Dreams About Having Twins – Interpretation and Meaning

First findings that were ever recorded about dream interpretation are founded 7000 years ago. First of them are founded in Mesopotamia, place that was known as one of the earliest civilizations in the world. It was considered then that dreams are an extension of reality. Ancient Romans and Greeks connected interpretation of the dreams with religion and they believed that dreams are some sort of messages from Gods or the underworld of the dead.

People who lived in that time relied on dreams and their messages when they needed to make some important decisions or when they needed some solution for situations in their life.

In this text, we will pay attention on the dreams about having twins. This type of a dream can be dreamed both by man and woman, even if it is dreamed more often by woman. In generally, dreams about twins are a symbol of ambivalence and opposites. This can mean that you are in a harmony with your decisions.

Also, it represents duality in ideas, thoughts, feelings or state of consciousness. The details of dreams like this can show whether there is a condition of a harmony or a conflict between two halves. Some interpreters say that twins represent balance that is very important for our psychological health and emotions. In an old manual for dreams we can find interpretation which says that dreams about older twins represent double trouble which will be followed with double happiness.

Also, there are some other interpretations. One of them says that these dreams are a warning for you to start paying more attention on yourself. Other says that your financial situation will soon be better and your family will be in welfare. In case that you had this dream, and wondered what is the meaning of it, we will help you to understand it better and try to interpret it for you.

Dreams About Having Twins – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about married people having twins. If you are in marriage and you dreamed about this, it represents your happiness. You and your partner are planning to have kids, and this dream is just a reflection of your desire. It can be triggered by constant questions of your family and friends about your plans because they want to hear good news from you that will make them very happy.

Dreaming about having twins by a single person. If you are single, and you dreamed about this it represents your worries in reality. You will be under big pressure from your family. They are constantly trying to make you finish your studies, to be in a marriage and after that conceive children. They will never be satisfied with anything that you do in your life, and they will demand more and more from you. They are not aware that if they continue with their pressure on you, you will be very bothered and you will not concentrate on the things which can be important.

Dreaming about giving birth to twins. This type of a dream has both negative and positive meaning. Negative thing about it is that it represents possible troubles. You might be in a fight with someone who is very dear to you. It will start as something meaningless, but it will become serious and you will say to each other things that you didn’t meant to. Consequences of that fight will be huge. That will lead you to stop contacting with that person for a while, as long as you both aren’t ready to forgive each other.

Positive thing about it is that this dream represents celebrations in your family, such as birthdays, weddings, reunions, graduations and many other festive gatherings. This will help you to get closer to ones that you love, and share with them precious moments in your life.

Also, it means that you will soon receive good news regarding to your personal and professional life.

Dreaming about having twins in your family. This dream can be reflection of your desire of having children if you don’t have them. You wanted for a long time to expand your family and this dream is just reflection of it. But if you already are a parent it means that you are thinking of having more children.

Dreaming about having conjoined twins. If you had this type of a dream, it represents happiness for you and your family. Whenever you make a success, they will be as happy as you because of it and they will consider it as their success. Also, their wellbeing is your wealth and that is what makes you truly blessed and satisfied.

Dreaming about having Siamese twins. Interpreters say that this type of a dream symbolizes matrimony and union. If you are married, this means that you are ready to have big family, just how you imagined and desired to have. But if you are single than this dream represents your love life. It means that you will find someone who will have everything that you ever wanted and someone who is definition of your real soul mate.

Dreaming about having twins while being surrounded by other pair of twins. This dream represents birth and fertility. If you got married recently, and if you are a female, it means that you will soon be pregnant. If you are already pregnant, interpreters say that you can expect to give birth to twins and even triplets and quadruplets. But, if you are a male who dreamed about this, it means that some of your female family member could be pregnant and she will announce it to you.

Dreaming about having twins who are fighting. Seeing in your dream twins that are fighting represents conflict between contradictions in your head. You are very indecisive and you don’t know how to act in certain situations. This dream is a warning for you to be more self – confident in the things that you do and your actions.

Dreaming about having twins with different hair length. Dreams like this are connected to your partner and your relationship. It shows direction in which that relationship is going, but also it represents balance. Long hair indicates that you are very reasonable when it comes to making good decisions, while short hair means that you rely on your intuition and instincts. Positive thing about this dream is that it means that your relationship is going in the right direction. If you are having fiancé, it represents your strong bond with him or her and you can say that you are very alike and you have matching personalities.

Dreaming about having twins in public place. This dream has negative connotation. It means that you are someone who is always pushed aside and people are always trying to ruin your self – confidence. This makes you very unhappy and insecure, and because of that you don’t express your opinion even if it is needed. Take this as a warning to change yourself, be more confident and don’t let anyone to restrain you.

Dreaming about having sick twins. If you dreamed about sick twins it means that you will be very disappointed and unhappy in the future. Someone who is very close to you will betray you. Be careful who do you trust, and don’t tell your secrets to anyone before you are certain in his good attentions.

Dreaming about twins crying. Unfortunately, this dream has a very negative connotation. It represents health problems, sickness, and in a worst case death. You need to prepare yourself for possible problems like this, and try to be very cautious. Keep this in mind and be careful especially when you are in traffic, or when you are in a pool because you can drown or maybe you can be killed or hear that someone from your family will be killed. In order to prevent some health issues, you should go to your doctor and do a medical check up  just to be sure that everything is ok.

Dreaming about dead twin. This dream has a positive connotation and it signifies a good life. In the period that’s ahead of you, you can expect to be in a good health condition and everything will go just how you imagined. This can be understood as award for your good behavior when it comes to your relationship to other people. You are always trying to help everyone and because of that you can expect to be happy and in a wellbeing.

These were some of the most common dreams about twins and their interpretations. If you have watched recently a TV show about twins, or maybe you have twins, than you shouldn’t pay attention on this dream, because it was just triggered by this fact. But if this isn’t the case, than you should try to find a meaning for your dream.

Before doing that, you need to remember as much details of it as you can in order to find a proper interpretation. We hope that this text helped you to understand the message behind it.