Dreams About Tornadoes – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams are something that is very hard to explain. They are one of the most mysterious things in the world, and one of the behavioral sciences unanswered questions.

Also, they are stories and images that our mind is creating while we are asleep. Many tried to find a logical sense in them, and because of that fact, there are a lot of theories regarded to this subject, such as emotional regulation, threat simulation, memory consolidation etc. Their meaning and purpose aren’t explained as much as they could be, although they are very popular theme in almost every science, such as philosophy, religion, psychology, medicine etc.

One thing we can say for sure, they are all pipe dreams. Some of us don’t pay attention on it, but some of us think of it as a something important. Those people who see it as something important are the ones who are always searching for a meaning of their dreams. To find a proper meaning, we need to remember details of our dream.

In this text, we will try to explain the meaning of a dreams about tornadoes. Usually, just like the dreams about storm and rough sea, and the dream about tornadoes indicates that you have a big dilemma about things in your life which are bothering you.

Mostly, tornadoes are seen as a positive sign. Some researches have shown that this dream is dreamed by a pregnant women who are very excited about having a baby.

However, there are interpretations which can have a negative connotation, and because of that you can expect to be disappointed or failed. These type of dreams are always disturbing, and they come with a different feelings. People often feel scared, confused, intimidated etc. Dreams like this could be triggered by some situations in which you were lately. Maybe you watched a movie, or a TV show about tornadoes that left a great immpression on you.

However, if you didn’t do anything of this recently, you should try to find a meaning and symbolism of the dream. Meaning of it can be different and it all depends on the fact whether you dreamed about you seeing a tornado, running away from it, being hurt by a tornado and many more.

Dreams About Tornadoes – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about seeing a tornado. This dream indicates that you will be a witness of a bad situation, but you will not participate in it. It is possible for you to help someone who will be very grateful for your help. Sometimes, this dream can be connected to a new relationship and challenge.

Also, it is very important if a male or a woman dreamed it. When a male dreams about this, it means that he can expect to be in a problem soon at his work, and to have arguments with his coleagues. But, if a woman dreams about it, it represents her relationship with her partner and possible conflicts between them that will end up with break up. Some interpreters say that the dream in which you saw a tornado can be related to your strong feelings in reality. Maybe you are feeling angry and, in the same time sad because of something that you were going through lately. Tornadoes are symbol of agression and anger which you can’t control.

Dreaming about you running away from a tornado. If in your dream you ran away from a tornado, it means that in a reality you can easily overcome your possible problems and difficulties. You are always so close to get into problematic situations because some people are very careless and they don’t think how it is suposed to do. But, thanks to your adroitness and persistence, you are able to get away from it.

Also, it means that you will find a way to avoid conflicts because you are a person who likes to live in a harmony, without any negativity and people known as „energetic vampires“. This is one of your best characteristics.

Dreaming about you being hurt by a tornado. Dream in which you were hurt by a tornado indicates that you will be in a problem in the future, and you will be inable to solve it on a proper way. You will be frustrated and angry, which will make your situation even worse. If you had this type of a dream, you should think twice before making any moves, because one wrong move can lead you into a dangerous situations.

Dreaming about you being within a tornado. People often dream about being within a tornado. This can be understooded as a symbol of informations which are all around you. These informations are obstructing  you, and you feel like lost in it. Modern world isn’t for you and you are inable to find yourself in it. This makes you look like a person who is very easy to manipulate and some people can use this against you. You will feel like you are helpless.

Be very careful, and don’t trust everyone because there are people who will try to spoil your plans. There is another interpretation which says that you are fighting against your emotions and you can’t think rationally because they are too strong. Instead of it, you should find a way to control them and don’t let them to take control over you.

Dreaming about someone else being in a tornado. The meaning of this dream depends on who you dreamed about. If within tornado was someone who you know, especially someone very close to you in a reality, that means you should help that person even if he/she won’t tell you directly that they need help.

