Dreams About Ants – Interpetation and Meaning

With ants, most people associate the characteristics of industriousness and industriousness. These insects, which live in large peoples, always seem to be busy and are always on their feet. They set up large anthills as lodgings for their people, constantly gathering food and moving on their own paths.

Ants are very well organized in a state and have put their own well-being far beyond the common good of the ant-people. In sleep they can appear as industrious insects, but also exude restlessness, as they are constantly in motion.

Learn more about these interesting animals in the dream interpretation.

Have you ever had a dream with ants? Many people dream of the little insects. Learn all about the most common dream situations with ants:

Dream Symbol “Ants” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Dream of a single ant

If only one ant in the dream world appears, this can be an indication of the tense situation of the dreamer. Something makes him nervous. At the same time it is possible that the person is in a very labor-intensive phase of life and is diligent: This ensures, of course, success on the one hand, but also stress on the other. It should be balanced.

Yuck! Everywhere ants are in the dream!

If not just one, but the same number of ants in the dream happen, the diligence of the dreamer is especially great. The sleeper feels like a wheel in the transmission that has to work well so that the whole system does not collapse. The commitment in all honors, but you should learn to give tasks even once. A regular discharge spares the mind!

The anthill in dreams, an orderly mess

The anthill contains many of the insects, but usually the individual animal disappears. The nest looks like a big crowd, a big squeak. The same is true of the dreaming who experiences the anthill: one of many. Sometimes individual needs come too short.

According to the interpretation of dreams, the ant nest can also exhort to show more diligence and to do its tasks with dedication.

Where dreams of ants can appear

Dreams of ants in bed

Having ants in bed is not a pleasant thing, not even in a dream. If you have negative feelings, you may soon face many small obstacles. Those who quietly observe the animals as they populate and explore the bed have a role model for a successful life in the watch world. One would like to achieve the same.

The whole house is full of ants in a dream!

Ants are in the house, the whining is great, because you cannot get rid of the crawling insects so fast. Who in the dream has the feeling that he is no longer in control of the situation, is also struggling with upheaval in reality. The usual living conditions may change in such a way that you initially have difficulty keeping track.

Why are ants in my shoes?

If there were ants in your shoe in your dream, then this dream image symbolizes the mental attitude of the sleeping person. The shoes are the tools to go your own way of life; are these shoes now in the dream by ants not to use, many small obstacles and hurdles indicate on the way. With patience and optimism, these should be clear, however.

Yuck! Dreams of ants in the mouth

Generally, the mouth in the dream interpretation points to sexual aspects. A dream of the mouth full of ants can be symbolic of secret sexual desires that can no longer be kept to them. The longings are too big; The dreaming would like to tell his partner – but he does not know how. Here, it is important to build the necessary mutual trust.

The ants swim in the water – the dream meaning

If the dream images “ants” and “water” appear together in a dream experience, then this gives an indication of the life force of the dreamer. Currently, the person concerned may feel blocked in his drive: It is harder for the dreaming than usual, to get up to work.

Since ants as a dream symbol have a rather positive message, spiders are just as good dream images in this context. The spider is then considered a real lucky symbol! The diligence the ants symbolize is actually rewarded in the watch world. Those who experience the dream of “ants and spiders” should therefore go to great lengths to achieve their goals through hard work in the near future.

Often they are a good omen for luck and success. This will come true if you only make an honest effort and are not lazy. If the ants crawl on the body of the dreaming during sleep, this is also interpreted as a positive sign in the dream analysis. The ants want to make the dreaming aware that he should reflect on his diligence. The crawling insect can be interpreted in the dream research as an indication that makes the dreaming something tingling, such as a major project, which will be implemented soon can.

If the dreamer kills an ant or even destroys the whole structure, then this is a warning against problems, worries and financial difficulties. In turn, the lack of diligence of the dreaming in waking life is the reason for this negative development. Sometimes the anthill is also interpreted as the working place of the dreaming; then you should remember what tasks the ants in the dream event came.

