Does Maple Syrup Go Bad?

If you love the taste of waffles and pancakes, you are also likely to enjoy maple syrup. Maple syrup is one of the natural sweeteners, derived from trees (maple trees) during the early part of spring while the temperature is quite high. While this syrup or the liquid substance is primarily taken from maple trees, you may find its clear color along with a pure flavor of sugar. When this syrup is turned into sweeter and thicker substance, it acquires such intense golden brownish tint as well as rich flavor of maple. Then, this syrup is stored in some bottles to make them ready to be sold.

Many people in this world purchase maple syrup for pouring it over tasty foods. Some consumers are also likely to buy this syrup in huge amount to get a reasonable price. But, will maple syrup reach its rancid state over time? And what should you do to keep this syrup in the best condition? A short guide may give the answer of all these questions.

Though some people think that maple syrup may remain excellent all the time, the truth is that the syrup may become spoiled at a certain point of time. There are a number of conditions where the maple syrup may grow mold and ultimately become spoiled. Such unpleasant states are mainly caused due to the inappropriate storage processes of the syrup.

However, the spoilage of maple syrup is very rare case. The container of maple syrup, if left out and exposed to contaminants, there is a chance of your maple syrup going rancid. Otherwise, this syrup may remain good for a long time.

Storage of your maple syrup in right way

The manufacturers generally pour maple syrup into a jar and shut it properly in order to preserve freshness. The container of syrup, if not opened, you only have to place this product in any cool dry spot, where no light can enter. Let it be stored in this condition until you want to consume it. In fact, if you have stored it in this way, the syrup may stay intact and seem to be tasty to you even after a decade as this is only pure sugar.

On the contrary, the container, if opened, and you have planned to consume it later, it is important to store the bottle in the fridge until the time of your consumption. Although, when you do not want to use this syrup within the initial year when you have opened, you may place this inside freezer. Freezing up the syrup is significant before using it.

At the same time, it is essential to remember that if you freeze maple syrup of any quality for more than one year, it may alter the taste and steadiness. As a result, the product may be slightly watery. But, fortunately, when you have found this maple syrup to be watery or diluted, you may better plan to pour this product into any pan and then heat it to get back the thicker original syrup. Only be careful that you have not boiled it excessively as it may lead to some burnt savor. This condition of maple syrup is not much effective to add flavor or sweeten any beverage or dish.

Maple syrup and its shelf life

The main question, which often concerns you, is- how long does last your maple syrup? There are several controversies regarding the maple syrup’s shelf life. Best before date, stated on the maple syrup’s bottle is one of the sources, from which, you may determine the capacity of the syrup to remain fresh.

Some experts and also common people believe that maple syrup may last for a long period, while others say that it will not be excellent for several years. But, as we always want to be safe all the time, it is better to think that every opened or unopened container of maple syrup may be well for minimum one year after its date of production, while stored appropriately.

Maple syrup of pure quality is, in fact, produced with the juice of maple trees, whereas commercial products consist of some sugars that protect the syrup and enable this to be placed on a shelf. Whether it is corn syrup or maple syrup, you may enjoy it over a considerable period of time although the accurate expiration date is quite hard to make out. Until the product has not been bad, you may use it for baking purposes or for breakfast items.

Have your maple syrup get spoiled? Find it!

There are a few indicators, which can tell you that maple syrup is going to be completely spoiled. Possibly, one of the common signs that may be noticed is mold. The syrup can turn out to be moldy, no matter whether it has been stored inside or outside the fridge. (Obviously if any opened container is placed under normal temperature, then rate of the growth of mold is quite quicker). Contrary to many other foods that are disposed of in the moldy condition, maple syrup never needs to be dumped by you. Some experts suggest that that generally mold is risk-free; you may only slightly boil the syrup; then transfer it into any clean bottle and store at a low temperature. Obviously, you may plan to dispose of the maple syrup while you are too concerned of the presence of mold.

In addition to this mold, the syrup may ferment and gain a yeasty stink. It occurs not often; however it may happen for your case. Pure quality of maple may start to become crystallized while they are becoming old. However, they may be again heated only until the point of boiling in order to bring back its natural regularity.

Thus, you have to take care about the storage needs of maple syrup, after buying it from any store. If mold has grown on this maple syrup, then it may not be much risky. Still, it is better to discard that syrup.