Can You Eat Raw Garlic?

Needles to say, garlic has long been acclaimed as a very powerful natural remedy, beneficial to humans’ health in general. Amazing healthy properties of garlic, Allium sativum, were known from ancient times. Archaeological and historical researches have found that garlic was used in glorious era of ancient Egypt, during building of pyramids. Garlic was regularly shared to workers to keep them in good shape for hard labor they had to deal with.

It is also the main ingredient of traditional Tibetan medicines. Throughout human history of wars, famine, poverty and diseases, garlic was considered an important cure for many health issues and problems. Extraordinary properties of this small bulb were known to ancient Caucasus inhabitants, China, Japan and many other cultures.

Modern medicine and scientific researches only confirmed all previous knowledge about this plant. Knowledge of garlic benefits was passed through generations and generations. Toady, in pharmacies all around the world there are numerous herbal preparations based on garlic, used both as a curative and preventive products.

Raw garlic is the best

Garlic is used in several ways, of which all are good. However, if you want to make the most of its amazing properties, the best way is to have it raw. Garlic can be used peeled, sliced, crushed or powdered. Some people just cannot stand eating raw garlic, because of its strong smell and sharp taste. If that is the case, it is ok to chop it and add into a dish while still cooking. If you are able to eat it raw, then you’ll definitely experience its amazing healthy properties. One or two slices of garlic a day would be sufficient as a great natural preventive and support for immune system.

Allicin is one of the most valuable garlic compounds. In fact, most of the health benefits of garlic actually come from allicin. It is also responsible for distinctive smell of garlic. Allicin retains its properties from two to sixteen hours at room temperature, when it is present in its extracted form. While it is still in raw garlic, it can remain viable for two days. Therefore it is not recommended to keep minced or chopped garlic in a jar, because allicin properties will quickly perish and garlic will lose most of its healthy characteristics. This is why granulated or powdered garlic is not as good as raw garlic is. Those forms are simply not so reliable sources of allicin. They are good, but far from healing properties of raw form.

Interesting facts about garlic

Garlic can be a great natural cure for many health conditions. Some studies have shown it can reduce risk of bowel cancer. It can also be hundred times more effective than some antibiotic medicines in reducing digestive problems caused by bacterial infection.

Garlic can also heal wounds. If it is applied to the wound, it will heal faster. This method was commonly used during the First World War by British soldiers. Garlic is also found to be a great natural cure for acne. If you gently rub target area with chopped raw garlic, it can suppress acne. The secret lies in powerful compound allicin, which makes garlic mighty natural antioxidant.

The smell of garlic is most intense after chopping or grinding it. You can get rid of bad breath after eating garlic, if you drink lemon juice or eat a few slices of lemon.

Germinated garlic will lose some of its health benefits, but it can still be safely used.

However, no matter how marvelous was, garlic is not for everyone. Some of its properties affect blood flow and it should not be consumed by people who use blood thinners, because garlic helps blood clotting. It should also not be consumed before surgery, for the same reason.