Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

One of the major issues with which we are too much concerned is health problem. The worst thing happens when we are not able to deal with those problems properly with modern medicine. And among those health problems, the common one that affects many people is high pressure in the blood vessels. Though many people take pills regularly to control pressure, essential oils can offer a riskless solution to blood pressure issues as they can soothe all your nerves.

High pressure is generally caused while there is too much stress on the blood vessels and arteries. Arterial wall turns out to be indistinct and cause high pressure on your heart. If blood pressure remains high for long term period, then it may enhance the possibility of diabetes or stroke. The main causes, related to extremely blood pressure, are high salty food, emotional strain, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, fatness, idleness, birth control tablets, and poisoning with heavy-metal. Essential oils regulate your pressure with the widening of arteries; they work like antioxidants in order to decrease oxidative pressure and also by lessening emotional tension.

Essential oils may affect you in mainly two ways. While you use them on the skin surface, they penetrate through the cells of follicle and become soaked into the fluids of your body.

Alternatively, if they remain within your body, then they may have several remarkable effects on the body:

  • Allowing the poison elimination process
  • Encouraging the immune system
  • Rousing and improving digestion
  • Helping in development of fresh body cells
  • Increasing the natural remedial methods and procedures in the body

The oils may also get access to the body through inhalation. The small particles of oils are blended with bloodstream when lungs start oxygenating the blood. This property makes such oils outstanding for using in vaporizers, candles or baths. In fact, aromatherapy is quite effective for soothing your strained nerves, and it balances your mind and body.

Although it is a fact that essential oils can give lots of benefits to your body, all of them may not be applied to control blood pressure. So, some essential oils, which you may want to reduce high pressure of blood, include-


Lavender has high amount of ester and alcohol, and this is a very gentle and soothing essential oil, which acts as a stimulant on the nervous system of the users. This calm effect of lavender oil can be realized not only on the body but also on emotions.

Moreover, this is a powerful antidote to treat depression, disturbed emotions or nervous issues. It assists in discharging an encouraging mental vigor, which assists in lessening stressed activities as well as extreme blood pressure. In fact, you can get herbaceous, sweet and floral aroma from lavender oil.

Sweet Marjoram

It is such type of oil that has a complementary and soothing property, which you may find in lavender. Moreover, it also contains high alcohol content. It is, in fact, tonic, which is able to warm, strengthen and stabilize your own body. Besides, it may cool your mood and is utilized to treat lethargy and nervous exhaustion. If you think that you need to get rid of the obsessive thoughts and emotional cravings, you may make use of this oil and self-nurture in your own body. The woody, spicy and warm scent give you a fresh feeling.

Ylang Ylang

It is also an essential oil, enriched with sesquiterpenes, which possess calming and hypotensive property. This is available mainly in alcohols and esters, and for this reason, its features are similar to that of lavender. Besides, it is helpful and encouraging and efficiently removes nervous strain as it is one of the major causes of extremely high blood pressure. This oil cools down disturbance and impatience and boosts up your sleep at night. It may also alleviate annoyance and rage while relaxing or stimulating your body, and all these things are possible due to the presence of intense and sweet floral perfume.

The above mentioned essential oils are really helpful for reducing your blood pressure. But, if you want to get more results, then you may make use of the following ones, which offer antidepressant, calming, sedative or relaxing outcome on the body-

  • Roma chamomile – To lessen nervous strain and alleviate depression and frustration
  • Bergamot – To release accumulated strain in the body and reserved sentiments by discharging those moods. It also encourages optimism as well as impulsiveness.
  • Frankincense – It is intendedto prevent psychological chatter and disturbance and relax your mind. It persuades awareness, spiritual self-control and harmony of a body also.
  • Neroli – This provides strength and comfort and release introverted emotions to promote and hope and joy.

However, it is to be noted that those, who are experiencing high blood pressure, should avoid the use of rosemary, sage or hyssop essential oils.

To utilize essential oils, you need to know some tips-

Merging essential oils together

Combining some essential oils may be an effective way to lower high level of blood pressure. To make a blend of these essential oils, you have to take one of drop of fine lavender oil, bergamot and ylang-ylang. This unique combination is quite effective to decrease your blood pressure.

Pour this blend into one bowl that contains steaming water. Then, breathe in their aroma by having profound breaths. Besides, your head needs to be wrapped up with any towel in order to keep away injury from the hot water. Carry out this process regularly particularly, prior to going to your bed.

Apply essential oils ointment

Blending some essential oils along with the oil of olive or coconut may give you an effective solution to reduce your present blood pressure. Besides, you have to add some bee wax to it and heat up this mixture in some steaming liquid until all constituents get melted. Then, leave it to become cool. To apply it properly, you need to rub this solution over heart, on soles or between your fingers.

Manipulate with essential oils

While you are using oils to your body, these substances get into blood through your sweat glands. A valuable essential oils blend for treating high blood pressure may be manufactured with the combination of some lavender, neroli and sweet marjoram.

On the other hand, a different blend may be prepared by combining little amount of ylang-ylang, frankincense and bergamot. Rub down this mixture softly on your body just after having a bath in order to lessen your pressure. Such oils may also allow you to relieve strain and enjoy a good sleep.

Thus, besides taking medications, you may take advantage from the aroma of various essential oils.