Essential Oils for Chest Congestion

Chest congestion is simply a symptom of infection in the respiratory tract. Chest congestion is a problem which is caused when the mucus membrane that lines your air pathway has some problems or irritations.

In this case, the mucosa cell gets attacked by the irritating item that you have inhaled. The irritating item includes dust or even virus or bacteria. In this case, some extra mucus which is thick in nature is produced to fight against the intruder.

Deep In Chest Congestion

As we know while we are breathing, sometimes we inhale some unwanted dust or bacteria or virus that is present in our environment surroundings. These particles are usually trapped by the nose’s mucus membrane and also airways. Then the particle which trapped by the mucus is transported towards the throat with the help of tiny hair like particles called cilia. From this place the mucus along with the trapped particle can either be swallowed or coughed out of the body.

In some cases, the dust particles may irritate your mucus membrane or the bacteria or virus could cause some infections in your nose. This leads to an infection and it causes production of extra mucus in your nose airways.

Actually, this extra mucus is a weapon taken by your body to remove the irritating substance. When the amount of mucus produced is extremely high then you cannot get rid of it by normal coughing or swallowing and this is the reason for you to cough more during the time when you are affected by common cold or chest congestion. By coughing more number of times, your body tries to eliminate the irritating substance that are struck up in your air path way and also the extra mucus that have been stuck inside the lungs.

How to Get Relieved from Chest Congestion?

You can do some simple things to make your thick mucus into thinner ones and also to lose the extra mucus present in your nasal track, airway and your lungs. You can drink ample of water and make yourself stay hydrated and that can help you in thinning the thickened mucus that have been struck in your lungs and nasal path way. You can also keep yourself away from those drinks that would cause dehydration in your body. You can avoid alcohol and any other caffeinated drinks too. You can steam all the things so that it would help in moisturizing the thickened mucus. You can just keep your head on a pot which contains warm water.

You can also take a shower in warm water which would help your mucus to get thinner. It would be stressful for you to handle chest congestion. It would be very difficult for you to breathe when your bronchi and the areas surrounding them are narrowed because of the thickened mucus.

Essential Oils for Chest Congestion

There are many essential oils that could help you in relieving yourself from chest congestion. These essential oils could help you in loosening your mucus and it would also help you in making your cough productive.

You can use those essential oils in a bowl containing warm water and then you can just stick your head in that bowl and you can cover your head with a towel. Then you can breathe in the air for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also use those oils in the warm water and can use it while bathing or during the shower. You can use terra cotta disc which could diffuse in the water easily and you can use it while bathing. If you are using these oils during a bath or shower then it will give you a quick relief.

You can also mix a little amount of oil with the carrier oil and you can apply the mixture on your chest as well as on your neck and also in the bottom of your feet. On using this mixture of essential oil along with that of carrier or massage oil, it would be absorbed by your body and usage of these of these oil mixtures on your body would give you’re a lungs a cellular level repair to the damaged lung tissues.

Best Essential Oils

So, you may be eager to know what are the essential oils right. These essential oils include:

  • Eucalyptus Globulus
  • Eucalyptus Radiata
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Ravintsara
  • Ravensara
  • Frankincense

Any of these oils could help you in thinning your thickened mucous thereby would help you in breathing free. If you are trying to combine any of these oils together, it is advised that you can first try it up with one type of oil or a mixture of two oil types alone. It is not advisable to blend more than two types of oils together at a time.

It is appreciable as well as safe to use natural medicines or natural medicinal substitutes for treating the issues in your health. A combination of Eucalyptus, camphor and methanol all together would be a great medicine for treating chest congestions. It would do awesome magic and would make you feel relaxed and breathe free within few minutes but the issue with this is that the solution would be very messy to apply it on neck region and back region. You should also be careful that it doesn’t get into your eyes.

We all know that a cough is something which occurs with a combination with common cold or some other allergies. If you inhale some irritating substances like dirt or dust then it would straight away enter into your nasal track. As and when it enters, it gets trapped by the mucus and the irritating substance along with the mucus is moved with the help of cilia. In some cases the virus or bacteria inhaled would cause severe irritation or pain. The thickened mucus gets accumulated all over the bronchi region and lung region. So, you can use essential oils to treat yourself and easily recover from the chest congestion!