Does Kahlua Go Bad?

Kahlua is one of the liqueurs that can offer you the flavor of coffee, and is used most commonly in different drinks. Kahlua is also a useful ingredient in different food recipes, including desserts, cakes, brownies and chocolate cheesecake and so on.

The origin of this liqueur is in Mexico. Kahlua is mainly based on corn syrup, vanilla beans and rum. It is manufactured with the use of higher-standard Arabica coffee beans, which are cultivated in the country of Mexico. You have possibly bought bottles of Kahlua for occasional use or to add this product to your coffee every day. But, does Kahlua offer you the same taste and quality after a long period?

Does your Kahlua get expired?

You mainly have to test two factors before making a decision on whether to throw it or to keep it.

Firstly, find out if the container of Kahlua is unsealed? If not opened, then your task is to see whether the bottle is sealed tightly using bottle cork or cap? When it is not done, you may better throw the bottle away so that you can avoid upset stomach.

While your Kahlua is properly tightened and kept well, another thing that you have to do now is to experience it.

Ensure that the taste of this liqueur does not make you feel as if it has been oxidized. At times, it perhaps does not give such kind of taste. However, you may observe that Kahlua has started losing essence though not expired till now. In addition to it, the liqueur consists of a considerable quantity of sugar, which may be decayed at a time. Only discard it while these signs occur.

More tips to make out rancid kahlua

The way of checking the condition of Kahlua is almost same as that you do in case of alcohol. When you are not confident on whether your liqueur is presently excellent, you must start checking it by recognizing the smell. While this smell seems to be unpleasant or odd, you must dispose of the alcohol.

On the other hand, if the smell seems to be good, you have to pour this into a tumbler and search for any sign of discolorations or some other visual alterations. If you get any of those things, your alcohol possibly has turned out to be bad. Besides, you must have a glance at the base of the container to know whether there are some crystallized sugars. In this case also, the bottle has to be discarded.

Last of all, you must taste Kahlua so that you may be assured about the suitability of its taste. Thus, visual tests and tests of smell and taste are the major tools through which you have to identify the present state of Kahlua.

Shelf Life – expected from kahlua

If you want to know about your kahlua’s shelf life, it is to be noted that it is not as extensive as that of vodka. We have already mentioned that liqueurs consist of a number of constituents, like sugar, which can be decayed. Many manufacturers of Kahlua believe that approximate shelf life of an unopened or opened kahlua bottle is about four years. But, it does not signify that the product will not be edible after four years. However, Kahlua may only begin to lose its aroma noticeable after going beyond the time.

Some people think that its shelf life is about ten years. But, this is never true. Only three to four years can be the maximum time period for which the liqueur stays fresh.

On the other hand, many people have also experienced that Kahlua also remains intact after six years also. After taking out the bottle from a cabinet, the taste of the drink stays as good as is always desired.

How to make proper storage of kahlua?

According to experts, there is 20 percent alcohol, present in it, and thus, it is quite safe from getting spoiled (at least for some years). However, alcohol may also lose the exceptional flavor if it is not stored properly or if left out for extensive period.

The storage process of Kahlua is almost same as that of any alcohol. The foremost thing, which you need to keep in mind, is that you must keep your opened containers sealed firmly, with the use of original cap. It is always wise for you to clean the lid and parts of the containers that remain exposed after pouring the liqueur. It is intended to avoid any contamination as well as to ensure the freshness of the remaining part of liqueur in the bottle. But, do not store this liqueur with any pourer.

Rather, try to store this in only dark site, where the product will not be exposed to an intense temperature level or direct light rays. Pantry is surely the best spot to accomplish all those requirements.

However, when people asked about the refrigeration of Kahlua, some experts recommend you not to keep it in the fridge. Yet, many people like to have it in a chilled condition. When you do not prefer to drink the cool liqueur, it is not essential for you to keep this in a refrigerator. In almost all kinds of liqueur, there is over 17 percent of alcohol and thus, placing it outside the fridge does not lead to the spoilage of taste and content.

It may be said that some coffee liqueurs that have no cream, do not contain any component, which will be spoiled. They can be stored for a number of years. However, in case of kahlua, you have to be careful about its storage.

Another thing, which you have to take into account, is that while purchasing a large number of Kahlua bottles while the price rate is very low. But, in that case, proper storage of all those bottles is essential. Some kinds of liqueurs may need to be preserved in the refrigerator after unlocking it. Of course, your drink will not go bad within one or two days; however, it will possibly reach the poor condition after one or two months’ of expiry date.