Dreams About Shoes – Interpretation and Meaning

We all have dreams, but their complexity is still a mistery for the science. There are a lot of theories regarded to this, and many of them are trying to explain why is it so important to interpret our dreams. Main questions on which scientists are trying to answer are “Why” and “How”. Some of them say that dreams have symbolic meaning, but some of them say that dreams can predict future. But, most of the people think that they are just random unsignificant informations.

In general, we can say that the dreams are “Mental experience which is happening to us during our sleep”. They include visual perception while we are dreaming, and images that we see in those moments are making some sort of the story.

In this text, we will concentrate on the dreams about shoes. This type of a dream is very common and in order to interpret it, you need to remember as much details as you can. On that way, you will be able to understand better your dream and find it’s symbolism. Dreams about shoes have different meanings. It can represent progression in your career or your spiritual way. Maybe your life needs to go in other direction.

Also, it can represent your way of understanding something or even some trip you might go on in the period that’s ahead of you. If you recently went in shopping and buyed shoes, than your dream doesn’t have any meaning. But, if you didn’t do that, you should look for interepretation of it. Meaning of it depends on what you saw in your dream. Was it about you seeing a shoes, or about new and old shoes, or about you loosing your shoes etc? Next lines will help you to understand all of these dreams.

Dreams About Shoes – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about you seeing shoes. If you had this type of a dream, it is a good sign. That means that all of your hard work and sacrifice will pay off and you will finally be successful just how you imagined to be. You will need to put an enormous effort, but you will succeed and nothing will be on your way to top. Good thing about that is the fact that you will know better yourself, your strenghts and weaknesses, and you will be able to create your own identity.

Dreaming about putting on shoes. Dreams like this have positive connotation and they mean that soon you will see friends who you didn’t saw for a while. You will use time with them to remember all of the moments which you spent together that were very beautiful and important to you.

Also, you will be happy and satisfied with your life and you will see how small things around you make your happiness bigger and bigger. You will start to think positive and you will forget about bad thoughts and emotions which were bothering you lately.

Dreaming about you buying shoes. Just how you saw yourself buying shoes in a dream, you will also buy it in reality. Other intepretations say that you will be victim of someones gossiping and scheming. You should take this dream as a warning to be very careful who do you trust because someone from your surrounding who is very close to you can harm you.

However, there is another, positive interpretation which says that this dream indicates that you desire for a change in your life. Maybe this means that it is time for you to think about new start and new phase of your life.

Dreaming about new shoes. This dream can have both positive and negative meaning. It means that you will have problems with your health or even someone from your family.

Those problems will not be serious, but it indicates that you need to take a better care for your health. Maybe you should go visit a doctor, just for a check to be sure. Positive thing about this dream is that you can expect to meet someone new in your life who will have a big influence on you or you might hear some good news about you and your friends.

Dreaming about old shoes. If you dreamed about this, you should prepare yourself because you can expect that someone will fool you in the future. That can be something related to your plans of buying some real estate, where you will have big financial loss. If you had a plan for buying something, first make sure that everything is in order, check up on the seller and his reputation and be very cautious before signing any contract.

Also, we can connect  this dream to the relationships in your family. It indicates that you don’t have good communication and that is bothering you a lot. Try to be more positive because nothing lasts forever. Maybe things will change in a positive way and you will start to have a better communication.

Dreaming about torn shoes. If you are in a relationship, and you dreamed about this, it means that you should be very careful because you might have rival. Don’t trust in everything that your partner says or does. If you are single and you dreamed about this, it represents unrequited love.

Maybe you are in love with someone who hasn’t same feelings as you. You are wasting your time hoping that things will change because that person will not change his mind and you need to find a way to move on.

Dreaming about a lot of shoes. If you saw this in your dream, it means that in reality you are in a relationship with more than one person who you are seeing in the same time. This dream indicates that you need to decide with who you want to be. Also, it means that you have a lot of friends, and you can’t pay attention on every single one of them. Try to find a balance and make some priorities between them.

Dreaming about comfortable shoes. Dreams like this are related to your selfconfidence. You are very certain in yourself and you know exactly what you want in life. You are always trying to achieve your goals and you never give up.

Dreaming about uncomfortable shoes. If you dreamed about this, it means that you are inable to realize everything that you planned even if you are trying so hard. You want to control certain situations but you can’t do it because there are things that you can’t always control how you planned. Take this as an indication to continue with your plans  and don’t let anyone interrupt you on your way to success, even if it is sometimes very hard.

Also, this means that you are sensitive when it comes to your sensitivity regarded to some persons who are making fun of you and your choices. It can be related to your failure on business plans which you had lately.

Dreaming about dirty shoes. Dream in which you dreamed about dirty shoes means that there is a posibility to make enemies or you will be surrounded with people who will pretend to be your friends. Be very careful who you trust.

Dreaming about someone who is stealing your shoes. This dream is a sign that your integrity will be in a danger in the future. Someone is trying to obstruct you. If you know who is that person, stay away from him or she to protect yourself from possible actions against you in order to save your authority and position in society. Dream can represent some losses, but also some gains.

Dreaming about changing shoes. If you dreamed about this type of a dream that means that you are someone who isn’t psychically stabile and is changing his thoughts and opinions. This is a reason why other people and your friends are avoiding you and they can’t relate on you. Be very cautious, because if you continue with that you might lose your real friends.

Dreaming about not wearing any shoes. If you dreamed about this, it means that you dont have enough selfconfidence. You are very shy, and you can’t find a way to change it. You don’t know how to show your potentials in front of other people. Try to do something in order to solve this problem, work on yourself and forget about your complexes. Also, you might be in a difficult financial situation in reality.