Does Apple Cider Vinegar Go Bad?

Apple cider vinegar, which is manufactured from cider, is often applied by us, for preparing various kinds of vinaigrettes, chutneys, marinades, food stabilizers and salad dressings and so on.

On the other hand, this cider vinegar has also the ability to relieve your joint ache, allergy, gout, blood pressure, dandruff, heartburn and many more. Many of us perhaps do not know about these health benefits offered by cider vinegar.

Still, we are likely to buy bottles of vinegar for culinary purposes. If you are the regular user of apple cider vinegar, then you do not have to be concerned about the spoilage of the product. But, some people want to store their cider vinegar for a number of days, and thus, they try to find the answer of their question- Will cider vinegar be spoiled over time?

Ingredients found in the cider vinegar

From the name of the product, two major components are clear- One is the vinegar, while the other one is apple cider that is often called as cider, a fermented drink. Standard apple juices are utilized as the major substance to prepare the cider.

When apple juice is obtained, a specific bacterium is blended with the juice for processing and fermenting it. Here, the level of temperature, used for the fermentation of apple juice, is about 4 to15 degrees Celsius. This fermentation uses the sugar content, leaving the constituents, like alcohol and ethanol. It is, in fact, the cider, which you generally drink in many pubs.

We get apple cider vinegar, when Mycoderma aceti- a bacterium is combined with cider. There are 2 significant things, which may turn this cider vinegar into a kind of sterilizer- acetic acid and malic acid. The level of these two acids in cider vinegar is enough, and that is why it has the ability to destroy fungus and bacteria. Acetic acid that is available in considerable amount is designed to produce extremely low pH value, which executes the bacteria. Sodium and potassium are 2 constituents, found in this cider vinegar.

Most of the recent researches have proved that cider vinegar has some preserving and acidic nature, and for this reason, this may be used safely over a long period of time. In fact, according to the researchers, no matter, whether your cider vinegar has become cloudy or little dark, you can consume it safely as it is hygienic.

Do you want to store your vinegar?

Though apple cider vinegar remains safe for a long time, there are still some doubts in people’s mind regarding its storage. The bottle of apple cider vinegar, if opened, you have to place it in any cool site or dry spot, closing the cap tightly.

It is only in few rare instances, when apple cider vinegar may become rancid. This rare incident happens, when the impurities get into the jar. The vinegar may get deteriorated when it contacts any bacteria, dirt particles or some other pollutants. Thus, keep the container away from all these things.

Vinegar never gets expired after a particular time period; however, its level of quality is likely to be worsened, if left out.

How to know whether your vinegar is no more edible?

There are some symptoms, which signify that your apple cider vinegar is going to reach its rancid state. When you find any of those signs into the cider vinegar, you should not consume it anymore because it may be dangerous and detrimental to use this vinegar. For instance, if you find any kind of sediment or bug inside the bottle, it denotes the spoilage of apple cider vinegar. Besides, there will be distinct alterations in odor, color and also taste. Alteration of the flavor also specifies that your vinegar is not in good condition. Existence of chunks or modification of viscosity also shows the worsening of your vinegar.

Thus, it is better to throw away that apple cider vinegar as soon as you notice the above signs of spoilage. At times, you may find that the product turns out to be clumsy in some condition; it may be harmless safe to make use of this vinegar; however, ensure that its expiry date still remains intact. Or else, don’t use the vinegar in any way.

Almost all the containers of cider vinegar mention expiration date. Best before date or date of expiry, in fact, allows you to know the time period for which you may consume your apple cider vinegar safely either for osteoporosis or for joint aching. Some say that apple cider vinegar usually remains good for almost 5 years, no matter whether you have opened it. Just check with the particular date on your bottle’s side. The date indicates the time after which the consistency, flavor and excellence of your cider vinegar starts to deteriorate. Though it will possibly not be unsafe to drink opened product after its date of expiration, you will not find the best outcomes in cooking; besides, the taste may go bad.

At times, because of climatic alterations or any other unusual reasons, this product may turn into hazy and cloudy, although this is quite safe for any person. When the time passes, the vinegar may develop more acidic nature and acquires strong aromas and flavors. Usually, it is safe to consume this kind of vinegar for maximum five years. Besides, it is important to place the bottle away from various environmental pollutions. To stay on safe side, it is always good concept to stock up your cider vinegar bottle in a fridge after unlocking its seal.

Thus, to conclude, it as to be stated that apple cider vinegar remains in proper condition up to a number of years. Have a look at date, showed on the bottle. The date specifies the possible time of deterioration of your store-bought vinegar. Though there is no strict instruction to be followed in case of cider vinegar, you have to be careful, if you are the user of pasteurized juice of apple.