Dreams About Poop, Feces – Interpretation and Meaning

In our society today, excrement, feces or poop is a thing that causes disgust and disgust. Even though every human needs to do this, it is something that people do not talk about, especially when it comes to human excrement, that is feces. The confrontation with animal excrement, for example, the kicking in a dog pile or foul smelling cat feces, is just as repulsive and disgusting for most people.

However, it should not be forgotten that the production of manure is a natural process that can benefit humans: manure is one of the most widely used fertilizers in agriculture.

Also as most disgusting dreams of feces are perceived. Although it is not uncommon to dream of it, many people displace these dreams from their consciousness. Nevertheless, excrement plays an important role in dream interpretation: the dream symbol can stand for some significant aspects in life.

It is important for a dream analysis, however, to interpret all other symbols in a feces dream, such as the toilet or toilet paper, if you have perceived this in the dream.

Dream symbol “poop” – The general interpretation

As feces are indispensable and thus valuable fertilizers, in the dream, according to the general interpretation, they often symbolize money and wealth. Who excretes feces in a dream to a heap in real life so may be wealthy, but in any case very generous.

However, those who suffer from constipation in the dream and can not “poop”, as it is informal, is in real life too stingy and domineering or is very afraid of (financial) loss. In addition, the excretion of feces in the dream after the general interpretation can also be a burden from which the dreaming freed itself. In real life he suffers from a difficult, stressful situation. Through the dream, he symbolically dissolves from this (emotional) oppression.

Poop is also a dream in the dream to interpret as a symbol of money, if the person concerned plays with it. He will be spared financial concerns after the general reading, but he should be careful not to be childish and playful with his money, but keep an adult and responsible eye on it.

Also widespread are dreams in which a transformation of feces is seen: it could, for example, an animal or a plant arise. This often symbolizes a low impulse control of the dreaming, as well as an underdeveloped sense of responsibility. The dreamer has difficulty reasoning about a particular aspect of his life.

It is also possible to dream of stepping into excrement, for example in dog excrement. In this case, the excrement of the animal symbolizes something that the dreaming wants to solve, something he rejects in real life. If the feces foul the shoe in a dream, it shows that the person concerned has difficulties to really get rid of this aspect.

Dream symbol “poop” – The psychological interpretation

From the point of view of some psychoanalysts, the dream symbol feces is a “product of the human being”, ie a specific work that the person concerned has completed or produced in real life. Through a dream of excrement, the dreaming processes the completion of this very important work.

According to Sigmund Freud, the excretion of feces in the dream symbolizes a loss during bowel movements, especially if the dreaming is a child. This is in all likelihood brought up very strictly by his parents in certain areas of life and feels deprived of a certain need.

Dream symbol “poop” – The spiritual interpretation

Feces symbolizes a longing in the spiritual interpretation of dreams: the dreaming wants to leave behind certain negative aspects and emotions in his life and thus create space for spirituality and pleasure.

Stool is another word for feces and the term feces describes the emptying of the intestine, a process commonly colloquially referred to as “pooping.” Digestion says a lot about nutrition and about human health. After a meal with a lot of beetroot or spinach, the bowel movement may be quite bright, but that is no cause for alarm.

Symptoms of constipation include constipation, diarrhea or black stools. In healthy people, the digestive product is supple, but of a certain strength. In general, one excretes between 100 and 300 grams of feces per bowel movement.

The bowel movement in the dream can go back to an actual urge. If the dreamer has taken extra rich, heavy food the night before, the resulting pressure on the colon can be felt by dreaming to go to the bathroom. Since the bowel movement is a very intimate affair, the interpretation of the dream should pay attention to the context in which the need arises.

Dream symbol “bowel movement” – The general interpretation

During bowel movements, something is squeezed out of the body, which is no longer needed. If you do not get rid of it, the feces – colloquially also called “shit” – become a burden.

In the interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol accordingly represents the general liberation of something that has become superfluous and therefore an unwelcome burden. The emptying of the intestine is moreover associated with a certain effort and also a physical compulsion to which one is subjected.