Anteater – dream interpretation

Even the queen ants can appear in a dream and play a role. Depending on which task the dream ants had, this area in the watch world is interesting for the dreaming and a detailed analysis. The largest enemy of the ants and also termites living in Central and South America is the anteater, which is also related to the small insects can be seen in a dream.

The dream image “anteater” is quite rare and refers to feelings and attitudes that are unusual and eccentric. If the dreaming sees such a mammal, then it is open for the extraordinary in the life.

Dream symbol “ants” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological dream interpretation, ant dreams are often interpreted as an indication of a disturbed vegetative nervous system. This nervous system in our body ensures that vital organs function automatically – without that they must be actively controlled by our will. The reference to this nervous system is especially true when ants dreams often repeat and when the dreaming a tingling sensation feels on the body. A medical examination is then urgently recommended. Ant dreams can also be caused by sleeping arms or legs. Whether it is a positive or negative dream, is usually dependent on the own feelings of the dreaming.

Some feel this dream image rather pleasant, others rather disturbing. As with most insect dreams, the ants as a dream symbol are often a warning of danger. Especially when they occur in large amounts in a dream, they are considered alarm signals of the psyche. The dreaming then lacks peace and relaxation in waking life. In rare cases, a psychosis can announce itself through the dream with an ant-swarm. However, this interpretation only applies when many other dream images regularly appear in connection with ants, which also allow this conclusion. When in doubt, be aware of common dreams that appear with the dream symbols of darkness, anxiety, and ants.

Dream Symbol “Ants” – The Spiritual Interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, ants are a symbol of both diligence and prudence. Key words: strength, stamina, obstinacy, reliability, constructive, aggressive, community-oriented, adaptive, strength, Western soul path. Description: The ant is associated in the medicine wheel with the inner position of the western soul path and with the strength.

Although of very small size, it is capable of carrying a load four times its own weight. Ants form a society that, with its narrow and defined social structure, ensures the survival of the species, but with little or no consideration for the individual. General meaning: possibilities to use your strength for the benefit of your relatives of all creation areas, – adaptation and perseverance.


Psychotherapeutically, frequent dreaming of ants is an indication of disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, especially if one perceives a tingling in the dream, which should give rise to a medical examination. From time to time, however, such a dream is also caused by limbs falling asleep. Important for the interpretation of ant dreams is whether the dream is perceived as pleasant or disturbing. Ants, like other insects, are usually a danger signal, – they appear in masses, and the psyche raises the alarm. Relaxation and tranquility are very important now. Often, however, the outbreak of an imminent psychosis is signaled by dreams of ant-swarms. Sometimes, however, this dream image only stands for the fact that the dreaming should be more industrious, enduring and more active. The following circumstances should be taken into account:

Seeing ants promises success and happiness, but only if you make the same effort as the proverbial industrious insects.

Ants in one’s own body are also regarded as auspicious omens, perhaps the unconscious wants to point out to us here and there that we should reflect on our own diligence. Maybe something makes us want to realize big plans that are ready for implementation.

Killing individual ants or destroying their burrows can be a source of concern and material hardships because they probably did not work diligently enough to succeed.

The anthill might be related to the workplace.


The sight of winged ants is not good at all – they prophesy death and dangerous journeys. The other species, on the other hand, bring blessing to peasants – they promise fertility, because where there are no seeds, no ants are seen. Of good precedence they are for people who live on the large amount, and for the sick, but only if they do not crawl around the body of the dreaming. As you know, they are called workers and they work tirelessly, a quality that belongs only to the living. But if they crawl around the body of the dreaming, they prophesy death to him because they are children of the earth, cold and black.

Ants that crawl into the ears bring only Sophists (This word had to Artemidoros time no derogatory meaning.) The sophists of this epoch were wandering speakers and teachers, who used above all the rhetoric as a means of youth education (paideia).) Luck, – the ants are like the young people who come to class. To all other people, the dream experience announces death, for the ants are children of the earth and disappear into the earth.