Dreams About Cleaning – Interpretation and Meaning

Cleaning means cleaning up dirt in everyday life, creating order, maintaining the immediate environment and keeping it clean. Cleaning is sometimes annoying, but necessary and you have to repeat it constantly. Especially the sanitary area with the toilet and a sink needs a regular cleaning, in order to give pathogenic germs no chance. The kitchen is similar. If we do not rinse after cooking, clean the worktops and wipe away overcooked food, it can quickly lead to foul-smelling and harmful consequences. Body hygiene also includes cleaning. His teeth should be cleaned twice a day, for example, to prevent tooth decay.

Some people hire a cleaning lady or a housekeeper who comes regularly to wash clothes, dust furniture, wipe floors, and do other household chores. If someone sloppily deals with his home, clothes, and other belongings, he is generally considered careless and unreliable.

We would not like to shop in a shop that does not have regular cleaning. An insurance agent driving around in a completely dirty car makes a bad impression on his customers. So, how to do it with the cleaning also says a lot about the nature of a person.

But why do you dream of cleaning? Is the dream perhaps an indication of a particular thought or action that one feels is not quite clean? Should one’s own values ​​be rearranged and adjusted? In the interpretation of dreams, there are subtle nuances in the dream symbol “to clean”, which one should pay attention to, for example, whether objects are polished bare or whether one cares for oneself and cleans oneself off. For example, we talk about cleaning ourselves up if we dress up nicely. Here, too, emphasis is placed on a handsome and well-groomed – cleaned – exterior.

Dream symbol “clean” – The general interpretation

In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol “clean” is transferred to the purification of one’s own character as well as interpersonal relationships. If someone in general dreams that he wants to clean something, the dream can be a request to cultivate contact with friends and relatives and to offer their help more often.

If we scrub objects in the dream very thoroughly and polish them to a high gloss, the diligence of the dreaming is revealed in this brushing. This may be rewarded, but at least this dream symbol means that the dreaming should preserve his pure character.

In the dream, especially if one’s own person is cleansed and dressed up, the dream interpretation assumes that the person dreaming of cleaning tends to exaggerate self-expression and vanity. He should then think about whether he should not appear a little more modest and reserved in life.

The dream symbol “clean” is therefore also an emblem for the fact that one often considers oneself detached from everything and realistically assesses oneself.

Dream symbol “clean” – The psychological interpretation

Under the psychological aspect, the dream symbol “clean” in the dream interpretation stands for self-purification and purification. Dirt can also accumulate in the figurative sense on the soul. The must then be wiped away in the dream, so that the psyche is clean again.

These can be experiences that burden us and should be removed by the dream symbol “clean”.

But it can also be a matter of character defects that find their pictorial equivalent in the deepest interior of the dream interpretation in smut stains. The dreaming feels stained by something and wants to cleanse himself by the symbolic cleaning.

So who dreams of cleaning, should put old values ​​and habits to the test and critically question their own behavior and characteristics. Once the old ballast has been swept away, the soul becomes receptive to new impulses.

Dream symbol “brushing” – The spiritual interpretation

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The dream interpretation assigns the dream symbol “clean” as a sign to liberate one’s own personality from everything negative, from everything that stains our soul. Disturbing influences should be removed, the mental level arranged.

Thus, by cleaning in the dream, the way is cleared away, in order to return the spirit and soul and thus the spiritual life the necessary (spiritual) balance.

It is not uncommon for one’s hands to be violently and compulsively washed in a dream. It is an attempt to purify the subconscious mind from the memory of a grave sin or offense. A dream of washing oneself is related to something that worries or worries us in the awake life. The more we scrub in the dream, the more compelling / urgent is the impulse to do so. Washing a stain off a piece of clothing has similar implications. One has to find out which problem this dream symbol refers to. Mostly it is recognizable either immediately – or at least over additional symbols.

Sometimes this dream is also an invitation to be more conscientious. It is also important which part of the body is cleaned in the dream. Being in the shower or lying in a bath means you have an all-encompassing problem. If you wash your hair with shampoo, then it refers to your own feelings, you wash your genitals, you are ashamed of a sexual escapade, or you know that you should be ashamed.

It can also express concerns about a sexually transmitted disease. A dream of cleaning up at home or even a single room may refer to an unconscious desire to rearrange the awake life. One has probably recognized the need to get rid of some ‘dirt’ or ‘dust’ that interferes with reactions or obscures judgment. Maybe in a dream you had to do with a washing machine. If you just watched how the machine went, it can be a parable of daily routine. Is she boring and eternally the same? The same can mean it, if one looked at the dream of a detergent commercial on television. It may signal the desire to improve the lifestyle – perhaps even by buying a new washing machine.

Why did I do that? Drinking dirty water in a dream

Not only in reality, but also in the dream world caution against the consumption of dirty drinking water is required! All sorts of bacteria and germs may be included herein. Anyone who sees themselves drinking dirty water in a dream runs the risk of becoming ill in the watch world. So take good care of your health in the near future. If someone drinks in a dream, this person is endangered – beware of infection.

In particular, green water, which is drunk in the sleep experience, has a signal effect: Protect yourself and your health now stronger than usual.

A nightmare: fall into dirty water and drown!

The dreamy swimming in the murky water indicates, according to traditional dream analysis, worries and problems of the dreamer. Something from everyday life causes the person concerned difficulties and busy him or her – aware, possibly even unconsciously. Swimming in the dirty water is therefore an invitation to actively deal with this grief.

Anyone who sees himself falling into dirty water in a dream and threatens to drown in the muddy water threatens to “suffocate” from his obligations in everyday life. The requirements grow over the dreamer’s head and he urgently needs a break. One should understand this dream situation as a warning, before it comes to mental or physical complaints.