Dreams About Fighting – Interpretation and Meaning

Dream interpretation is an explanation of possible meanings for our dreams, which could be understooded as symbolic messages sent to us by our subconscious. While we are awake, we are under the influence of many external factors, and most of them we are not able to process. When we fall asleep, our body and mind are relaxing and some of the answers are beginning to reveal in a dream.

Records of a dream interpretation can be found in a Bible where Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams about seven fat and seven skinny cows. Correctness of his interpretations proved to be in the years that came, giving him a glory and a high position. In Old Testament Daniel also interpreted dreams, claiming that they were the way that God revealed his secrets to the people.

In the following text, we will try to find a meaning of a dreams about fighting. Dreams like this aren’t pleasent, and they bring a lot of negative emotions for a dreamer who feels confused and frightened after dreaming it. If you dreamed about anything that has a violent context, such as kicking, knife attack, murder, etc. it means that you will need soon to make some decisions.

Also, they represent some conflicts and arguments. Maybe you are fighting with your emotions, life situations and people. Or this can represent your resistance and your way to proove yourself to someone. Sometimes dreams like this are signifying your jelaousy or even your resentment on someone. It can represent your intensifying emotions during some arguments. You can have a feeling like you aren’t accepted  from people who are being unkind to you.

Dreams about fighting can have a different meanings and people are interpreting them on different ways. Their meaning is depending on the details of a dream. For example, you can dream about seeing a fight, about someone who is beating you or you started a fight, about being hurt in a fight and many more. All of these situations are possible for a dream about fighting and all of them are interpreted on their way.

If you recently watched a movie or a TV show where people were fighting, this type of а dream can be triggered by it. In that case, you don’t need to find a meaning for it. But, if you didn’t do anything of that, you should try to find a meaning of it in this text. We hope this will help you.

Dreams About Fighting – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you fighting with someone. If you had dreams like this, you should be prepared on the things which are expecting you in the future. It will be something that will make you either happy, like some kind of a pleasent surprise, or either you will be dissapointed a lot. Also, it indicates that you will hear good news from someone who is very close to you.

Dreaming about you fighting with your partner. Usually, this dream is a bad sign. In the future, you will argue a lot and cause of that argument will be some trifle that you will not have same opinion about. You will start feeling guilty because you couldn’t change bad habbits of your partner. Maybe you should let it go, and try to find a solution that is good for both of you.

Also, you should consider of possibility that your partner is cheating on you. Maybe you are aware of it, and your dream is just warning you.

Dreaming about you seeing a fight. This type of a dream means that you are not a person who likes to meddle with other people’s life and certainly to solve their problems. It is none of your business, and you like to stay away from it. Because of that, you can be described like someone who is uninterested, but you just don’t want to have influence on people’s decissions and opinions.

This can be connected to your desire to be independent and not under the influence of others. Positive thing about this dream is that you have a freedom in organizating your life exactly how you want to and you don’t mind what others think.

Dreaming about someone who is beating you. If you dreamed about this, you should understand it as a sign to overcome your stress and stop worrying about the things that didn’t happen, and maybe will never happen.

Also, it means that you will be critized from someone who is very close and important to you. That person isn’t respecting you enough, he or she is always humilating you and because of that person you have a feeling that you are not good enough. Somehow, you convince yourself that you are wrong and you think about  that person as someone who is right. Take this as a warning to believe in yourself more, and try not to listen what other  people think.

Dreaming about you starting a fight.  This dream indicates that you will say or do something soon  that you will regret later. You might hurt someone who isn’t deserving it, even if you didn’t had attention to do that. Be very careful with your actions, try to think twice before you do anything that you might regret.

Dreaming about you fighting with a friend. Dreams like this have a negative connotation and they can be understooded as a bad sign. Interpreters say that you can expect to lose someone who you love.

Dreaming about you being hurt in a fight. If you dreamed that you were being hurt in a fight, it means that you are a person who likes to be a part of other peoples life, and to give advices and your opinions about the things that aren’t your concern, especially when no one is asking you to do that.

Be very careful what you are doing, you can’t always control what others are doing and let them to make their own decissions. There is another interpretation which says that you will defend someone who you know that is guilted unfairly. However, you should be cautious, because you can be accused instead of that person.

Dreaming about you being a winner in a fight. This type of a dream in which you got out from a fight as a winner means that you will make some order in your surrounding, no matter  if it is related to your friends or family. You will have good influence on their behaviour and you will help them to get rid of their bad habbits.

Dreaming about you being defeted in a fight. Unfortunatelly, you can expect to be a part of some unpleasent events in a period that is ahead of you. It indicates that you will make bad business moves, and you will have financial losses. If you don’t pay attention on it, those losses could be enormous. You might lose your property and even go bankrupt.

Dreaming about you fighting with someone to stay alive. This can be connected to your feeling of being desperate. You might be feeling consequences from your jelaous outbreaks.

Also, you are threatened by something or someone who is trying to compromise you and with who you will have conflicts in the future. Sometimes, it means that someone in your family is having serious health problems.

Dreaming about a blood in a fight. If you dreamed about being in a fight where some of the participants are bleeding, it means that you will be betrayed. Maybe this dream indicates that you trust people easily, especially to your friends and family. You should be careful, you never know when someone will turn you his back and hurt you when you least expect them to.

Dreaming about you fighting with someone who is stronger than you. This means that you are very strong person and you have your firm attitudes and principles. You are someone who is always fighting for the truth and you should never give up from your goals. Try not to change your opinion, and don’t let anyone to have influence on you. On that way, people will respect you more.

Dreaming about massive fight. If you had this type of a dream, it means that in reality you are surrounded with enemies. Those are the people who are sychopants and they act with you like they are your friends, but as soon as they turn you back they start to slander you. You need to remove those persons from your life.