Dreams About Cutting Hair – Interpretation and Meaning

People were always fascinated by the world of the dreams. Ancient Egyptians belived that they enable communication with the spiritual world.

Also, old Greeks considered that the dreams are creations of our mind. The person who took serious research on this topic was Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. He considered that the dreams are the key to our suppressed subconscious, our fears and wishes, especially sexual conflicts, and that they are full of coded messages and fantasies.

Some interpreters say that there are two teories about dreams. First one says that the dreams strenghten and stabilize our memory, and second one says that they are very important for our emotions. In spite of these teories, we can say that the world of dreams will remain mistery for us and subject of many researches in future.

In this text we will try to help you to understand the meaning of the dreams about cutting hair. Cutting hair is something that is characteristically  to a man and on that way we are trying to leave impresion on our surrounding. As you know, not every dream has the same meaning, it all depends on the details of it. This type of dream isn’t so common, but it has some sort of symbolism. It usually has positive meaning. It represents good things that can happen to you in a future.

However, sometimes it has negative connotation. Here we will explain some of the interpretations.

Dreams About Cutting Hair – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about cutting hair. Cutting hair in a dream can represent many things. Some of them are that it represents loss, life change or step into a new chapter of someone’s life. If person dreams this, and has negative emotions while he/she is dreaming, it means that he/she is inable to control some certain situations.

Also, it means that a particular person feels like an injustice has been done to him/her, or that someone is doing everything against it’s wishes and intentions.

On the other hand, it means that a person is on its way to a new start.

Dreaming about you cutting your own hair. Usually, this is a good sign. It represents some changes, especially after some losses and traumatic life experiences. Just like when you cut your hair, and make change on your appearance with it, this dream represents your way to show others that you got rid of your old habbits, problems and worries and that you are ready to start again.

You will stop communicating with people who have a bad influence on you, and you will stop attending events which you were being forced to attend.

Dreaming about you cutting someone else’s hair. This type of dream has a positive connotation. You will be able to help someone in the future. If in your dream you dreamed about cutting hair to someone who you know in reality, it means that you will help her/him soon. Don’t miss a chance to do a good  deed.

Also, this can be related to an unknown person who doesn’t mean anything special to you. But, there is another interpretation. Interpreters say that this dream indicates your conscious or unconscious need to control everything and everyone arround you. You want to change people in order to make yourself happy. Maybe you want everyone to addapt to your lifestyle and your habbits? You should be very careful, and don’t try to change people’s choices. You can’t force anyone to live the way you want them to.

Dreaming about someone else cutting your hair. When someone is dreaming this, it symbolizes your inability to have control on your own life. You are feeling helpless in certain life situations, and you can’t keep everything together. This can be a consequence of some traumatic experience that you had lately. It left a very big mark on your life.

Also, there are persons who are trying to make decissions instead of you. Those persons are the ones who are trying to manipulate you.  You should take this dream as a warning to start thinking on your own and be responsible for your life. Sometimes, it hasn’t to be in a negative connotation, because you wanted people to do things instead of you.

Dreaming about someone else’s haircut. The meaning of this dream depends on the details of it. For example, you can dream that someone who you know very well had a haircut, or you can dream about someone totally unknown to you.

If you dreamed about someone who you know, it is a good sign. That person will be lucky in the future, and only good things will happen to her/him, and you will share that happines together. Maybe you will hear some good news from him/her. But, if you dreamed about someone unknown, it means that you are not satisfied with your current life situation.

Something is bothering you, and you are feeling unhappy because of that. You want things to be changed, and you want all of your problems and worries to disappear. When a female is dreaming about cutting her hair, it means that she is denying her femininity. If in that dream she had short hair, it represents her wish to present herself as a strong and unflinching person in front of the other people.

Some interpreters say that short hair can be related to person’s need to spend a lot of money, and should be a sign to stop being too irrational in spending it.

Dreaming about being bold. If you had this type of dream, it means that you will need to face with some aspects of your personality which you have been avoiding for a long time.

You are trying to present yourself stronger than you really are. Maybe you are not aware of yourself how it is supposed to be. Try to change that, maybe people don’t like some of your qualities.

Dreaming about drastic change of your hair. If in your dream you change your haircut often and that change is so drastic, it means that some things will never be the same because you will experience some important life changes. You will alter the approach that you have related to your problems and situations. You’ll leave in the past your old beliefs and attitudes and try to find another way to solve things.

These were some of the most common interpretations of the dreams about cutting hair. If you had your hair cut recently, or maybe you watched someone being cut, then this dream is just a reflection of the things happened in reality. In that case, your dream doesn’t have any symbolism and you don’t need to interpret it.