Dreams About Divorce – Interpretation and Meaning

Have you ever woke up after a really good dream, and tried to remember every detail of it?

Was it difficult to do it? If the answer is yes, then you need to know that it isn’t nothing odd because it is very known that we can remember only a part of our dreams.

One thing is for sure, you will remember parts of your dream only if you wake up during the REM phase of your sleep. People usually say that sound of the alarm clock interrupted their good dream and because of it they couldn’t retain memory on it, but the fact is that even if they had woke up by themselves they wouldn’t be able to do that. Average person forgets about 90% of the dream.

In this text, we will pay attention on your dreams about divorce. Divorce can be very stressful for a people who are going through it. This isn’t the most common type of a dream to be dreamed, but people can dream about it. There are different interpretations of it, and one of them is that divorce means that you need to make priorities in your life.

Divorce can be a symbol of different aspects of someone’s personality which are separating because they can’t work together.

Also, it is a sign that the time has come for you to change your old habits and it is seen as some kind of a transition. Some interpreters say that it can be a representation of your fear of ending up alone. If you went through divorce lately, then this dream is just reflection of it and representation of you going through healing process.

Sometimes dreams can have different symbolism and they point out on some things that are expecting us in the future. In further text, we will try to explain you the most common types of a dream about divorce and its interpretations and meanings.

Dreams about Divorce – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about you getting divorced. Dreams in which you are getting divorced are a symbol of a personal failure. That failure can be related both to your personal and professional life. You will find yourself in an unpleasant situation which you will not know how to handle. It will make you to question your actions in order to find a cause for that failure.

Dreams about divorce initiated by you. If in your dream you were the person who initiated a divorce, then it means that you have problems with your partner, to be more precise, there are things about him that are bothering you. Your relationship isn’t going in the right direction, and this dream is just a reflection of your fears that you are distancing from each other. You need to improve your communication and try to solve problems that you have together.

Dreams about someone else getting divorced. If you dreamed that someone else from your surrounding is getting divorced, it means that you are very immature and this dream is warning you to get serious and act like an adult. Also, this means that you are not enough committed to your partner, and it is making him or her very unhappy. Maybe you think that everything is ok, but that isn’t true and you need to change yourself because you could end up alone if you continue with that behavior.

Dreams about divorce initiated by someone else. This dream means that you believe in a marriage and nothing isn’t more important for you than it. You will do everything for your husband or wife, and you will give 100% of yourself in order to make that marriage great. But, negative thing about this dream is that somewhere deep down in your subconscious you have a fear that something between you could go wrong and this dream is just product of it.

Dreams about you being guilty for someone’s divorce. This type of a dream can be triggered by real life situation in which you are trying to build your happiness on someone else’s sorrow. This dream warns you to stop being so rude to your partner and try to be more careful because you could hurt his or hers feelings. You can’t always get what you want if it means hurting someone.

Dreams about you not giving a divorce to your partner. Dream in which you don’t want to give a divorce is just representation of your ego and selfishness. People like you don’t care about others and their needs, you just want to have all for yourself and you want it now.

Also, you are very possessive and that’s what bothers your partner the most. It is possible that your actions will lead to break up, even if you don’t want to. You can’t keep anyone beside you by force, and even if you succeed in your intentions you should know that it will bring nothing but troubles.

Dreams about your partner who doesn’t want to give you a divorce. If you had this type of a dream, it means that your ex partner is obsessed with you. Take this dream as some kind of a warning that it is possible that this person will try to ruin your life because he or she can’t accept the fact that you break up and will do everything to convince you to start again. People like your ex are capable to do whatever is in their power to destroy your new relationships. Try to talk with him or her and explain on a kind way that you don’t feel anything anymore.

Dreams about your parents divorce. If in your dream your parents were divorcing, it means that you are having conflicts inside you, and you can’t decide what to do. There is a problem that needs to be solved, but you don’t know how to do it. Take a deep breath and try to be focused and make priorities in your life. On that way you will find a proper solution.

If you are going through divorce, or someone from your surrounding is divorcing, then you should not pay attention on your dream because it was just caused by it. This could happen also if you watched a TV show about divorce.

But, if this was not the case and you had this type of a dream, then you should try to remember as much details of it as you can, so as the emotions that you had during it.

After that you should try to find a proper interpretation and meaning for your dream in order to understand message behind it. We hope that this text helped you to do that.