Dreams About Killer Whales – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are messages from unconscious part of our being to its conscious part. Every night, we enter in the world of the dreams. That world belongs to us, but yet we don’t understand it and because of it, it intrigues us even more. We can only suppose that our dream has a meaning for us.

There are a lot of theories about it, but all of them are seen as hypothesis. Scientists agree in several tings. They believe that dreams are helping us to solve some important life problems, they help us to build emotional part of our personality and they archive important things from our life to long – term memory.

In this text, we will pay attention on the dreams about killer whales. Killer whales belong to the oceanic dolphin family. As a spirit animal, it represents leadership and connection. Also, if you see it as your animal totem, it means that you are highly intelligent person and you have great learning ability.

People said that even watching, or being around them makes them calm and happy. If you had a dream about killer whales, it symbolizes something beautiful. That could be your feelings or some situations in your life. In Greek mythology, they were transferring souls of the dead to the island of blessed. Beside this, they were fellow travelers of Apollo and Aphrodite.

Here we will try to explain you the meaning of the most common dreams about killer whales.

Dreams about Killer Whales – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about killer whales in general. If you dreamed about this, it represents different kinds of happiness, feelings and connections. You are someone who is good with people around you, who like your company and see you as a true friend. You have a pure heart, full of love and without any hate in it.

Dreams about you seeing a killer whale. This means that you are on your way to discover hidden parts of your soul and personality because it is connected to your mental, spiritual and emotional development. You will discover new things that will enrich your life even more.

Dreams about killer whale jumping out of the water. This dream has a positive connotation and it means that you will achieve your goals and wishes and that will happen when you least expect it. You will have a lot of success in your personal and professional life.

Dreams about you playing with killer whales. If you had this type of a dream, it means that you are running away from the things in your life, such as stressed job, unstable relationship and everything that bothers you in order to find a peace and happiness.

Dreams about you being surrounded by killer whales. This dream means that happiness will follow you on your way to success. Things that you imagined to do will come to a realization and all of your hard work will pay off. People from your surrounding see you as a ideal in everything. When it comes to your love life, you will be very satisfied and we can say that you are in a relationship with right person who loves you unconditionally.

Dreams about dying killer whale. If you dreamed about dying killer whale, it means that you will stop contacting with some people who once were very close to you. That could be someone who you trusted a lot, but he or she betrayed you and because of it you don’t want him or her near you. Also, if you lost someone who you were very attached to, then this dream represents your feeling of loneliness and sorrow.

Dreams about you riding a killer whale. This dream symbolizes your adventurous spirit and optimism. You are always searching for something new, and you have a desire for constant improvement of your skills and personality.

Dreams about you feeding a killer whale. If you dreamed about feeding a killer whale, it means that you will become a friend with someone who you least expected to. That might be a person who you had conflicts with in the past. He or she will help you on your way to success and thanks to that help, you will be finally able to show others what you can do, your qualities and abilities.

Dreams about you trying to catch a killer whale. This means that your life is caught in monotony and you are feeling trapped in it. Your life is becoming boring with each day, and you want something to change. This dream is just a reflection of that desire. Try to find a way to make your life a little bit interesting, go out and do new things with your friends and family.

Dreams about you catching a killer whale. If in your dream you caught a killer whale, then it represents harmony, great fun and joy. In the period that’s ahead of you, you will have a lot of fun with your friends, and you will share beautiful moments together.

Dreams about you swimming with a killer whale. Dream in which you were swimming with a killer whale means that you are able to solve your problems easily and you can achieve your goals how you imagined to.

Dreams about you watching a killer whales from the shore. This dream awakes your desire for being free just how killer whales are.  You want to do whatever cross your mind and be free in making important decisions in your life, even if it seems to be hard and impossible sometimes.

Dreams about you touching a killer whale. If you dreamed about this, it means that you have a sexual attraction to someone, and it is based on physical appearance of that person.

Dreams about a killer whale attacking you. If the killer whale in your dream tried to attack you, it means that you had recently a stressful situation which left a big mark on you. You couldn’t find a way out and you felt helpless. Because of that, your dream was a reflection of those things that happened to you.

These were some of the most common dreams about killer whales and its interpretations and meanings. If you saw a killer whale, or you watched a TV show about it, then your dream doesn’t have any meaning because it was just triggered by it.

If you didn’t do any of this, then you should try to remember as much details of your dream as you can and situations that you were in it and then find its meaning. We hope that this text helped you to do it, and you understood messages behind it.