Dreams About Crows – Interpretation and Meaning

Crows are considered as one of the smartest birds in the world. These birds can use tools just like monkeys even though they don’t have thumbs.

For us, every bird looks just the same, but for the crows we are not equal, and they can recognize different faces and remember every single one of it. Scientist think that crows can recognize people on the exact same way as they recognize each other and on that way they can send warnings between them.

They are seen in many cultures as a bad sign.  Many people connect them with death. Old Slavs had respect for Goddess  of death, Morana, who was related with crows as a symbol of death. Often, they are connected with something magical and mysterious. It is very known that they are followers of the witches, their  trademark. But, one thing that is the same for every culture is that they are a symbol of change.

They represent strong elements of nature and they appear wherever there is life and death. If they want to go somewhere, they do it because they wanted to do it, not because their survival depends on that leave.

In this text, we will pay attention on the dreams about crows and their interpretation. In order to do that, you need to remember as much details of the dream as you can. People usually feel frightened after dreaming it, because it is seen as a bad sign.

Some interpreters say that maybe ghost is trying to reach you, and because of that you need to find a message behind this dream. Sometimes, it is just representation of dreamers ego.

Also, it is considered that crows in a dreams are messages from your subconscious. In further text, we will pay attention on the most common dreams about crows and their interpretations and meanings.

Dreams about Crows – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about seeing a crow. This dream has the most negative connotation and it means that someone from your surrounding who is very close and important to you will have serious illness or he or she will die. If that happens, the only thing you can do is to give support for his or hers family members and let them know that you are there for them.

Dreams about seeing crows on a tree. If in your dream you saw crows standing on a tree, it means that you need to prepare yourself because you will have a lot of difficulties in the future. Also, it means that you will have conflicts with the people around you. There isn’t anything that can help you to avoid it, you just need to be very cautious with your actions and try not to hurt anyone.

Dreams about crow who is flying. Dreams in which crows are flying  are warning you on possible betrayal, to be more precise, it means that there is a chance that your mistress or lover will set you up. There is a possibility that he or she will blackmail you and tell everything about your relationship to your family. Because of that you will be forced to stay in that relationship, even if you want to break up.

Dreams about flock of the crows. If in your dream you saw a flock of the crows, then it means that you will be in a trouble. If you borrowed some money from the people who have suspicious reputation, you can expect that they will ask it back from you soon. Those people can be very dangerous and you need to be extremely careful. Also, there is possibility that you will need to ask some people to help you, but they will refuse to do that because they don’t trust you.

Dreams about crow who is speaking. This dream has a positive connotation. If you dreamed about a crow who is speaking, then you should to know that you will have some financial gain in the future. Maybe you will inherit something, or your business plans will come to realization and you will have a bigger profit than usual.

Dreams about crow who is cackling. Crow who is cackling in your dream is representing something bad. Usually, it is seen as a sign that you will receive some news. Those news can be related both to your professional and personal life and it is possible that you won’t like it. You need to check everything before telling it to other people, because they can accuse you if something goes wrong.  Regarded to your personal life, it means that there is possibility that your partner is lying to you.

Dreams about crow’s nest. Similar to previous dream explanation, so as this dream can mean that your partner isn’t sincere to you. There are two options. Either he or she is cheating on you and loves someone else, or he or she is just thinking about other person. But, there is opposite interpretation which says that you are the one who is cheating on your partner, or thinking about someone else.

Dreams about you killing a crow. If in your dream you killed a crow, it means that you will win against your enemies. There is someone who is always trying to oppose you and put you down but you don’t need to be like that person. You can confront to her on a better way and explain things with kindness. That will be your greatest victory.

Dreams about dead crow. If the crow in your dream was dead, it means that injustice which was made to you will be corrected. If someone close to you insulted you, don’t worry, everything will be ok. They will understand that the mistake was theirs, and not yours, and they will ask you to forgive them. But, there is a possibility that you will not be able to do that, because they lost your trust and you don’t want to have anything to do with people who doesn’t stand for you and don’t believe you.

These were some of the most common dreams about crows and their interpretation. If you watched a TV show about crows, or you have seen them somewhere, it means that your dream was triggered by it and doesn’t have any meaning. But if this was not the case, and you had this dream, then it means that you need to find a proper explanation for it.

Try to remember as much details of it as you can, and then search for a meaning of it. We hope that this text helped you to do that, and you are able to understand messages behind your dream.