Dreams About Being Stabbed – Interpretation and Meaning

Dream interpretation is there to teach us about our subconscious mind and to tell us a secret message we might not be aware of. Our dreams represent a combination of things and events that happen to us as well as things we can’t quite explain.

When we constantly dream about certain things there must be a deeper message and symbolism to this dream.

Dreams are an area of people’s lives that can’t be fully explained by science or human research. People who dream every night and track their dreams, are able to discover patterns in their dreams that might be telling us something.

These patterns are not noticeable in everyday life because we get distracted by everyday things and these patterns slip our mind. Messages that we get through dream interpretation are there to help us be more in touch with our inner thoughts and emotions. In today’s text we will look deeper into the symbolic meaning of stabbing in dreams and what this act represents to us.

Stabbing in general

If you had a dream about stabbing, this means you need to prepare for something negative. An aspect of your life is about to inflicted with some negative effects and you will be sad that things you have been working hard on haven’t worked out.

Dreams about stabbing can appear in many different shapes and forms, and every dream needs to be interpreted in a unique way.

This dream can also signify a danger that might be lurking from your surroundings. Someone or something is trying to harm you; therefore you need to be careful not to be hurt. If you open up your eyes you can see the danger and avoid it.

Stabbing someone

If you had a dream about stabbing someone, this means you are angry at the person you had a dream about. This person made you angry for some reason, and you can’t forget this person.

If the person in your dream was unknown, this means you are angry at someone who is not specified in your dream. The best way to deal with the anger you are feeling is by talking to this person and resolving every issue you have.

Being stabbed

If someone stabbed you in your dream, this means you are going to be disappointed by someone. This person is going to ruin your opinion and the action this person is going to take will be surprising.

This person might be someone close to you, so be careful not to share too much information about yourself. Everything you share with this person can be used against you, so make sure you keep your secrets to yourself.

Stabbing your partner

Dreaming about stabbing your partner is a symbol of your emotions. This dream indicates you are going to be disappointed in your partner in a way and he or she might force you to completely re-think your relationship.

This dream is also an indication that you have some unresolved issues with your partner that need to be taken care of. These issues are not something big, but if you choose to brush them under the rug the issues might grow larger.

Your partner stabbing you

If you had a dream about an opposite situation where your partner stabbed you, this means you need to be careful and watch out for betrayal. Your partner might not be honest about his or hers emotions, and your partner’s actions might hurt you deeply. This dream can also be a representation of your partner’s previous behavior.

Perhaps you have been hurt by his or hers actions, and now you are experiencing this betrayal all over again. Maybe your feelings about this event are now resurging and you are expressing your emotions inside of your dream.

Stabbing someone with a blunt knife

Dreaming about stabbing someone with a blunt knife is a symbol of bad relationships with people.

This dream can also be an indicator that you won’t be able to compete with someone and win, even though this person has done nothing by hurt you. Luck will simply be somewhere else, and you won’t be able to catch a break. You are going to try to defeat this person, but the actions you are going to take won’t be enough to make this person pay for what they have done.

Being stabbed by an arrow

If someone stabbed you with an arrow, this means you need to be careful at work. There will be plenty of opportunities to mess up and you need to sharp enough to notice them.

You might be lured into trap that could harm you immensely. Be careful and watch out for people who are working together with you, because their actions might be directed to harming you. Keep your secrets and your business ideas to yourself, unless you want others to use them against you.

Stabbing someone repeatedly

This dream indicates you have a lot of repressed anger towards someone. Dreams like this indicate you are growing strong emotions towards someone, but this person might not be returning them in the same amount.

Dreams like this can also be symbols of stress and anxiety you are currently feeling. Things in your life aren’t working out so great, and the stress you are feeling while you are awake is now being reflected in your dream.

Being stabbed in the heart

If someone stabbed you in the heart, this means you are feeling heartbroken by something or someone. Perhaps someone hurt you deeply and you can’t get over the fact that this person did this to you. The pain you felt when this happened was extraordinary and you are still dealing with the consequences.

This dream can also be a symbol of mourning after someone who has passed away, and you are transferring this pain into your dream. In both cases you are feeling an extreme amount of pain and grief because of someone or something.

Stabbing a doll

If you had a dream about stabbing a doll, then you might be trying to get rid of your old habits. Something you are used to is ruining your life and you feel like there is no way to get rid of these bad habits.

You feel like your habits are controlling your life and you have no control over them. There is definitely a way to get rid of these habits, you just have to find something you are passionate about and pursue that.

Stabbing multiple people

If you were stabbing multiple people in your dream or they have been stabbing you, this means you are feeling overwhelmed by someone’s presence. Perhaps there are even more people who are constantly over your head, nagging you or filling your head with unnecessary things. This dream can also indicate that you are done with some people in your life and you want to drive their negative energy out of your life.

Sometimes people are only there to slow us down or make us miserable, and their presence brings nothing positive. This is when it is time to get rid of them, and you shouldn’t feel sorry about it.

Being stabbed with a spear

If someone stabbed you with a spear, this means you need to worry more about your health. Perhaps you have been neglecting small signs of illness from your body and this is not something you should be playing with. Make sure you take better care of your health and don’t let your health problems grow even bigger.

This dream can also indicate that someone close to you is experiencing some health issues and you need to remind this person to take better care about its health. If you were stabbed by a spear and you died, this means someone close to you might be dangerously ill.

Being stabbed and surviving

If you had a dream about being stabbed but you managed to survive, this means you are going to be successful at almost all attempts in life.

You can be sure that all of your business ideas and projects are going to be completed and you are going to be able to defeat your enemies as well. This is an excellent period to invest and try working on something now, because luck will definitely be on your side.

Being stabbed and dying

If you died in your dream from stabbing, this means a very negative period is ahead of you. Almost everything you try is going to be a failure and you won’t be able to catch a break.

This is also a very bad period for investments and all money related projects, because money will simply be flowing out of your hands. It is better to focus your attention to something more productive and worry less about everything that is currently not working in your life. Wait for a better and luckier period to come along to finish all the projects you have started and don’t be tempted to try something that might hurt you. This is a period to be patient and not rush things that aren’t working out.