Crane – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism is there to teach us more about animals but also to show us how deep the symbolic value of their existence is. Animals lived by our side from our beginnings and we can’t escape the fact that we are all born from nature.

Animal symbolism can also tell use lot about ourselves and our character, especially if we dig deeper into the meanings of our spirit animals and totems. In today’s text we will talk more about the symbolic value of crane and what interesting stories it hides for us.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Our spirit animals and totems can share so many hidden traits with us, that we didn’t even knew existed. These characteristics are a main part of our character and we should cherish them or try to keep them in under control, if they are negative.

Your totem animal is determined by your date of birth while your spirit animal guides you through life and the spirit of it is ever-present in your life from birth.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, crane is best described by these words:

  • Family
  • Territorial
  • Slender
  • Social
  • Longevity
  • Happiness
  • Good fortune
  • Travel
  • Group

People who are guided by the crane spirit animal are strong people who can endure a lot of problems in life. They are family-oriented and their goal is to always keep their loved ones close to them. No matter how far they go in life, they will always be restricted by their family life and they are never going to go far away from their family.

These people love being a part of group because it gives them a sense of purpose. Communicating with others, sharing ideas and knowledge is something the crane spirit animal forces you to do, and you feel completely in the right place while in a group. The biggest accomplishments in your life were based on team work and almost everything you do is influenced by your communication with others.

Even though you love to be close to your family, you are also a traveller. Going o and trip from once in a while and coming back home is pretty much your entire life. Even when you are restricted by your obligations, you will find a way to make a trip or two to a place you always wanted to see.

Crane spirit animal is also a symbol of good fortune and luck. People who are guided by this spirit animal simply have luck pouring from every place. They are one of the luckiest people you have ever met and they will get almost everything they want in life. This can sometimes be a cause for other people’s jealousy, but you don’t pay too much attention to that.


As a totem animal, crane gives you an enormous amount of strength and resistance. You are a type of person who is ready to endure even the most difficult moments in life without looking back. This totem animal gives you a strong personality but never overwhelming. People who surround you simply adore you, because you are always ready to help and you genuinely love spending time with others.

Crane totem animal is also there to give you graceful manners and a very family-oriented attitude. You are a true people’s person and spending time with others I something you love doing. You work best in team environments where there is a free flow of ideas and where you can feel the energy of others.

Symbolism and Meaning

Crane symbolism is spread around the world. While often underestimated, crane symbolism definitely has a lot to offer when it comes to rich symbolical value. The women of Aidu, in North Hokkaido, imitate the crane dance to show their respect for this peculiar bird.

There is even a story about three goddesses from Mecca, who were called Allat, Manat and Uzza. These three goddesses are often represented in form of cranes and there is even a mention of these goddesses in the satanic verses.

In China, cranes are often an inspiration for various things. There is a kung-Fu movement hat imitates the movement of a crane and in ancient Greece these slender birds were seen as symbols of bad luck. Cranes were often painted as thieves and they represented personalities of people who were mischievous.

Aristotle mentioned cranes as well, specifically the migration in his book the History of Animals. To Romans, cranes symbolized love and happiness. In popular culture, crane symbolism is partially shadowed by other animal symbolisms but in general its symbolism remained the same over the years.

Dreams about Cranes

Seeing a crane – If you saw a crane in your dream, this means you are going to gain something or get some sort of financial gain. This is going to be a surprise for you, but it is going to help you overcome a bad financial period.

Flying crane – Dream about a flying crane symbolizes a new opportunity. Keep your eyes open to new projects and ideas, because somewhere in them lies a good opportunity to progress.

Dead crane – Dream about a dead crane is a symbol of defeating your enemies and overcoming obstacles in life. This dream reminds you to always be on the watch and to ever let your guard down.

Talking crane – This dream symbolizes an advice someone gave you that can be the solution for all your problems. Think carefully about it and implement it in your life the right way.


Crane might ot be a popular symbol as some other animals, but this doesn’t mean it should be undervalued. Cranes are symbols of strength, perseverance, family and socializing. These peculiar birds are valuable symbols around the world and their significance hasn’t stopped existing even in popular culture. Cranes represent a strong personality who knows what is valuable in life and how to achieve that goal.

Cranes are both symbols of bad and good luck depending on the culture. Overall, dreams about cranes are positive, but in some instances they can warn us or try to grab our attention and focus it one something important.