Dreams About Car Accident and Car Crashes – Interpretation and Meaning

Everyone fears a serious accident – understandably. Because an accident means loss, pain, grief. It is unpredictable and can attend any meeting, at any time, in almost any location. If a ghost driver comes suddenly to you on the highway, everything, the whole life, can change in such a short moment by such a traffic accident.

Even if another road user no longer has his car under control and tears you into ruin, you are completely powerless against what happens next. After such a collision, survival often depends on the silk thread.

But even the fear of a bad collision is life-threatening. After all, how can one find his way in everyday life, when he is determined by fear, by the fear of having an accident? That’s why most of the time we forget about an accident. In our subconscious, however, he is constantly present.

No wonder, then, that the dream of a clash is one of the most common dreams – and has been studied extensively by dream interpretation. The dream interpretation distinguishes two types of accident dreams: the dream as a prediction of a breakdown or a collision, and the dream as a statement about the mental state of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “accident” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation has always been interested in finding out how people can see the future in their dreams. Just traumatic dreams give a reason to believe in the prophetic dreams. Because there are actually well-documented accident dreams that really happened. But are these real predictions?

The simplest and most accepted explanation for realizing traumas relates to the powers of observation of our subconscious mind. It is assumed that our subconscious notices certain dangers that we consciously do not perceive (for example, a dangerous intersection, a careless person, an outdated vehicle) and then visualize them in dream sequences. If the accident really happens then this is less a fulfilling prophecy than a coincidence that results from the increased probability of an accident.

Nevertheless, accident traumas can serve you in everyday life. If, for example, you are dreaming of a misfortune caused by a broken garden tool, it is advisable to check it for its proper functioning and to take extra care with the next handling. Nevertheless, it is important to keep an eye on reality: do not let fears determine your everyday life, otherwise the dream quickly becomes a self-fulfilling prediction.

If you dream of an accident that really happened, this indicates a process of your subconscious mind. It may also be that the crash has nothing to do with an actual accident (risk), especially if another person is involved.

An accident dream can then also be a general warning that you should pay more attention to your anxiety instinct while awake and not make rash acts.

Dream symbol “accident” – The psychological interpretation

For the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “accident”, it is first of all significant what relationship the accident has to reality: did you dream of an actual accident risk or of an accident that had actually happened in the past? Then your subconscious mind processes the perceived or experienced. If this is not the case and your dream was about a completely devised accident, it can be interpreted symbolically.

To interpret such a dream, the circumstances of the accident are of enormous importance. How did it happen, who or what was involved and what the consequences are? Either way, in one way or another, it is damage that you experience yourself, inflict on yourself or another person, and the blockage that needs to be overcome to improve the situation.

In this sense, an accident psychologically interpreted can provide information about what in your life you perceive as damaging, where changes are necessary and what you previously fear or fear. And why is that? It may be the desire for a fundamental change or for giving up responsibility.

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In the dream, the accident forms the way out of a threatening, harmful situation. That it must be the dramatic path, the accident that brings about change, indicates that you have not made a decision in real life yet, have not found a solution to your problem – perhaps even the subconscious is true to you.

Millions of people travel by car every day. The amount of vehicles moving through a city or highway at peak times is huge. That most cars still come unscathed through the bustle to the destination, is actually amazing. Some safety systems now support safe driving and can avoid dangerous situations.

Nevertheless, there are also a lot of car accidents. More than 2 million motor vehicle accidents happen every year in Germany alone. Only property damage is to be lamented in a large part of the car crashes. In more than 300,000 car accidents, however, additional persons were killed or injured. Particularly dangerous is an accident in which a car thunders against a tree – such a collision is often fatal for the car occupants. Similarly bad go out accidents in which a car rages against a wall.

Being involved in a car accident is a nightmare vision for every car driver. It does not matter whether you are the polluter yourself or someone else is guilty. Losing control of the car and all that happens is extremely disturbing. So a dream of a car accident certainly triggers big fears of the dreaming. Maybe the dreamer does not have the driver’s license so long and feels insecure about it. He may also have been involved in a traffic accident before – there are many reasons why you can dream of a car accident.

For a precise dream interpretation the persons involved in the dream events are particularly important.

Dream symbol “Car accident” – The general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “car accident” is an expression of the emotional state and a basic fear of the dreaming. The fear of having an accident in a car can be a dream of a different kind. Perhaps the dreaming himself puts himself under pressure in some ways and the dream symbol “car accident” signals to him that he should take a slightly gentler pace to reach his goal.

