Dreams About Friends – Interpretation and Meaning

Friends are among the most important people in our lives. They help us when we are mentally or physically ill, they listen and cheer us up again and again. You can laugh and have fun with them, exchange thoughts and spend a lot of free time together. Even emotional or aggressive quarrels often can not destroy this deep attachment. A life without the closest friends is unthinkable for most people. Friends already accompany us in the Kita Group. Later, we get to know a school friend, and sometimes such a friendship lasts a lifetime.

A friend or girlfriend is also a partner in a relationship; if the connection is particularly intimate and harmonious, some people do not exclude themselves from their dream man or dream girl – marriage.

It is therefore hardly surprising that her friends also play a role in the dreams of many people. However, the circumstances surrounding the appearance of a friend can vary in the dream: Again, many dreamers get along well with their friends, but it can, as in real life, come to a fight. But why do we dream of our friends at night? What do these dreams mean?

Since friendship and love are close together, in connection with the dream symbol “friend / girlfriend” not infrequently also the partner of a love relationship appears. To interpret your dream of a friend or girlfriend, here are some of the most common dreams associated with this dream image:

Just an infidelity? Dreams of the cheating friend

What a nightmare! Your friend became a stranger to you. Quickly it is over with the love in the dream. However, this dream also has a deeper meaning: The friend sleeps with a friend dream means you are afraid of losses. These can actually affect the partner, but also other things in life.

Just as terrible may be a dream in which the dreaming person realizes that her boyfriend has another girlfriend. The friend now has a new friend and the jealousy is great. “Doesn’t he love me anymore?” – This question makes you feel well, if the friend then just puts an end. Such dreams point to a work-up phase and possibly repressed jealousy.

Did you dream of seeing a friend with an ex-friend? Did you even possibly kissed with the ex-friend? Behind it lie, according to the general interpretation of dreams, various aspects of the past, which are closely related to the feelings and needs of the dreaming lie.

Two other dream situations one does not like to dream about are “girlfriend kisses boyfriend” and “boyfriend kisses best friend”. In both cases, one feels cheated by the friend and the girlfriend will probably be the ex -best friend from now on. Anyone who experiences such a kiss-dream, in which friend and girlfriend kiss with each other, misses affection and harmonious living together in the real world.

Just then one looked in love and said “I love you” and in the next moment it’s all over – the girlfriend spans the friend. If this happens in a dream, problems arise in the dreamer’s life, but they can in all probability be solved on their own.

Was it perhaps in your dream that your ex had a new friend? Find out here what significance lies behind:

In the dream, the ex-friend has a new friend!

If someone has a separation, be it in the real world or in a dream, behind him, it may well be that the dream symbol “ex-boyfriend and girlfriend” or “ex-boyfriend new girlfriend” appears. If one encounters the ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend and is perhaps annoyed that the ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend or is with another woman, this symbolizes among other things fear of loss and can be interpreted as a warning of problems in a current relationship , This may also include the subconscious desire for the ex to come back.

In addition to the dream images listed so far, there are other situations in which persons appear who are close to the dreamer or whom he may know more accurately.

Other dream situations to the symbol “friend / girlfriend”

Dreams in which one sees friend and friend can be very different. Here it plays in the interpretation above all a role, as one stood in the dream to these persons. Was it about a good friend? If so, this embodies the qualities that the dreaming of this man appreciates. Did you see the friend of the friend in the dream world?

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams are behind the dream symbol “friend of girlfriend” personality shares of the sleeping person, which keeps them secret from the girlfriend in the watch world. Are there any features that you would rather not show your girlfriend? Dream in which a friend dies: The dreaming makes an important stage of development.

Dream symbol “friend / girlfriend” – The psychological interpretation

In psychological terms are the friends, you meet in a dream, for a part of your own personality. It is therefore important to consider what you see in the friend or the friend in order to recognize which part of your own personality he should represent. Is the friend very self-confident or caring? Thoughtful or spontaneous? Then it is to be distinguished how the persons behave in the dream.

For example, if the dreaming is arguing with his friend or girlfriend, it symbolizes an imbalance: he is dissatisfied with the part of himself that the friend represents in the dream. Conversely, it behaves when the encounter is harmonious. The friend repellent signals as psychological interpretation of the dream is self doubt.

Dream symbol “friend / girlfriend” – The spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual interpretation are friends that you meet in the dream, as in real life too , Companions and supporters.  Some friends only accompany us for a few years, other friendships will last a lifetime. Happy may appreciate friendships that go in advanced adulthood with people with whom they played in the sandbox.

Over the years, the shared wealth of experience has grown, many shared memories have a place in our hearts. Sometimes old friends know us better than their partner. Nevertheless, it often happens that friendships break or the friends slowly diverge. You lose sight of yourself with your schoolmate or your comrade, you live separate lives. Sometimes it comes after years to a reunion.

Even if there is no reconciliation after a quarrel: Our former friends and friendships often influence us for a long time. A dream of former friends and love relationships is therefore not uncommon. Even after many years, many people still deal with old friendships and process this argument in a dream.

How does the interpretation of dreams interpret these processing processes? What do the former friends and girlfriends want to tell us in a dream?

Dream symbol “former friends” – The general interpretation

If the dreaming sees or meets former friends in a dream, that may mean that he is dealing with the relationship to these people. Maybe the friendship has broken up in an unpleasant way, the dreaming is not over this break yet and deals with the person in the dream in order to process the events. In this case, an event or a person can play a role, which reminded the dreaming of the former friend. The dream may indicate a desire to contact these former friends again.

Depending on which characteristics of the former friends in the dream are particularly emphasized, the dream symbol is also an indication of what the dreaming should consider in future interpersonal relationships. For example, if the former friend was particularly shy, the dreaming should better seek the proximity of communicative people.

Also, he can analyze in a dream, what exactly is the reason for the break or the slow expiration of the friendship. This is especially true when the former friend gives advice. The dreaming should use his past experiences to better his present friendships.

If the friends who appear in the dream are former childhood friends, the whole dream points to the childhood of the dreaming. On the one hand, this may mean that in a stressful time he wishes to recuperate the carefree nature of his childhood, or on the other hand, that he is currently very childish and irresponsible.

Dream symbol “former friends” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychologically oriented interpretation of dreams, all persons who appear in the dream refer to the dreaming themselves. Therefore, when he dreams of past friendships, he deals with certain aspects of his personality that are of essential importance to him.

The characteristics of the former friends represent qualities of the dreaming, which he would like to have or on which he dissolves, depending on how he feels the former friends in the dream and how they behave towards him. Maybe he had already achieved some wisdom or a character trait, which he then lost again. the dream symbol reminds him of it.

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This dream symbol can also reflect a past that has not yet been processed. Perhaps the dreaming man does not dare to touch certain aspects of his childhood or adolescence in his awake life, and therefore deals with it in his dream.

For the interpretation of the dream, the feelings that connect the dreaming with the former friends and the situation in which they emerge are decisive.

Dream symbol “former friends” – The spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual sense, former friends in the dream stand for one or more lessons that the dreaming can take from the past. Experiences and events from an old friendship serve to show him the right way in his current life.