Can You Eat Epsom Salt?

We all know that salt is the main ingredient that gives taste to the food and makes it complete.

Also, salt is important for balancing the salinity level in our body and it protects us from dehydration. Sea salt is the main salt that is used for cooking, but there are also other types of salt, such as Epsom salt.

In this article we will tell you something more about Epsom salt and its health benefits. Drinking Epsom salt can be beneficial for your health, but now you will find out if Epsom salt is good for cooking. Can you eat Epsom salt or it can be harmful to your health? Read along and find out.

More about Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for a big number of diseases. The main ingredient of Epsom salt is magnesium.

Actually, Epsom salt consists of mineral compounds that have a chemical formula of magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt can be applied for treating fungal infections, exfoliating skin and as a hair volumizer. Epsom salt is often used for relieving aches and pains, but there are also Epsom salt baths that are used for body detoxification. Many studies have shown that Epsom salt can also improve digestion and cleanse the colon.

If you use Epsom salt regularly you won’t have problems with constipation anymore. Epsom salt is also a remedy for cold, cough and many respiratory problems. Epsom salt can also be used for regulating blood flow and treating asthmatic patients. You can buy Epsom salt at a grocery store and mix it with water. As we have already said, this solution will help you solve many health problems. But, although Epsom salt is very healthy and useful, there is a question can we eat Epsom salt.

Can we use Epsom Salt for Cooking?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Epsom salt is not suitable for cooking and you should never prepare food using this type of salt. Although small quantities of Epsom salt won’t cause serious side effects, it is better not to eat this salt.

As we have already said, Epsom salt contains high levels of magnesium which is not good for our body. Although the magnesium sulfate can dissolve in water, it has a low absorbency.

Also, Epsom salt has low edible quality and it is not so tasty. On the other side, sea salt has a great fresh saline flavor.


As you have seen in this article, Epsom salt is usually used in medicine and cosmetics, but it is not good for cooking. Although this salt is good for health, you should not consume it in your food because of its high magnesium content.

Also, Epsom salt is not refreshing and tasty like sea salt. You can keep drinking Epsom salt because it is good for health and you can use it for body care, but it is better to find some other salt alternative to use in cooking.