The size of the dream accident allows conclusions about the extent of the problem. In the dream interpretation, a car accident is an indication of lack of control. That is why the persons involved in the accident in a dream are revealing. For example, if one’s own boss starts to shuffle, the dream symbol “car accident” indicates that he, too, is just a person who cannot always handle everything.

In addition, the dream symbol “car accident” in the dream interpretation can be an indication of the own behavior of the dreaming in real life. Those who misjudge situations often make mistakes that can then lead to a collision with their fellow human beings. The dreaming should perhaps more often show a little more consideration and empathy.

If not the dreaming himself steers the vehicle in his dream of a car accident, but another person, this can be in the dream interpretation a sign that someone else tries to make the decisions in the real life for the dreaming. The dream symbol challenges him to regain control himself. Moreover, a dream of a car accident is often a warning of carelessness or aggression.

Dream symbol “Car accident” – The psychological interpretation

A car accident in the dream interpretation is from a psychological point of view a dream symbol that embodies the fear of loss of control, mistrust and fear of responsibility.

Anyone who dreams that he is at the helm himself at the time of the accident fears that he will no longer be able to control his life and the decisions that will set the course. The stronger the claim to have everything under control, in the awake life, the greater the unconscious fear of not always being able to fulfill the claim.

This fear is increasingly expressed in the dream symbol when the dreaming himself is responsible for the car accident in the dream. At the same time, this dream process in the dream interpretation is a sign that the dreaming holds a deep mistrust of his environment, which has brought him into this accident situation.

Another aspect in the dream interpretation of the dream symbol “car accident” is the unconscious fear of being unable to cope with a responsibility that has been assumed. This manifests itself especially when the car accident, for example, their own children are affected. The dreaming has to provide for their security and cannot afford this in the dream. His subconscious mind signals to him that he fears that he will not be able to perform certain duties as he requires of himself. One should consciously face these worries, which are often suppressed in everyday life.

Traffic accidents are an omnipresent danger in our everyday lives. It can quickly happen that a road user is inattentive, or is simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and thus becomes the victim of an accident. The consequences of this can vary: Fortunately, only damage to property happens fortunately, but it also happens that people are injured or even killed, especially a motorcycle accident or a highway accident with a car and a truck often end tragically. If a person is trapped between pieces of wreckage, in many cases only the fire department can help.

Regardless of its consequences, however, an accident always means a change in the lives of those involved. They have to deal with the misfortune and often change their own behavior in traffic. An accident with a driver’s escape, in which the person in charge cannot be held responsible at first or can never be held responsible, is particularly difficult for the other party to deal with in the event of a serious injury.

Traffic accidents also happen in the dreams of many people. Either they see an accident here or experience it as a party. Often, upon awakening, those concerned ask whether the collision they saw could now be indicative of an actual accident in the near future, or for whatever other reason, the horrible event might have been dreamed. In the interpretation of dreams, there are different interpretation approaches.

Dream symbol “Traffic accident” – The general interpretation

That often dreamed of traffic accidents, which then happen shortly afterwards actually exactly or similar, is explained according to the general interpretation as follows: Subconsciously, the person takes many details in his environment. On the conscious level, he does not perceive these things. This may include certain dangers, but also an inattentive or dangerous behavior of persons. These unconscious impressions are then processed in the dream.

If, for example, the dreaming realistically realizes that accidents can occur quickly at a certain traffic point, if a vehicle or implement has defects or if a certain person often behaves carelessly, he processes this information in a dream and can thus see a traffic accident , If this happens then, the subconscious recognized danger has realized.

Furthermore, a dream seen or experienced in a dream can include a warning: The dreaming may behave recklessly and should be reminded by the dream to behave more prudently and judiciously. In addition, the dream symbol “traffic accident” according to the general interpretation stand for fear of failure. The affected person feels in his real life with something overwhelmed, or is in conflict with this. This is especially true when the dreaming himself belongs to the accident victims.

If the dreaming sees a dramatic car crash at night, for example into a deep ravine, this is symbolic of the insecurity in life and the fears that afflict those affected. Learn more about this in our dream symbol article “crash”.

Who in a dream colliding with another car, which is possibly a setback in life before. This can refer to the financial situation of the dreaming, but also to a specific event or goal, which he pursues. He should see the dream of the collision as an invitation to consider his own situation and to consider by what or who he runs the risk of being disappointed or detained.