In this context, the dream symbol can also be a symbol for dealing with an emergency situation. Maybe the dreaming is in a predicament, from which he comes out only with great effort.

In the dream interpretation, there are other interpretive variants of the dream symbol “bowel movement”. In general, feces in the dream is considered a lucky symbol. However, the nature of the product of bowel movement must be taken into account.

Dry excrement indicates low expenditure, wet on larger. Reminds the feces of legumes, the dream symbol is a sign that the dreaming is freed from pressing needs. If stones are the result of bowel movements, this means in the dream interpretation that the dreaming can eliminate difficulties.

If the dreaming is ill, announces itself in the dream of his speedy recovery. The departure of a snake is in the interpretation of the dream an indication that the dreaming has someone near him, whom he can not trust. The dream symbol “bowel movement” is then an invitation to separate from this person.

Dream symbol “bowel movement” – The psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the bowel movement in the interpretation of dreams is a positive symbol of dreams. Thus, the relief that one connects after evacuation may indicate that the dreaming is at peace with himself and his current life situation.

In its function as fertilizer, feces can also be regarded as a product which promotes growth. In dream interpretation, a successful bowel movement can reflect positive traits such as generosity and productivity.

As a consequence, the psychological dream symbolizes stinginess or loss anxiety when constipated in a dream. If the dreaming fights with the defecation, because he does not want to give his excrement, the dream symbol can also express castration fear.

In modern psychoanalysis, a dream of bowel movement in children is understood as a loss experience. The dream symbol “bowel movement” stands for the withdrawal of parental love, which is often felt as such due to a particularly strict education as such. But even adults can dream in this way that they are indifferent to others.

In the dream interpretation this expresses itself in the fact that the dreaming has the feeling that important people interested in him “a shit” for him.

Dream symbol “Defecation” – The spiritual interpretation

On a transcendental level, the dream symbol “stool” embodies spiritual liberation as well as a form of transformation.

In the spiritual dream interpretation, the emptying of the gut is to be understood as a release from bad feelings. The dreaming converts negative into positive energy and can use this for his spiritual development.

Dreams about excrement

Nobody likes to talk about it. Yet we all deal with it every day: excrement. These excretions of the body are even vital for us, they release us from the indigestible, from the superfluous, from poisonous. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the product of these excretions is mainly occupied with one: disgust. The feeling has very different proportions, depending on whether we are dealing with our own feces, with those of a child, another adult or an animal.

However, excretions also always have a beneficial aspect: the return of used substances to the cycle of life. Just think of the nourishing function of horse manure or other fertilizer.

If you dream of excrement in your sleep, then it depends on the exact circumstances: Is it your own feces or that of a stranger? Was it in the dream about the process of leaving or about a downstream experience, for example, the kick in a cowshed? Then you sometimes hear yourself saying “shit!” In your dream.

What significance do the excrements as dream symbol now exactly? To answer this question, the following sections describe many dream situations that can be associated with feces in the dream.

What you can do with excrement in a dream

If you dream of dropping off on the toilet or toilet, this dream symbol will signal that you want to drop some ballast that puts a lot of strain on you. By excreting excrement during bowel movements, you will free yourself from the worries or negative emotions that have just plagued you and are ready for new challenges.

In addition, having a urgency in the dream, losing feces or dropping off in the restroom, also means that you are very generous and generous because of your wealth and wealth.

Away with it! Eliminating the droppings in the dream

Anyone wiping his feces in a dream wants to eliminate certain things that are unpleasant for him. Perhaps the dreamer in awake life has been in an embarrassing situation, which he now processes in a dream by lifting or wiping away the feces. The cleaning, cleaning and cleaning it entails is not exactly pleasant, but the dreamer will feel better afterwards. By hiding the feces, the dreamer might want to hide a big profit or inheritance from his fellow humans so they will not bother him. However, the dreaming should not rely on that.