But if in your dream someone unknown to you was within a tornado or maybe your enemy, that means that you will solve your problems soon. You will be able to get rid of the burden that you had lately and you will finally live exactly how you wanted to.

Dreaming about damage caused by a tornado. In reality, tornadoes are one of the most destructive things in the world. Damage made by it can be enormous. If you dreamed about this, it means that you will reach your goal on a harder way. You are a person that never gives up, you are always fighting for yourself, and you are doing everything to get what you want. You leave everything behind you just like tornado, and you don’t even mind it. Slogan which describes you is „The end justifies the means“. You are always fighting for the things that you like, because you don’t want to regret about the things that you haven’t done. Most of us regret it, and you should never be like majority and try to do everything immediately.

However, you need to be aware of possible consequences for your acts. If in your dream tornado destroyed whole settlement, prepare your wallet, because it means that you will gain some money in the next few months.

Dreaming about you surviving a tornado. This type of a dream has positive connotation. Usually, it signifies only good things that are going to happen to you  in the future. You will be able to solve any problem that appears. In case that some difficulties cross your way, don’t worry, everything is going to be ok and you will overcome it. Just like when you survived in your dream, you will also  „survive“ in a reality. There is no need to bother yourself with bad thoughts.

Dreaming about a tornado that is approaching to you. Dreams like this have a similar meaning  like the dreams about you surviving a tornado. In this case, if a tornado is approaching to you, but you are able only to hear it, not to see it, it means that you will be very successful in solving your problems and avoiding possible unpleasent situations. You are very strong person and you are not letting anything or anyone to „break“ you. Continue to be as positive as always. If a tornado is far from you, and you can see it, it means that you will have a good period that is ahead of you.

Dreaming about you seeing a several tornadoes. Several tornadoes signifies bad moods that some people have. Those persons are having it so often, and sometimes it affects you because they are people who are very important to you. You will feel like you are unhappy around them and it can be triggerd by their violent behaviour. Don’t let them to see you being hurt by their actions, put a smile on your face and try to help them to be a better persons. On that way you will find your peace, and you will be able to live in a harmony with them.

Dreaming about your friends and family being in a tornado. If in your dream you saw a tornado which caught some of them, it means that you are in a need for their support. There will be situations in which you will be together in it, and you can’t do everything by yourself because it affects all of you.

As you can see, there are a lot of interpretations connected to the dreams about tornadoes. Every dream has it’s own meaning depending on the details of it. In psychology we can find an explanation for these dreams. It is said that people who dreamed about it are the ones who can’t have control of their lives. For that reason, we will connect certain things to this dream. We can use tornadoes as a metaphor for some situations and behaviours.

  1. Destructive behaviour. Because of the fact that tornadoes are representing something very powerful and destructive, we can relate dreams about it to some sort of dangerous situations that you might have in reality in the period that is ahead of you. This can be a trigger for your violent actions, and you should think twice before making any wrong move that you might regret later. Don’t let yourself to lose control, always try to be reasonable. Also, we can connect this to another negative meaning of this dream. You might feel betrayed and disappointed by some people’s actions towards you.
  2. Sudden change. When a tornado appears, it is very strong and has tendency to destroy everything in front of it and to leave anything behind it. Fortunatelly, it doesn’t lasts for a long time. We can say that when a tornado in your dream goes away, you can expect to begin with a new phase of your life. You might find another, better job, or you might get into serious relatonship with someone new. Because of that, we connect this type of dreams to a sudden change.
  3. An emotional change. The last, but not the least thing that dreams about tornadoes are representing is your emotional status. This dream can be triggered by stressed situtations in which you are under a pressure, or you are experiencing some strong emotions such as anger, rage, dissapointment etc. Maybe you are going through some hard break up, and you can’t get over it.

We hope that this text was helpful. You should keep in mind that dreams are something that is hard to explain, but here we offered you some of the most common interpretations for a dream about tornadoes in order to help you to understand a small part of such unexplainable area.