Goat – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism is there to teach us more about the history behind a certain animal and how we are all simply a part of something much bigger and stronger than us and that is nature itself. Animal symbolism was very important in the past and people looked up to animals and their skills and tried to imitate their behaviors to become even better and stronger.

Animal behavior is much different than ours in many areas, but it can also be similar to ours if we looked at it from a different angle. Animals are more guided by their simple instincts and wishes. Their only goal is to survive and to overcome the struggles in nature, but they can also show signs of true companionship and friendship which is not something we are always able to do.

Animals were once a major part of religion and culture of people who lived across the globe. Their significance was so great that animals were worshipped and looked up to as if they were gods and goddesses. They were protectors of humans and their spirits were far more important than they are today.

We have stranded away from nature a lot but we can’t forget the fact that we all come from nature. What it offers to us is far greater and more important than the material world can give us, therefore we should always learn and expand our knowledge about nature. In today’s text we will be talking more about goat and the symbolic meaning behind this animal. So, if you ever wanted to learn more about it, here is your chance to do that.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems are there to help us learn more about our characters and personalities. Sometimes we think we know ourselves good but there are certainly some parts of our personality that we are missing out on. Spirit animal is determined by looking a bit deeper into your mind and discovering that on animal that has always been around you. This is an animal that has played an important part in your life in one way or another. Spirit animals are there to lead us through life and who us the paths we have to take in order to succeed. Their energies follow us and we are one with our spirit animal.

Totem animals are determined by our birth date and their importance is the same as the importance of a spirit animal. Every person has its own totem animal and in the past our ancestors used to pray to their totem animals to send them strength and endurance to overcome problems in life. Totem animals are perfect examples of our character and we can learn more about our good sides and bad sides by looking more into their characteristics.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, goat is best described by these words:

  • Energy
  • Guardianship
  • Masculinity
  • Distance
  • Courage
  • Balance
  • Ambition
  • Exploration
  • Intelligence
  • Guilt
  • Heights
  • Faith
  • Sacrifice
  • Seeking
  • Peace

People who are guided by the goat spirit animal are well-balanced people who are not afraid to face problems and obstacles in life. These people are the ones you go to when you need an important advice to overcome your issues. Goat as a spirit animal symbolizes ambition and great endurance. People guided by this spirit animal can certainly endure a lot of things and overcome struggles to get to the top. Their goals in life are very precisely determined and there is no way someone can mess up their plans.

Sometimes they are prepared to cross over dead bodies to get to the top, but this is something they are only prepared to do in extreme situations. People guided by the goat spirit animal are intelligent and always keep a strong faith in themselves and the world around them. They use their intelligence to advance not only in school but also in life in general. They are born with the type of intelligence that doesn’t require a lot of education or upgrading, since they are street smart and always one step ahead of everybody else.

Goat is a symbol of masculine energy. People guided by this spirit animal love showing off their masculine side and in general they are much stronger and prepared for challenges at all times, even if they are females.

Goat spirit animal makes you a peaceful person who is not ready to pick a fight over nothing, since this is not your style at all. You are ready to sacrifice a lot in your life in order to achieve your goals, but you are also the protector of the innocent and always there for the ones who need you.


As a totem animal, goat is a symbol of a personality that is very strong minded, open and kind. Even though you are a very enduring person you are always there for the people who love you and who are dear to you. No matter how difficult life gets you are prepared to endure the difficulties ahead of you and overcome them with grace. This is something you learn through life and this is one of the best characteristics you have.

Even though you are not someone who will have a lot of children, you love family and being surrounded by people you know. You are also very outgoing and love meeting new people, but you rarely open u to them fully and tend to be reserved.

When someone is in danger, people guided by the goat spirit animal are going to be the first ones to jump to rescue. No matter how dangerous the situation is, you are going to sacrifice everything to help others.

As a negative characteristic, some might mention you overly aggressive nature and lack of tactic. You are not someone who is calculated and you go chasing something with your hart and not your brain. Especially if this is something you are passionate about. Therefore you tend to hurt a lot of people along the way and cause yourself more troubles than good.

Symbolism and Meaning

Goat symbolism is very rich and goats are important symbols in many cultures across the globe. Goat images and sculptures have been found in various digging sites by archeologists who mean they were worshipped by different cultures. In Syria, one of the oldest ever found oenochoe (water pitch) was found and it had images of goats on it. Also, a bronze decorated throne has been found and the parts of it that are made in bronze were actually goat heads. This only shows how important the imagery of goats was in ancient times and how big of an importance they had. The tomb they found was appropriately called the Tomb of the Lord of the Goats.

In Norse mythology, the main deity or the supreme god Thor drove a chariot that was pulled by goats. According to a legend, Thor would eat his goats at night and save all the bones intact, so that he can warp them back to life in the morning. Yule Goat belongs to the oldest symbols of Christmas celebrated in Northern parts of Europe, especially in Scandinavia. People make cakes and cookies shaped like the Yule goat. A larger version of this creature is the Gavle Goat which is worshipped in Sweden.

Another deity was related to goats, and that was the Greek god Pan. He supposedly had the upper part of his body shaped like a human and the lower part of his body was shaped like a goat. Goats are also used as Zodiac symbols in the Chinese zodiac. The goat symbolizes personality that is shy and introverted but also perfectionist and creative.

We also have the Capricorn sign in the Western Zodiac, and this sign is also shy, perfectionist and cold-hearted at first sight. Goats were also mentioned many times in the Bible and the Jewish people see them as clean animals and their meat is clean for eating according to their laws. In Russia, kozlov or goat is a word that is used for a style of wear when it comes to facial hair and it refers to hairs on the chin that are grown in length.

Goat is also linked to Satanism and worshipping of the Satan. In modern times, the inverted pentagram is shaped as the goat head and the Baphomet Mendes is a saying that refers to a goat figure from Satanism.

Dreams about Goat

Dreams about goats can have a positive or negative meaning. The meaning or interpretation of a dream is something we need to be careful about, because our dreams can have a lot of hidden details that we can miss out on. That is why it is important to remember as much as we can about our dream to get a clear interpretation.

Seeing a goat – If you saw a goat in your dream, this means you are going to receive some sort of reward or any other kind of financial gains. This especially goes for goats that are white. You can expect someone to give you a large amount of money out of the blue, but this is certainly something that is always welcome.

Wild goat – Wild goat in your dream is a symbol of troubles or problems that might occur in your life. This dream is an indication that you will have to face some problems on either workplace or in personal relationships. No matter how hard they seem at first, these troubles are not something that is unsolvable.

Turning into a goat – If you turned into a goat in your dream, this means you might be a subject of dubious morals by certain people or you might get into something suspicious. Be careful and don’t trust others with your private information.

Goat horns – Seeing goat horns in your dreams is a symbol of troubles in love. This dream is warning you to be careful and to show more affection to your partner before it is too late.


Animals were once a major part of religion and culture of people who lived across the globe. Their significance was so great that animals were worshipped and looked up to as if they were gods and goddesses.

They were protectors of humans and their spirits were far more important than they are today. Goats certainly belong to one of the most important symbols in today’s culture that has a rich tradition and history.

Goats are not only valuable in a realistic sense to human kind; they are also very valuable in a symbolic sense. Goats are symbols of strong-principles, ambition but also guardianship and kindness.

People who are guided by the goat symbol are very valuable people to have in your life. animal symbolism is not only valuable because of its symbolical sense, it is there to teach us more about animals and nature that surround us which is why we should pay more attention to it.